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  1. Hand yer season ticket in, there's a good lad.
  2. Nah, McLean had a rush of blood and got ahead of the ball. Should have held his run.
  3. How can he say that on one hand then on the other claim they're "all-inclusive".
  4. Aye, because Garner, Miller, Forrester and everyone else are sooooo much better.
  5. Would you rather the tarriers pumped us next season? Or would you prefer Naismith bearing down on goal at the piggery and slotting to put us 2 up with 5 minutes to go, putting us 5 points clear with two games to go?
  6. Auto-correct, I know It's a moot point though, McLean and his ilk would never sign for us anyway.
  7. Chef? I'd sign virtually any player that was good enough to take us to a level that would win us the title. If that upsets precious little petals who want players to fit into a profile they approve of then too bad. I hope our manager feels the same way...wants winners on the park. Would you have signed MoJo?
  8. Tommy Gemmell goal was offside....fact. Offside rule at the time was "any player beyond the last two defenders when the ball is played forward shall be deemed to be offside and will result in a free kick to the defending team". There was none of this active/inactive/interfering shit, if that was your position, you were offside. When Gemmell shot, there was two of them on the 6 yard line, in clear offside positions. Can you imagine the fall-out if the flag went up?
  9. Less than 7-10 days? Less than 48 hours? F5 will be on fire!
  10. Me too. But at the same time hoping he fancies one good season in Scotland and moving to England whilst he still has some good seasons in front of him...and nets us a tidy 8 figure sum in doing so. Dreaming?
  11. Whit? I've read Naismiths statement the same as anyone. The claim that it's "reasonable logic" that's behind not wanting him for that reason is laughable and demonstrates a closed mind, an unwillingness to put it into context (in the circumstances at the time), and yes, stubbornness. Like many at the time, many feared the worst, that we were, in fact, not the same club. I know I worried about it...that our history may be lost and we were starting again. I didn't want to believe it could be, but I worried it might have happened. All Naismith did was say it....not very eloquently I grant you. That said, if he's hanging out for a salary we're not prepared to pay for then fuck him.
  12. If you don't want the best team on the park how can you possibly call yourself a Rangers fan?
  13. Firstly, he's not good enough. Secondly, he wouldn't come. But...if he ticked both the above boxes I'd sign him. In fact, I'd sign anyone that improved us and was capable of taking us up to title winning level. The only players I'd turn my nose up at would be the Adam Johnsons/Ched Evans' of the world. Their baggage is particularly unsavory. I guess I'm just the type of supporter who puts wanting the best team possible on the park ahead of uber staunchness,
  14. Course it matters. If he's eyeballing him and not looking at the ball then he's never gonna win saying that he'd have been as well looking at the daisy's!
  15. Most of that may be true, but on a bounce-up I'd rather he was looking at the ball.