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  1. Does this mean there'll be taigs in the building too?
  2. Still first in queue
  3. Your comparisons are fucking horrendous.
  4. Doesn't deserve to be wearing the badge but neither do you to be fair.
  5. That picture gives me the shites. He did the same in one of Warburtons last games after scoring a penalty. A fucking penalty.
  6. And what a fucking piss poor total it is for a striker.
  7. How exactly does he deserve a new contract?
  8. Barry knows what it means to be a Ranger! He'll be able to tell the players how much this club means to its fans! Incase they're brain dead and couldn't already work that out themselves
  9. More like it. Makes a change from them gay youngsters in the UB
  10. World in motion would be better. "We're playing for Rangers... RANGER-ER-ERRRSS. We hate Catholicss" Then we can have McKay come in and rap halfway through
  11. I'm pretty sure I implied I didn't want them singing those pishy "woaaaa wheeyyy" chants, so how you've decided I want their next direction to be pulling their knobs out is beyond me. If we aren't just stressing our hate for Catholics through song then I want nothing to do with it.
  12. Aye but im not looking knobs being taken out, that's just fucking gay.
  13. Bit weird.
  14. Said it a million times before but the "wooaaaa wheeeyy ole" shite is utter faggotry