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  1. MoJo, Electric Chair & The Sash

    I am ashamed to admit I have a mate who is a little bit left footed, how do I send this video to him by phone so that he knows there is hope.
  2. To be fair to Pedro.

    Naw just pure undiluted shite
  3. The fans reaction at the end

    Aye right.
  4. Remember we used to laugh at the Tims because of their moronic paranoia? Well some of our support is worse, it is getting genuinely embarrassing. Have a fucking word with yourself FFS. on another topic, how do you get rid of the underline on a tablet?
  5. song for the young lad

    What the fuck is happening to our support.. This is like a bad dream.... Ah thank fuck, I must be sleeping. I hope the bit about Walter wanting SuperAlly as manager is true though.
  6. Ian Black now having ideas above his station

    Correct me if I am wrong, but i get the impression you think you are amusing. Believe me pal, you are wrong.
  7. Whats the maddest bus you've ever been on

    Black Peters busses from Campbeltown back in the 70s. Amazing, used to leave about 6AM, quite a few hadn't even been home. Brilliant atmosphere, 140 miles of banter and bigotry. Watched a Rangers Celtic match in a pub in CN a few years back and a few of the charecters were still singing about Willie,Willie Johnston on the wing etc.
  8. New banners at Ibrox

    Shite wallpaper hanger.
  9. Team Photograph

    Had that picture in colour up on my bedroom wall back in the day. If I remember right it came from the old Evening Times.
  10. Pedro Caxinha: Stay or go?

    No one ever thought you were 2 faced. Let's face it, if you were you wouldn't be wearing the one you do.
  11. Who do you want to Replace Pedro?

    Sooner the new season starts the better. This is unbelievable. No surrender my arse.
  12. Handwringers reunited

    Brilliant article, but why handwringers?
  13. Matchday music suggestions on Twitter

    Why don't you suggest it to the club, you never know. ?
  14. This would be awesome

    Says the man with Fanta in his name.