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  1. Ridiculous that he's going to be on 3 grand a week at a non league club
  2. Best midfielder in the league. Some of our support come away with an awful power of shite at times
  3. He has potential but for the most part he may as well not have even been a player. Can't be upset about something we never really had.
  4. Devastated
  5. Surely going to play 4-4-2 after Pedro saying it's the formation that is working best and the one which the players like the best
  6. I wasn't really counting new signings, I was referring to the players of last year. Alves would be annoying, yes.
  7. I wouldn't honestly be shocked or care if we sold any of our players. I would prefer to keep Foderingham if it is him but he is replaceable and I wouldn't be shocked or gutted.
  8. Royal blue
  9. The taigs will be nowhere near England. I'd love them to play Millwall at the den though, I think that would be fucking hilarious
  10. Should have stuck the head in him
  11. There's meant to be a checkerboard design on that shirt
  12. It may only be read by our fans but I think it's good that our support is given factual information to respond to hateful cunts with, if they're unlucky enough to keep any as company.
  13. Because cheating
  14. They want Dundee United and Aberdeen fans to help them ahaha
  15. The taigs are planning on crowd funding to take us to court themselves