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  1. This is proper English test cricket, a batting collapse on our first test at home. Roll on the football season 😂😂
  2. If this happened would they allow the barmy army to travel ? I wouldn’t mind doing a test match in Pakistan .
  3. Today starts with 3 tests v West Indies. I’m assuming the rain won’t be long away 😂😂😂
  4. Don’t mind going to Palace it’s a good day out.
  5. Most big English teams have these schemes to access all things , was always going to happen. From memory I think Man City is £35 but if you are a ST holder you get it free.
  6. That was easy one mate as my mate done the deal. When he text me I didn’t even know who he was 😂😂😂
  7. It was 8 weeks away from being finished was it not 👀👀
  8. End of the day all clubs voted on this. I can’t see how hearts can win a court case when more than 70% of the members voted in favour of this. We know it’s not correct but legally I don’t think they’ve a hope in hell.
  9. I’ve just sacked one of my servants , will that do 👀👀
  10. People might need the refund. The club handled it badly in my opinion. I think they’ve offered this because of the backlash from fans complaining . The offer of £25 voucher was insulting. For the record I won’t be taking refund or voucher as I know the club needs the money but in some cases so do the fans.
  11. kplfishtank


    When can I get into the directors box with the tickets I won at ORSA 😎😎😎
  12. I think if we are up and running by October we will be doing well.
  13. Got an email from Man City saying they are refunding me for the 6 home fixtures left this season. Works out about 190 quid.
  14. Aye he has told me some crackers. Not many for social media 😂😂
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