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  1. coopsleftboot

    Reporting Scotland Clown Media

    Stewart is a grade A wank. He hears his opinion only and nobody else's. Everything he says is right and everyone else is wrong....he doesn't listen and talks over people. You would never expect he was a rabid nationalist would you?
  2. coopsleftboot

    Has BlueTube...

    Cough cough....how does one get access?
  3. coopsleftboot

    Officialdom Conspiracy

    At last, some honesty 😂
  4. coopsleftboot

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    BBC Scotland- Torbett trial starts today, report makes no mention of tims in any way. Shortly followed by a longer report on someone saying FTP, how bad it is, how he should be a role model and how he should be going into schools to make up for it.
  5. coopsleftboot

    Ian Durrant - “**** the pope”

    Probably not. Probably non-Dom schools because that's where all the young bigots are. in other news, Griffiths has been asked to do the same on behalf of anti-racism campaigners....
  6. coopsleftboot

    Officialdom Conspiracy

    Felt contact? Have you even seen it?? When someone catches your trailing leg as you're running and it knocks it against your standing leg there is absolutely nothing you can do but fall.
  7. coopsleftboot

    Officialdom Conspiracy

    Morelos couldn't possibly stay on his feet.
  8. coopsleftboot

    Officialdom Conspiracy

    Only found out the other day Stewart ran for a nomination for the SNP at the last Westminster election. Explains a lot.
  9. coopsleftboot

    Ian Durrant - “**** the pope”

    Fuck you.
  10. coopsleftboot

    Ian Durrant - “**** the pope”

    Hearing nil by mouth want to take him under their wing and go into schools. Sounded like a tim saying it on radio scotland.
  11. coopsleftboot

    Dave Bates

    Could. He's strawberry blonde.
  12. coopsleftboot

    Ian Durrant - “**** the pope”

    If you can "f*ck" Maggie Thatcher and dance on her grave in George Square, why can't you "f*ck" the pope? What do you think the reaction would be to similar scenes in George Square when the pontiff pops his clogs?
  13. coopsleftboot

    Ian Durrant - “**** the pope”

    Tim Minchin agrees.
  14. coopsleftboot


    They’re not valid points though. They’ shit points. That’s why people evade them and aren’t interested.
  15. coopsleftboot

    Gerrard and the away form

    Off ye fuck.