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  1. i'm 100% done with this thread..as fun as this lot are eevn i am bored with the same insults being repeated for 15 pages...just lock it FFS....
  2. i love the way potsie, chachi and the rest of the crew obviously get toghether in there secret place to discuss this stuff....
  3. Or has trouble understanding it when big words are used....
  4. Yeah the PM's i recieve from them contain the real funny stuff...as i am sure TWB will also be able to confirm
  5. Better to be considered a "bheast" by the lunatic fringe of our support than to be a confirnmed cheerleader and enabler of Craig Whyte...but we really are going round in circles here...starnge that considering it is meant to be me obsessed with you....
  6. Is part of the entrance exam to other mb's the ability to make up really shite nicknames ?
  7. Yes, indeed.... How dare i disagree with these fine people.....
  8. I'm trying my best but they hunt in packs these boys and the combined brain power is hard to combat....
  9. Proof indeed I have no obsession about you ...i just found it funny how quickly you dissapeared after you finally accepted your hero Mr Whyte was a bad un....no wonder though considering the pm's you sent me on the subject...strange stuff to share with a "bheast" You'll be in trouble now.....
  10. In general yes I am...it's a hell of a lot better than being permanently angry
  11. why would you care you are ignoring me...good guess though...some might think you are lying about not reading my posts....
  12. How would anyone else know ? Sadly for you the evidence of you backing a man to the hilt as he destroyed our club is all in your posting history......
  13. Of course he doesn't have a link to it as it's not true... I was banned from FF for posting bearwood bears position in the trust, as i believed it to be common knowledge at the time.... I do have plenty of links to him trying to bully other members on here into backing craig whyte if you are wanting links...
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