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  1. Where are you playing now Ryan ?
  2. Everyone that works should be rewarded for doing a good job. Give the lad a wee pay rise and see how he handles that. Been really impressed with him so far. Im sure he came up here with another lad from city. Anyone remember who that was?
  3. I think skelf knows him.
  4. I'm potty , easiest holes on my course I mare, hardest holes. Tap in pars.
  5. Thread closed. Well done Ryan , just hope he's no sat near me
  6. Played today. Conditions not the best and my ball was a magnet for green side bunkers. Still it's good practise lol
  7. Can your bus no sort you out?
  8. Aye the one I know is mental. Been on our bus to Europe but goes all over watching Thistle here.
  9. His surname begin with a G ?
  10. Got to agree. Absolute madness to even suggest that.
  11. Just ban the wee cunt
  12. No he's never been on here , we blocked his ip , someone covered his laptop in silver foil so he couldn't post , but he could tell you everything that was said on here. strange that
  13. He's fucking lying. He was offered to have a log in here and came up with all sorts of shite, probably instigated by MD , his IP was not blocked @bluepeter will back this up.
  14. I've no time for many posters on here , but they will always be allowed to voice an opinion. Try that on FF , as you know mate you don't last long.
  15. So not too much of an increase.