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  1. We watched a Rangers v Falkirk game on teletext in The Nile Bar when we were that drunk we couldn't go to the game
  2. Tickets will need to be picked up locally in Luxembourg so anyone not going whom applies will lose a point. You need to take your travel club card with you also.
  3. That was hard today. Wind was brutal.
  4. Everyone who applies will get a ticket I think.
  5. Central Americans
  6. How do you check this online as that happened to me last year , they said I never ticked , asked them to let me see the copy of my form, couldn't find it
  7. Hope you get fucked and your holiday is shite
  8. Lowest ranked team and after first game nobody would have suggested they would win. but fair play they beat possibly the two best sides in it
  9. 10-15 for first round 15-20 for second and third 25 for final qualifying round 80 quid for three game package if/when we get there.
  10. Pro day yesterday at Haggs fecking 55 won it. Our team played ok but couldn't buy a putt. Still nice day out , few free beers and no hangover. We go again lol
  11. Mate I honestly have zero time to do it. I would if I could but I've too much on at the moment
  12. I organised a few days out many years back. We played at Brunston Castle and also at Lochmaben. maybe it's something we should look at again but with members from all over it wouldn't be easy to pick a course
  13. Decent cars only have 2 or 4 seats in them young yin.
  14. City wanted him to stay
  15. Not heard anything, just text a mate but think he's on holiday so might not reply. I can bring 3 players up in my car after first City league game.