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  1. Struggling to see your point here mate? Aside from Ross being 15 months older than Jamie.
  2. I'm not saying he played well either to be fair. He came on as a sub a couple of games under Pedro when he first took over March/April time and really didn't feature much last season and here maybe that's because the management team think he's gash as well, but to say he's rotten at this stage is just stupid. You need to weigh everything up as I said earlier, had he played a run of games and showed nothing then yes you'd have an argument to say he's not going to make it. I don't watch any under 20's football whatsoever admittedly but still think it's harsh we see glimpses of players coming through and they are written off because they didn't score a 30 yard wonder goal or boss the midfield or some shit. The standards at Rangers are high but the standard of football has decreased since we were bringing guys like Barry Ferguson etc through. You say folk need to see what's in front of their face and step into reality which was a bit ironic.
  3. Ross McCrorie spent half a season on loan at Ayr in L1 and then spent another half season in a relegation scrap at Dumbarton (albeit in the league above) and he turned out alright.
  4. What were you expecting from him though? To be fair I don't think anyone in our team played "well" in that particular game, we just managed to grind out a win. Hibs were all over us for the majority of the game, we just had a 5-10 minute spell were we played some nice stuff and got ahead. The guy is 18 ffs, you seem quick to write him off after one game last season. I could understand where you were coming from if it was Halliday, Jack, Dorrans etc that had been playing instead of him, but Barjonas has had fuck all first team experience AND playing at Easter Road isn't exactly the easiest of games. If he had featured more regularly on the lead up to Hibs and didn't play well then I would probably agree with you but you are dismissing him after ONE game.
  5. Don't think anyone has seen enough of him to form an opinion. Folk saying he was shite at Easter Road need to have a think about what they are saying He hadn't really featured much in the first team at all and then got thrown in..... Loan deal with regular first team football in Scottish League One etc would be best for all parties imo.
  6. Any decent manager would be able to get more out this team. Anyway, out of the current crop the only guys worth keeping are: Foderingham, Tavernier, John, Jack, Dorrans, Windass, Halliday, Rossiter, Morelos, Candeias, Holt, Cummings (permanent deal), Murphy (permanent deal), McCrorie and Docherty. Even then there are guys in that list I would still take any decent money for or are just there to add a bit of depth. Youth players aside, everyone else should be written off and binned.
  7. Don't take my snide comment personally fs wasn't even aimed at you. You made a thread about Gerrard's odds and I replied poking fun at the bookies.
  8. Fuck up you Kidding on you are in the know, shut up. Robin Van Persie and Nani must be signing soon then, mind the bookies had Rangers as favourites to sign them? Fucking whopper.
  9. Absolutely done. Started off well but I think this ankle injury as fucked him - even though we have probably rushed him back.
  10. Cummings isn't going to play well when we play to his weaknesses ffs. He at least showed a bit of effort closing their defence down, trying to hold up play, backing into their defenders, but we kept playing high balls to him, he's a fucking midget for fucks sake he's never going to win anything in the air against Ajaer and Boyata. Complete lack of service as well but I will say that when Windass got a bit of space on the right Cummings made no effort to get into a decent position in the box. We should still sign him as I believe a better manager and better players would get more out of him and for £600k it's worth a punt.
  11. Hope you stuck some money on it pal. :)
  12. Played well but Heart's midfield hardly offered anything.
  13. The bookies are always right as well, there MUST be something to this.
  14. Deserves the chance to play against celtic and have a go at them imo. Even then Morelos' attitude before the game warming up, during the game when he came on and then at the end when he ran up the tunnel after full time was ridiculous. Whingey wee bastard.
  15. Must win but with all the negativity around the club this will transfer onto the pitch and we will either lose or be very lucky and draw. Naismith destined to score. Does McCrorie's suspension start this weekend? If so: Foderingham Tav Alves Martin John Candeias Holt Goss Murphy Morelos Cummings
  16. Where are you reading/hearing about the David Edgar info? He's normally pretty spot on.
  17. Can't get my head round this throwing Halliday under the bus chat. He made the change as Windass is a goal scoring threat and had he gotten a goal before half time the whole complexion of the game changes. Why wait 5 minutes until half time?
  18. I absolutely agree. Let's stop underselling our players and get as much as possible for them, every cunt else does it to us.
  19. Looks to me like he's shouting at our players.
  20. A complete prick and not what we are looking for. It says it all that West Brom are pretty much nailed on to go down and they've papped him BEFORE the end of the season so they can get someone else before pre-season in to bring them back up.
  21. Callum William McGregor of Easterhouse.
  22. Red card, he knew what he was doing leaving the boot in. It was the other way about we would all be livid.
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