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  1. Any tickets

    If anyone has tickets for other football matches, concerts or other sporting events please send me a PM and I will get them listed. Thanks
  2. ***Feedback Thread***

    I know mate , we really are relying on guys like yourself and a few others to help us weed out the chancers , which we will if we get the feedback
  3. ***Feedback Thread***

    Aye with money I rob off you. You know both prominent sellers who thought it a bad idea , so let's gang up on them
  4. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    That went well
  5. ***Feedback Thread***

    Folk can ask but I believe we have a process where you need a certain amount of posts before getting in here. or I might be talking shite as normal. Trying to tidy up mate and any suggestions by guys like yourself will always be welcome
  6. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    India v convicts just started , one dayer.
  7. December TV fixtures?

    Is the game at brendanbau not confirmed as 30th.
  8. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Mar Hall tomorrow. Good course that's only going to get better.
  9. 3 x U20s Pushing Close To First Team Action

    How does one become an expert reporter of youth football? I know folk who go to watch youth games and I wouldn't trust their opinion on who would or could make it to first team duties.
  10. Hibs: Statement

    They will pay someone to support them, or threaten like they did with Kilmarnock when they wouldn't be bullied 5 years ago.
  11. ***Rangers Development Fixtures***

    Cheers. Not sure what else is on at the Etihad this weekend.
  12. ***Rangers Development Fixtures***

    Poor show that. Have they said why?
  13. ***Rangers Development Fixtures***

    @KAI there's a parade in Salford before Saturday's game.
  14. The Dalcio

    Yeah normally change Preston. I changed at Wigan then walked to Wallgate about 2 min walk then train to Victoria. Good thing is Printworks is across road and Shudehill tram stop is just outside there. Take you 20 mins on tram to complex.
  15. The Dalcio

    Agree KAI. Wgat time youse away next week mate ? Trains to Piccadilly are fucked all going in and out of Victoria yesterday but you can get tram from there or outside printworks if you are going for a swally.