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  1. So mutants like that telling us who should and shouldn't be signing for us are our moral compass? Aye right you are
  2. Rangers fan my arse
  3. Support the shirt. Anyone that couldn't celebrate a Rangers goal, especially against them, can hardly call themselves a Rangers fan.
  4. Be superb to see this resurrected
  5. I get that sentiment given pre-season thus far but we really need Morelos and Herrera to settle and see what they can do. Then we also have the likes of Miller and Hardie too. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't be averse to bringing in a striker but I think our remaining greatest need is creative width.
  6. Like I said on another thread, the minimum we should be expecting is second... At best, that means we should be aiming to match our results against the rest of the league with what they achieve. That said, if they achieve what they did last year then it will be very difficult to match them. But if we do, then it leaves the games against them as pretty much title deciders. That would constitute progress and success. We have the resources to do that and our manager has been backed. Being honest with myself, I don't expect us to win the league but there really can't be any excuses if we're not a lot closer.
  7. Pedro want's men. He man.
  8. Poor journalism. McKay - "I wasn't being treated the way any human should be treated" Journalist - "What do you mean by that Barry, in what way were you being treated as a sub-human?" ....except the follow up question wasn't asked. Bet it's asked at Pedro's press conference today though.
  9. Correct. Would be like waving a hitler flag when Beita Jerusalem are the opponents.
  10. That defence has precedent. The Daily Rhecord allows it so all would be fine.
  11. Now now, that'll only get us into trouble. Alternatively, if there was a banner proclaiming "Hello, Hello...", I'm sure that would be fine.
  12. lol People posting pictures of injured Rangers players thinking their funny/uber/staunch mark themselves out as dicks. imo
  13. That's your avatar
  14. Maybe it's me. I like to see professional pride in a player regardless of circumstance. Anyway, fair to say I've watched a few games he's been involved in on telly and been reasonably impressed, but first time I see him in the flesh I'm a bit meh.
  15. Dear Stevie Welcome home, welcome Come on in, and close the door You've been gone, too long Welcome, you're home once more