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  1. If I win the lottery I’m getting an escalator fitted to that bit 😂
  2. I still carry mine but as course is so flat it’s cheating to use a trolley unless the bag is full of beer
  3. Refs make mistakes almost every match. Yesterday the ref and linesman missed as blatant a corner as you will ever see. Even the Watford players got into position for the corner and he gave a goal kick.
  4. Who cares ? Neil McCann was a fan of them and did fine.
  5. Was at the City game, Watford were good defensively yesterday and decent on the break. not seen first goal again but on radio they were saying that it should have stood. After that city had 25 minutes of brilliance
  6. @Junior Soprano sorted him 2 tickets for a game. Met tonight. Great guy to deal with 👍
  7. I’ve no issue with you , I have a DD come off for erskine every month.
  8. Morelos your mother is a mattress.
  9. I’m a spiv. 1-50 a cup 😂😂
  10. I will be there. Only 5 mins from my house so couldn’t not go.
  11. Was down for final. Pretty poor game and if honest Chelsea probably just better side. Met some Chelsea fans after the game and had a cracking night with them in boozer at ground.
  12. First game this year. Course in decent nick. Some good holes some bad holes and a few really bad holes 😂😂
  13. On this day we played Dundee in the Scottish cup , I believe it was our first ever game on a Sunday due to some industrial action and strikes. We lost 3-0 It was my first ever game at Ibrox , don’t remember too much about it if I’m being honest but all these years later and I’m still in love with this team. players, managers, boards will come and go but the one constant is the fans
  14. Aye mate big Chelsea lad who comes up here a lot. I messaged him on Facebook as I did another lad whose wolves and rangers , seen him on the telly last night.
  15. It’s been awful again. We really have zero openers good enough right now and just jiggle them around all the time.
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