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  1. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    Said he will be wearing a taig scarf during their game against Bayern Munich tomorrow and will post a picture on his Twitter to show a "Rangers fan" is backing them. I've never viewed him as one of us as he said previously him and his weird as fuck da used to attend both Ibrox and the paedodome when he was younger, I just wish he'd take himself away to fuck and stop coming out with pish like he has tonight though.
  2. Rangers Lookalikes.

    I think that's just two pictures of Dalcio mate. I found some more of him
  3. Butcher's Son.

    Tragic. RIP
  4. Chelsea Roma tomorrow Chelseaaaaa
  5. Nottingham Forest

    Thank fuck we're rid of him. Reading that was nothing but a throwback to everything he fed us
  6. Referee from today

  7. Millers Agent

    I actually think Miller this season has been worse than Windass which makes my head sore
  8. There will be an official Tuesday night sash bash

    I'd forgot how often the big one in Edgarstown has changed over the last few years
  9. There will be an official Tuesday night sash bash

    I miss this wee mural in town
  10. There will be an official Tuesday night sash bash

    I think your posting rights should be removed again
  11. Nottingham Forest

  12. Nottingham Forest

    Aye it's called the East Midlands trophy or the "Brian Clough trophy" Up for grabs every time they play
  13. Rangers Lookalikes.