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  1. You'd be better watching ice hockey or whatever shit as fuck sport they play in Canada. Clearly haven't a notion.
  2. Tell everyone we will no longer be associating with Catholics as they were clearly the problem all along
  3. Very small face
  4. To find out the worst manager in each posters lifetime. It's in the fucking title you banger
  5. Ally. We were in the lower divisions and he was absolutely fucking horrendous
  6. Bundle of fucking benders
  7. He's not here to help us, he's here for his own personal desire to kick a ball around at the weekend. Blatently he doesn't give a fuck
  8. Finding our feet. Remember where we came from only a couple of seasons ago. Rebuilding. Team needs to gel. Need time. Right direction. Improving. Think I've covered all the responses you're likely to get.
  9. Can't be fucked with this season already.
  10. Please refer back to my op.
  11. Is anyone else streaming the game using that YouTube link on anything but a mobile and it sounds like some cunts blowing air down the mic?
  12. Might leave the house again
  13. I see @JamieD is streaming the game for everyone on YouTube again