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  1. jaywalker

    Rangers are behind the 3 Lions

    Mon the Tunisians. Get right into these people. Send them home to think again.
  2. jaywalker

    Bury and Wigan Friendlies Announced.

    I believe their ground is in the dead centre of town.
  3. jaywalker


    Fuck me, is this the sort of drivel we will have until next season
  4. jaywalker

    Sir Alex

    You need therapy. Shite like this marks you out as a total tube. You are an embarrassment..... We need a block button on here, or better still a sniper.
  5. jaywalker

    Sir Alex

    Total knob...... No surrender, Fergie. Get better soon.
  6. jaywalker

    Is now the time to go to war on the Mhedia?

    Not sure it's the biggest in decades. Let's try and keep it in perspective
  7. jaywalker

    Gerards first team talk

  8. jaywalker

    The one benefit of today

    Don't reall know if it is a positive, but none of the Tims at work have bothered sending me any texts etc. A few years ago my phone would be glowing, nowadays gubbing us doesn't seem to be that big a deal.
  9. jaywalker

    MoJo, Electric Chair & The Sash

    I am ashamed to admit I have a mate who is a little bit left footed, how do I send this video to him by phone so that he knows there is hope.
  10. jaywalker

    To be fair to Pedro.

    Naw just pure undiluted shite
  11. jaywalker

    The fans reaction at the end

    Aye right.
  12. Remember we used to laugh at the Tims because of their moronic paranoia? Well some of our support is worse, it is getting genuinely embarrassing. Have a fucking word with yourself FFS. on another topic, how do you get rid of the underline on a tablet?
  13. jaywalker

    song for the young lad

    What the fuck is happening to our support.. This is like a bad dream.... Ah thank fuck, I must be sleeping. I hope the bit about Walter wanting SuperAlly as manager is true though.
  14. jaywalker

    Ian Black now having ideas above his station

    Correct me if I am wrong, but i get the impression you think you are amusing. Believe me pal, you are wrong.