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  1. Porteous flattens Defoe off the ball, Julien flattens Morelos off the ball, Brown elbows Tavernier off the ball all caught on camera by major broadcaster....nothing to see here, move along. Morelos makes game over gesture, Kent makes rapper gesture, Candeias blows a kiss....guilty as charged. 🙈🙉🙊
  2. When the club defended Morelos at first (was it Beale?) explaining the gesture was “its finished “ and nothing more sinister than that, there was no mention of him being booked for it. Surprised it wasn’t mentioned at that point and at no point since considering the profile of it. Something most definitely stinks
  3. I seem to recall a furore over Griffiths doing something at Ibrox when they beat us earlier this season?
  4. That's the bit...unless it's highlighted in great detail by the main tv providers it seems to just be ignored....which takes you back to why Rangers are the most cited team in Scotland and someone else is the least.
  5. Sorry, I meant who asks the Compliance Officer to look at incidents. Can an individual journalist, such as you, ask her? Does she have to provide a response or can she ignore you. Asking for a friend...😁
  6. We'll agree to disagree then. Like I said, I'm usually very protective of officials but the video footage just looks extremely odd...may well be the truth; I prefer honesty from the horses mouth or their superiors. All we've got is the records unattributed report and a guy on a fans forum corroborating. Given all the talk about it, it's hard to not be suspicious in the absence of nothing being said. Did you ask why Brown or Julien weren't cited?
  7. Has it It really confirms nothing other than that's the party line.
  8. If you've read any of my previous posts on referees you'll see I'm one of the most protective (if that's the right word) of them. In this instance it looks very suspiciously like the ref fucked up. I'm not suggesting anything more sinister than that, and it's very easy to put to bed. An unattributed comment in a tabloid isn't really clearing anything up.
  9. Roger. You're in the "referee is infallible" and "accept it and shut it" camp.
  10. You know for an absolute fact that clarification fc would be all over this scenario. Are we to accept that despite the video footage? Every possibility he did book someone else and he simply "forgot" to record it. The arse-covering by the Record is convenient and we're all to now accept it as fact and shut-up about it.
  11. I think (tinfoil helmet on!) that he HAS booked Brown, but in the furore of the penalty, he's simply forgotten to record it.
  12. Is there a verified source for that other than an unattributed statement in the Record?
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