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  1. It’s one I’ve not played. Mission inn 2 courses are amazing. Wee bit out of town but well worth the visit.
  2. Staying on IDrive shingle creek southern dunes Mission innn Los Colinas course Disney palms royal St. Cloud grand cypress new course couple I’ve played before and a few new ones wanted to play Waldorf Astoria but they are ripping piss with prices
  3. Heading to Florida for a weeks golfing on Saturday. Cramming in 6 rounds in the week. Can’t wait. 27 degrees and sun , might even leave my waterproofs at home 😂😂
  4. I’d think so , most going will have already booked up mate as TC folded , and being honest I never thought we would get anyone else to do a trip
  5. They might wait to see if they fill the official flight.
  6. And they make it. Brilliant stuff getting there
  7. One off game for Scotland to get to T20 World Cup today.
  8. Dubai is a brilliant place. Mate used to live there so anytime I was heading home from Australia I always stopped in for a wee while. The tarriers go there every year, we wanted to go last year but the facility we wanted to use was already booked by the sheep. Scotlands cricket team are currently there playing in T 20 World Cup qualifying top class restaurants and places to see, think I might still have enough air miles for a free flight 😎😎
  9. TC were doing an overnight for this I was told
  10. Is it ? What about the folk on 1 point who have been to a game and maybe been unlucky in other ballots. If you apply and don’t getyou will be on 2 points on next application.
  11. I can remember as a kid we used to open the window at the house and we knew when Rangers had scored, obviously the games I wasn’t allowed to go to or could afford.
  12. The Girvan lighthouse. Used to meet him all the time back then as we had a holiday house in Girvan. Cracking big guy and very good golfer. Was it Juventus away he had a blinder of game ?
  13. Yes it was. I believe jockey Scott scored a couple that day. Never put me off going back.
  14. Away end was behind the goal last time we played
  15. I remember a game from 1974 we lost 3-0. It was my first ever game and also I think one of the first to be on a Sunday.
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