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  1. Morelos dropped?

    I'm struggling to think of what link up play you're talking about. I can remember him holding off a defender well for a goal in the friendly against Sheffield Wednesday but apart from that I mind very little else. Maybe he's doing little things that I don't notice
  2. Morelos dropped?

    If Giroud came on and added basically nothing to the game?
  3. Morelos dropped?

    He'll definitely play again. I don't rate him at all so far. He's like Garner if Garner had a tan and added even less to a game than he did.
  4. Morelos dropped?

    Didn't say he wasn't important to us. Just don't think us getting wins rests entirely on him
  5. Morelos dropped?

    He'll end up a great player for us I think, but atm he's still learning and far too many act like he's been banging them in week in week out
  6. Morelos dropped?

    We will aye. When's the last time Morelos scored?
  7. Wes Foderingham

    I wish that song Windass has would do one.
  8. Wes Foderingham

    Tbh I wouldn't have posted the picture that Fod did, but im not annoyed by him
  9. Wes Foderingham

    I hate that cunt with a passion. He genuinely fucking infuriates me to look at
  10. Champions League 99/2000

    I kind of hate watching old videos now really. They usually find their way on when I'm pished, but then at some stage during or soon afterwards you've to remember where we currently are
  11. Derek McInnes

    Has there been any news about a manager being appointed? I lost interest in constantly checking
  12. Derek McInnes

    I remember when Walter was last here and we were winning titles moaning about the style of play. Thankfully that's over now and we're on to brighter days.
  13. Republic of Ireland

    Wouldn't tire of hitting him with a hammer
  14. Republic of Ireland

    Great to see. Now we can all get back to real football at the weekend and away to fuck with this international pish
  15. *** The Official Rangers V Hamilton Match Thread ***

    Expecting a solid 5 nil win