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  1. We need an enforcer

    That's because they don't fear them on a footballing level. Our team is getting bullied on the field because they're beat mentally before a ball is even kicked. Scott Brown and that taig team are never hard men. The shite they pull on the field because the rest of Scottish football let them run the show would have them battered to death on the streets.
  2. We need an enforcer

    Like others have said we need good footballers. Why go after a hard man type player when we could just go after players that are able to play football and have them pass it around the taigs? Every team in the champions league fucks them because they're better at football than them, not because they cut brown in half.
  3. Is there a change in the Old Firm games?

    They're shit now. They're shit in every kind of way. We have players that love taigs, fans that love taigs, fans that would rather grass their own in than offend taigs, fans that take taig money. They also have absolutely no atmosphere worth a fuck now either.
  4. Are celtic really that good?

    Absolutely there is. They're all boring in Scotland though. I couldn't watch a Scottish game if we weren't involved in it
  5. Are celtic really that good?

    Mate of mine supports Arsenal and he watched our game at the weekend, first Scottish game he's watched in years apparently. Turned it off after 20 minutes because he thought it was boring as fuck. My brother who supports West Ham says the exact same if he ever watches one with me. The taigs aren't good. No club in Scotland is good.
  6. Am I watching a different game

    You sound a right Catholic bastard
  7. Aberdeen at Ibrox

    Had planned on going to that one.
  8. Spare a thought for those bears in the workplace tomorrow

    Don't work in a place with any of them
  9. Dave King

    The gear he's currently on
  10. Damning Statistic

    Penas play when we aren't in possession is fucking horrific. Lazy bastard.
  11. Damning Statistic

    Was on Candeias but tbh I thought that tackle was fine. It's exactly what I want our players to be doing to them, but apparently we still have a team of shitebags
  12. Union bears display

    The guy with the megaphone is like something from a Nazi rally the way he gets on.
  13. How did the scum

    Wouldn't be that difficult. Loads of them probably have taig mates and our club is littered with taigs
  14. What Need To Change/Remain?

    That's not up to him or us to decide. It's the boards responsibility to find that but unfortunately we also need a new board too.
  15. What Need To Change/Remain?

    This. This all needs changed