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  1. Anywhere I can watch the gers game in Melbourne tonight? usual place the imperial is not showing the game.
  2. I have had to turn espn off.Its a complete love in.
  3. What an epic mong Imagine spending time to come up and write that p!sh.
  4. I hate how on KDS they use shampoo and carrot to cover over the swear words. Dont know why it annoys me so much.
  5. "I remember people saying they just wished we played the celtic way win or lose" "We will stick and i believe go on to win the league as all we need to do is beat them home and away and win our game in hand its down to 1 point." The celtic way
  6. Im not sure how they will line-up.I think there will be a few more ins and outs for them over the next week. .I just hope Mowbray has bought poorly and they suffer and drop points,
  7. Was reading the Villa forums.....the arrogance of the EPL fans is infuriatin PLEASE STAY BOYDY!!
  8. Which in turn would make them united, would it not? They are not united as i have already explained about remembrance day. I wouldnt say the Sellick support was united either. My Dads friend who is a t*** and an ex-serviceman was disgusted at the behaviour of the protesters at Falkirk and a lot of the other bile they indulge themselves in.
  9. ive always felt it would be tbh,,,whats the fanbase like in skye mate..? How do you mean? Skye is full of Rangers fans mainly because it is a mainly protestant area.Thats why i think there are so many bears up here. I think having so many fan groups with vastly differing oppinions and thoughts on how Rangers should progress will hinder a 'unified' fanbase
  10. Is having so many diffrent fan groups within our fanbase contributing to our lack of solidarity as a unified fanbase??
  11. So united or divided because of the press we will still take a mauling due to who is writing in the media?
  12. I dont see why not - we are all Rangers fans at the end of the day. The things that split us into factions are easily fixed. As much as I hate to say it but the tim support are united which is why few in the media wont touch them at the moment. How are we divided? It seems to me that we are divided into the so-called 'bigots' who sing songs we have sung for decades, and the so-called 'handwringers' who think we should leave these things behind and move on. Where does that division come from? Who has decided that these songs are offensive? The press, government and celtc have decided that our songs are offensive, and have colluded to have them ostracised. If we were allowed to sing whatever we like, would this division exist? I don't think it would, we would just sing what we like at a football match and that would be the end of it. Now, you say that the tim support is united. What songs of theirs have been ostracised, or even targeted in the same way as TBB, The Famine Song,... These are no more racist/sectarian than things the celtc fans sing at every game, yet they do so with no scrutiny. Why would they be divided? It's a nothing argument as far as I can see, the reason for this particular division in our support doesn't exist at celtc park. Why should the minority in a country dictate to the majority!?Or are we now the minority?
  13. We have moved on, as all religions are welcome at our club. But we will never band together as a support the reason being that some fans dont want anything to do with our Protestant past and traditions. People can put a spin on it, but we are known as a Protestant club all over the world, yet some fans seem ashamed of that fact. People should never forget that its was Protestant fans who helped build our club into the great club, and that includes our fathers and grandfathers. Its sad to say but all the attacks from the media, newspapers and goverment and Eufa are all from catholics who hate what we stand for. In this country it now seems to be a crime to say you are a Protestant Rangers fan. They keep coming after all our songs yet turn a blind eye to the scum who sing songs about bombers who blow up innocent people, yet some of our fans sit back and accept anything flung at us. That is why we will always have a divided support as most of us will fight back, and defend our culture, and to do otherwise would be a sell out to all our absent bears who gave all their life to our club. Spot on mate.Aslong as the media side with the scum our complaints are likely to fall on selectively deaf ears!
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