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  1. Family Stand juniors will not be able to upgrade

    That’s fair enough if they make them £130 if the parent or guardian is willing to pay it.
  2. Family Stand juniors will not be able to upgrade

    So us the child season book £60 just now? Much is a child ST in other areas as that seems awfully cheap.
  3. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    I wonder if our selectors know what they doing at times. We constantly pick one day experts to play test cricket. Also ive nothing against the lad Bess but giving him a first start in a team low on moral could ruin him
  4. Family Stand juniors will not be able to upgrade

    I’m pretty sure the tarriers do this with some juvenile tickets, but I believe they get first refusal of the tickets but need to pay an adult price. I remember reading about something where the kids ticket was 78 quid and they wanted another 80 to get the two games v us.
  5. Beggars Allocation Cut

    The away tickets doesn’t bother me since my self imposed exile, but a wee bit of me thinks that we’ve done this because we can’t beat them and listened to fans moaning about them gloating every game. , hopefully I’m wrong and it is because we can now sell all the tickets. Only 1 question, why during 9in a row did we not impose this as we had loads looking for tickets.
  6. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    Yes on Sky. Looking forward to the summer season.
  7. Ibrox Parking Restrictions

    The club and 1872 are same body in my opinion so maybe one statement is enough.
  8. Ibrox Parking Restrictions

    How do you know they aren’t ?
  9. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Started awful , by that point my score was gone. And as usual started to play better.
  10. HKFC Soccer Sevens

  11. Derek Parlane & Sammy King

    Whilst I agree about Numan it’s must be remembered that he was offered a decent salary to stay at us and his words were “ I’d rather retire than take that wage cut “. That’s the only bit about him that annoyed me. He was still offered a decent wage
  12. HKFC Soccer Sevens

    And soup , but that’s why I’m an athlete
  13. HKFC Soccer Sevens

    I’m going 2020 to Melbourne but I think it’s in March. I couldn’t fly to Australia cattle class it would kill me. Anything over 7 hours and I pay extra or use miles business would be wasted on you , you can’t even use a knife and fork
  14. HKFC Soccer Sevens

    It’s just the way the cricket works out. If I was just going to Australia for a break I could fit a lot into 2 weeks easily.
  15. HKFC Soccer Sevens

    I’m opposite , last one I was away 34 days , that was probably too long , going to limit Australia to 21-26 days max.