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  1. Ryan Jack Red

    Red card, he knew what he was doing leaving the boot in. It was the other way about we would all be livid.
  2. ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Fod should be saving that.
  3. There's no manager that can fix this

    No one in the right mind would want to be manager of this club. The board are running the club badly and the pool of players we have are dire.
  4. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Absolutely pish. Promoted back to the SPL 18 months ago and we've not made one stride forward since. So much dross and garbage in this team and all they do is give you high blood pressure watching them kid on they are footballers. No cunt will want to take us on we are a fucking poison chalice.
  5. ***Suggestion Thread***

    New manager... who? That is exactly it. Who in their right mind would take this stint on? This season is almost a write off already and it is embarrassing.
  6. Do you support another team as well as Rangers?

    I only support Rangers. But I do like Newcastle (family), as well Hamburg and Real Madrid.
  7. So, if it's not Pedro...

    Exactly. Who in their right mind would want to manage us? We are a fucking poison chalice.
  8. Should we terminate Dalcio's loan deal?

    You can just tell if a player has it or not. He looks shite and has a record of 2 goals in 60 odd games for Benfica B. No wonder we have all wrote him off already. If he turns out to be good then great.
  9. Signings

    In an ideal world we are still short of: A clinical striker. Two wingers - one for each side. A left back and a right back. A vocal commanding goalkeeper. A midfield trio of Dorrans, Jack and Pena I think would do well and with Cardoso and Alves in defence we have a good enough spine in there. Even if we got another winger (Walker) and Dorrans over the line before the end of summer window then that would be enough for now.
  10. McKay Goodbye Message

  11. McKay Goodbye Message

    Fair enough. All the best Barrie.
  12. Progres striker not cleared to play [?]

    Limasol should be given a bye into the next round if Progres get papped out. Under no circumstances should we be reinstated.
  13. Eduardo Herrera

    We should have kept Candeias on and brought Herrera on earlier. Hindsight is a wonderful thing though.
  14. Should we terminate Dalcio's loan deal?

    I would say yes but we are being cynical as fuck. If it's not working out by January then by all means send him back but he's featured in two competitive games ffs.
  15. the "banished" players

    No surprise folk like Forrester, Kiernan, MOH etc are still here. We will do well to shift them. Still think we should use MOH in a deal to bring Walker to us.