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  1. You should read this thread through and realise I'm not surprised by fans of the club appearing anywhere in the ROI
  2. I meant it shows our support is accepting of the idea of a fan from the Republic of Ireland in general. I couldn't give a fuck about the op
  3. They're a team of shitebags until I see them win the fucking league
  4. Don't really see the need to get rid of it. If anything it shows our support is more than willing to accept a supporter from the republic of ireland
  5. Well if he leaves all the best to him. Probably see him in 4/5 years playing in league 1/2 in England
  6. Uppa volunteers
  7. Fucking disgusting country
  8. I'm on a train so can't see anything that's happening
  9. Then someone else saying how you wouldn't see that with their fans at their club. An average of about 4 people would be there fuck sake
  10. See some people from that area saying it was a nightmare
  11. Ness scored a cracker against the taigs once
  12. Any progress?
  13. I'm from N.Ireland mate. If I lived in Glasgow or nearby to Glasgow id have absolutely no problem doing that, but it's a bit shit traveling over and back on your own every other weekend
  14. Say it every year but id love one. Just finding someone else here to buy one and go to the games.
  15. Your updates aren't up to standard mate. That's two goals have happened since your last update
  16. Just that im first in the queue mate
  17. Wish I was at the game. International weekends are horrendous
  18. And spare a thought for machine gun Marty who lost his life this past week. rip
  19. Too young to have seen him unfortunately. Seen the video clips countless times though and nobody could question his talent. RIP Davie.
  20. Potential leg break
  21. Get a plain blue one and write fuck the pope on it mate. Subtle
  22. He can bring a car to fucking take Kiernan home in with him
  23. There's at least one Rangers fan lives in Tallaght, Dublin that I know of. Well he supports Leeds but he follows us in Scottish football.