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  1. Van Persie mate
  2. He'd be shite against teams that sit with their backs to the wall
  3. What a ridiculous photo
  4. I had a dream last night that we absolutely battered the taigs and Naismith scored twice. Like it ended about 4-0 Naismith thing aside, I was in a good place.
  5. He is a dreadful pundit. Just listened to him give his opinion of the United vs West Ham game there and after watching the whole game I feel I now know less about what happened after listening to him struggle to speak understandable English. Just fucking dreadful.
  6. Makes me feel ill that this all but confirms that we were completely shafted
  7. I haven't watched any interviews in ages, before or after games. They all talk complete dog shite
  8. What are you actually confident about?
  9. Dawn is a long fucking time coming
  10. One off against a championship side. Brilliant.
  11. Haven't watched any of the game and didn't realise two goals were og's... That is pretty lucky
  12. They regularly flatten everything in front of them, there's no luck about it. Fair enough it's usually a pish team they're playing but we can't even do that.
  13. There's been next to fuck all to laugh at in years
  14. Id genuinely rather hang myself
  15. Taigs are going to thump this team
  16. Sinclair should have buried that
  17. In recent times the title of this thread hasn't made much sense
  18. This. Fucking hipster shite that makes us look like a small club that thinks we're now in anyway successful
  19. I told everyone Waghorn was coming into form
  20. Just came in to post similar. Equalised against Millwall the dick. Championship must be brutal quality in reality
  21. Ruined a perfectly good thread hating on the guy
  22. If this is stronger than ever then we are well and truly fucked. Cant be arsed listening to how well training went after the game, we've been hearing the same shite now for years.
  23. Sound bites
  24. Cunt.
  25. Buy a season ticket