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  1. If Pedro get sacked this season i fully expect whoever brought him in to resign or get the boot also.
  2. Worst performance since the play offs. most embarrassing defeat in years.
  3. If he comes out with his usual dug shit interview after this im finished backing him.
  4. Bought my ticket for AC Legends game and i have my usual BF1 seat.
  5. Should be..... Definitely making the most of this and heading to town after.
  6. I know mate, not really bothered where i sit for this but it would be good to have the section full. So excited about this hahah.. Feel like a kid again.
  7. Just seen Gazza is playing this legends match Will we have our BF1 seats for this match do you think?
  8. I spoke to big Ed Wong at the ticket centre yesterday to confirm and he has received both our forms and will process in due course.
  9. Good stuff! Im the tall skinny bass and my mate is a short arse. Turning into a rite good looking row this one!
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