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  1. I can't remember the half of it. Woke up Sunday morning and it had been wiped off the forum
  2. Nah mate you can't make an official one of these. These get made the night before when the vision is near gone
  3. Well when you think of the standard of strikers around other leagues then it's about right
  4. Miller 3/10 Dodoo 2/10 Garner 1.5/10 Waghorn 1/10
  5. Aye it's absolutely not. Been to watch games enough times to have gained an opinion on it.
  6. Not to mention his first spell wasn't even successful
  7. And did some of them get back into the team or something?
  8. So we're shite all round then
  9. 7 minutes of stoppage and Spurs well and truly trying to run out the clock
  10. Lafferty was absolute dog shite when he was here though. Would be missing for months and then bang a few in end of the season. Some people have fuck all memory
  11. If we had a quid for every time we've heard someone at the club saying shite like this the past few years
  12. What's the score now?
  13. He's diabolical
  14. Of homosexual players?
  15. Nah fuck that
  16. Its a shite league with garbage football. Always has been and always will be.
  17. This puts me in one shite mood
  18. I genuinely wish he'd fucking die. Genuinely.
  19. They'd be wanting it at Ibrox though which would be shite
  20. Great bit of play there
  21. Fuck sake