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  1. You're insane if you think he has more Yellows than Alfredo has goals. Its only my opinion at the end of the day. Polster is shite. Some in here would have you believe he's the next Cafu.
  2. I do. The fact the coaches prefer a Flanagan at RB over him says a lot. They made a rash decision over Flanagan being on a Yellow, along with Jack, whch upset the team balance and imo was a factor in the defeat. Aribo deserved to be hooked far more than they two.
  3. Polster played one hit and hope cross that came to nothing. He's fucking awful.
  4. If Pedro get sacked this season i fully expect whoever brought him in to resign or get the boot also.
  5. Worst performance since the play offs. most embarrassing defeat in years.
  6. If he comes out with his usual dug shit interview after this im finished backing him.
  7. Bought my ticket for AC Legends game and i have my usual BF1 seat.
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