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  1. GazzaNumber8

    Welcome Goldson

    That's Jason Holt lost his song then.
  2. GazzaNumber8

    Our players hanging about with Scott Allan in Dubai..

    Personally, I couldn't care less who they hang with but it just goes to show the levels of intelligence the boy has making it public. Happily see the back of Windass.
  3. GazzaNumber8

    No comment

    Hes probably in tears the big pansy. Stopped him frim making an arse of himself and the club all bleery eyed on TV. Pathetic.
  4. GazzaNumber8

    Murty thinks it’s his

    Hes got to say that. Otherwise whats the point. He's been given a remit and told he will be considered if he meets it. At least he is dedicated and looking at it positively. There's no chance but still, i like his attitude. No surrender!
  5. GazzaNumber8

    Best Summer Signing

    CB was a real concern and Alves has brought us stability and leadership. Can take a FK too.
  6. GazzaNumber8

    9 in a Row.

    Not at all. only because i know we will be back in top again. its swings and roundabouts with us, after a long period we will dominate for a while and again back to them.
  7. GazzaNumber8

    The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    If Pedro get sacked this season i fully expect whoever brought him in to resign or get the boot also.
  8. GazzaNumber8

    ***** Official Progrès Niederkorn Vs Rangers Thread *****

    Miller doing a lot of moaning but his passing has been poor.
  9. GazzaNumber8

    Classy from the club...

    Love to hear the club doing things like this. Best wishes to your Gran, hope she is well enough for the open day soon.
  10. GazzaNumber8

    ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    Seems legit.
  11. GazzaNumber8

    ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    Maybe Mazen Houssami of Blue Pitch Holdings.
  12. GazzaNumber8

    Overreactionary nonsense

    Worst performance since the play offs. most embarrassing defeat in years.
  13. GazzaNumber8

    *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    You're right it's hopeless.
  14. GazzaNumber8

    *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    If he comes out with his usual dug shit interview after this im finished backing him.