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  1. I think we will continue where we left off against Hivs. 5 - 0 Foderingham Tavernier Keirnan Wilson Wallace Law Halliday Holt McKay Waghorn Templeton
  2. Fuck knows, but according to the official petrofac cup site, we scored 6 goals from 4 shots, now that's fucking impressive.
  3. :lol: What does "mixed catholic school" even mean for fuck sake.
  4. Grassing's for the bheasts. Anyone who grasses a fellow Rangers fan deserves nothing more than to have his cock cut off and stuck in his mouth.
  5. :lol: That's no fair, he might have dyslexia (more commonly known as fenianism)
  6. He pyoor won us 9iar dontcha know?? :rolleyes:
  7. When I say I am a big boy it means I'm a grown up, just to put it into context. Of course he is entitled not to like it, that's his right, but, the way you 'speak' to people goes a long way and in my opinion he deserved all the criticism he got and gets because of his comments towards fellow fans. I'm not saying the guys that got jail did not deserve punishment but the sentences they got were and are way over the top. Just my opinion and as you know opinions are like arseholes.
  8. EH? If more posters on here responded by calling fellow fans scum and knuckle draggers then they would get the same response from me, I wouldn't need any other poster backing me up, I'm a big boy. Matters not a jot if it's one or ten, lots seem to disagree with his opinion and have said as much, yet you seem to think that this many people should not express that opinion because it means he's outnumbered. He's a fucking adult, I'm pretty sure he can answer the posts without calling them the above, no?
  9. That's the thing about it. Bear has not given him any shit yet gfg seems to have taken greater offence at this 'scum' having some sort of education and indeed as you say being civilised.
  10. It's all good and well having opinions, it's the way you express those opinions that matters, is it not? I would suggest the way he expresses his opinions needs work, would you not agree? Tell Bear, and whoever else, you don't agree with what they do, or did, but to go calling fellow bears SCUM, KNUCKLEDRAGGERS etc... is befitting that of a bheast, you just don't do it, no matter what they have done. From what I have seen over the last 48 hours gfg seems to relish calling 'fellow' fans names when he has ran out of things to say, maybe he should just stop posting when he does, he does himself no favours at all.
  11. WE don't, but the fact your coming on here telling someone to get their facts right, when YOU don't know what happened either, reeks of fucking irony, just like most of your posts on here.
  12. Who says we support them? We do understand they are there, why they were 'formed' and do you know what, they probably will be there, stopping the likes of you or me getting your, my, cunt kicked in by some wanky scumbag, without batting an eye lid, I doubt you would do the same for them or indeed A N other Rangers fan. You might want to open your eyes, look at the posts and stop being such a bheast with your comments, you have offered no decent response to the threads I have seen you post in on here.
  13. You really are a misguided little fool. Who are you to determine what sort of person he is, just because he likes a ruck away from the stadium, do you know him personally? I don't know Bear but you know what, from what he has written over the last couple of days, I would like to get to know him. He is well aware of peoples opinions on hooliganism and accepts them at face value, you on the other hand, well there's no hope for you, your so wrapped up in your own wee world of hate, no-one else's opinion matters. I truly do feel sorry for you.
  14. As of 2010 that bomb cost US £1 billion. This cunting judge needs brought to task, as does the judiciary system.
  15. :lol: You bestest believest its
  16. Your like the wee lab mouse who does not learn that certain food gives you electric shocks when trying to eat it. First you think he's on a fishing trip, then you don't, now you do again. Why don't you just leave the thread well alone, your making a right cunt of yourself?
  17. Are you kidding me on?? He has not came on here to regail us with stories of how he beat the shit out of people and it was all just in a days work, he has offered his side of the story. The way gfg has reacted, calling him scum, then other posters on here knuckle-dragger's (That was a post directed at you referring to anyone who had the opposite view of himself.), was and is disgusting.
  18. The difference between you and gfg is you are not calling anyone on here 1) Scum or 2) Knuckle-dragger like he has.
  19. Oh you must have missed the knuckledraggers one then.
  20. And as if to prove your own point with your post atop the bold one. The irony must be lost on you. What a fucking dick you are.
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