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  1. I said yesterday how I felt about him and today just reinforced it. Shite.
  2. I don't see how it isn't. We offered nothing anywhere on the park and they bossed the game.
  3. That's how I feel after watching that. I feel very little. Its gotten that bad and I dislike this group of players that much that performances and results like that don't surprise me anymore and it's more of a meh feeling when it happens. That is what hurts. The fact it's gotten this bad.
  4. Was ready to put my foot through the telly when we spent a solid 2 minutes passing sideways in the middle of the park
  5. Diabolical first half
  6. Defence is giving me the fear
  7. Fucking brilliant
  8. Is Wes out? That Catholic Andy Walker said he was
  9. I had one about 8 pages in a few hours last night and it's been sent to the abyss mate.
  10. It's fairly HD as standard on the ps4. That's what I use it on and never had an issue
  11. I had made a new one and it was chopped mate. We've been infiltrated I think
  12. Where's the proper thread for this and more to the point where's my threads? We not saying fuck the pope and the IRA anymore?
  13. Why are we bumping all these old threads?
  14. And before anyone starts, potato bread is the dogs balls