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  1. More or less spot on. The penalty was piss poor, nowhere near a corner and at an easy height for the keeper if he goes the right way. Shit happens, any other day we would have gubbed them, normally losing is awful but I genuinely believe we have turned the corner.
  2. Befuckinghaveyourself
  3. That’s ok then. If they are old or asthmatic they don’t count. Tossers with flares need banning. and I don’t like bell bottoms either.
  4. I sincerely hope the folk treated for burns were the tossers who took the things in.
  5. This man should be running the country. Black belt in problem solving, Brexit would be a doddle.
  6. Jeeesus, I thought I was a glass half full type.
  7. Should always sit down before you start. Basic technique.
  8. What about organising a collection point in Glasgow and flooding the place with boxes, that would save everyone posting individually. Seems like a good scheme. Top bloke.
  9. The 3-1 game was my first ever game. I remember my dad lifted me over the turnstile then a policeman threw us both out after he paid to get in, he was raging as he had to pay again to get in. i don't remember much about the game but remember walking towards the subway after the game chuffed I'd finally got to a game but trying to look suitably miserable because of the result. a bloke in front of us threw his scarf away saying it was the worst game he had ever seen and he wasn't ever going back. I wish I had a £ for every time I'd heard that since. oh! By the way I also picked up the scarf and had it for years.
  10. Seen that picture on the telly, rewound it twice and paused it for a photo. It made my weekend.
  11. I do enjoy a GIRFUY. Not keen when it is against us, but if we had done something similar it would be brill.
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