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  1. If you get posh seats I will swap you for 2 behind the goal for easy access to the pitch
  2. Folk who haven't got calm down , they do get sent out in batches.
  3. I request uplift for all my tickets mate. I work 5 mins from Ibrox.
  4. Got my 2. Uplift saves me 7 quid.
  5. You don't need to wear a shirt and tie. A shirt would be fine mate. First one I went suited and booted but after that I never wore a tie.
  6. Out in Florida. It's a must for any golfers. Some great courses two more rounds to go then get the waterproofs looked out for our new season in Scotland
  7. I would. But what would be the point , others would fuck it up and make me out to be the bad guy.
  8. The way our club is run probably a tarrier will get the gig
  9. Well we did warn folk. This man has no income @eskbankloyal for those not on Twitter can you post in here or say who he is abusing.
  10. Never seen much of the India v Australia 3rd test day one.
  11. If he is RM will get the exclusive lol
  12. I can't watch us on telly and with my self imposed away game ban I decided the golf course won it. Checked the score at 13th hole and was pleased that we stopped the rot.
  13. There are 2 flights from Dubai to Glasgow.
  14. That photo is business class on emirates flight , so I would imagine he flew into Glasgow.
  15. Am I correct in saying that Celtic do count goals scored during the Second World War domestic games?