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  1. “I differentiate supporters from fans, and in all the statements I issue from the club, I am very careful about when I talk about supporters and when I talk about fans. Supporters are always fans, but fans are not always supporters. So, when I look at the club, I talk about those that are buying season tickets in record numbers every season. I’m talking about the 50,000 supporters that arrived at Ibrox for the first game in the Third Division and gave the record UK crowd. “There are some fans out there, and all clubs have them, who to me are not actually true supporters and there is a noise level out there which, to me, I should completely ignore. I’m really interested what the real supporters want and what we are doing for the club is for the real supporters. “All supporters are fans but not all fans are supporters. You’ve got Rangers fans who will criticise the manager after the first game. “And they’ll tweet and they’ll blog and they’ll insult. They’ll use language that a supporter would never use about their club." He says the board have the supporters full backing: “I’d say completely. I’ve never had a sense otherwise. Ever. Not even remotely. “The supporters will judge that but even if we couldn’t do it, I don’t know if it was necessarily a credibility issue. “It’s an area where I guess the supporters at the time of regime change put their trust in a group of people and part of that trust was believing we could achieve this sort of thing. “It’s good to have done it. It would’ve been very disappointing had we let them down.” All season ticket holders have never thought Dave King has done anything wrong.
  2. Absolutely you do
  3. Shites out of tackles and is inconsistent as hell. You know where the door is, Barrie.
  4. Gregg Wylde believes Pedro Caixinha is taking a major gamble by leaving Andy Halliday out of Rangers' Europa League squad "I would have Andy Halliday in my squad, even if he's not playing and worth only of a place on the bench. That's because he's a Rangers man. "He knows what Rangers standards are and the expectations which will be on the players at this time of year. "He has shown in the past he can get the players around him geed up for the big games. Just look at his display against Celticin the cup semi-final a couple of seasons back. He ruffled up Scott Brown a few times so he knows how to handle the big occasions. "I know Andy well as we have some friends in common and he's a great lad. He will be gutted about missing out on Thursday. It will hurt a lot. "He gives the team that drive and energy, so to leave him out of the squad entirely just seems a bit harsh. That's the manager's decision though and Andy will just need to take it on the chin. "I've never heard of the side Rangers are playing but you never know whether it will be a banana skin or if Rangers will go and batter them. So with that in mind you'd think it would be good to have someone like Andy about the squad who knows what Rangers are about. "You just have to hope these lads that have been brought in from Portugal and Mexico can get up to speed quickly. The likes of Lee Wallace and Kenny Miller are still there but it's a massive call from the manager." "Caixinha is bringing his own players in and that will be a big test for him to see how he gets on with his own team now," he said. "He's brought in eight players and is trying to get rid of a few. "It's a sell-out on Thursday night and the new guys in that squad who have never played in the kind of atmosphere you get when you're at clubs like Rangers and Celtic will probably get a bit of a fright. "These foreign lads will never have been in an environment like this." What a fucking banger you are, Gregg
  5. Not only are we going for 55 this year mate but Dave King says we've more chance of getting 10 in a row than a club that are already on 6. Going to be a cracking year
  6. Good to see clubs from here have no time for shitty republican agendas. DR shot down in absolute fucking flames there.
  7. Pedro is a fucking retard if he thinks Waghorn is worth keeping
  8. Can't wait until we get rid of this sticking up for mates shite that has clung to us over the past few years. Be it in the newspapers or on social media these squads of the past 5 to 6 years for the most part have done nothing but talk complete and utter fucking dog dick.
  9. Kenny will more than do the job he's saying Halliday can do.
  10. Fuck off
  11. It's alright mate, they'll all be just fans. None of them will be season ticket holders.
  12. Beat me to it
  13. Why is Baxter the talking head from Art Attack?
  14. I'm in tears laughing at some of this
  15. It's the wee stark girl from game of thrones all grown up
  16. We couldn't afford to turn the under soil heating on against hearts so everyone got to go home early
  17. Ian Black tried to end Jelavics career and we all hated him but then we signed him and we ended up hating him even more the fucking wanker
  18. I wish I had
  19. We signed Sandaza lol
  20. Sandaza signed for us and then he tried to leave us and got sacked lol
  21. He should be sent to Syria to fight isis on behalf of the U.K. All possible outcomes of that can only be positive
  22. You also get Die mate
  23. Just laughed like fuck at that even though I knew that's what it was