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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    What Mr May sees when he gets his annual shag
  2. Ibrox Maintenance

    In all seriousness, I'd guess this is a compliance issue that is required following a review of our safety certificate...as RFC Eagle points out. We can only be responsible for the area under our control (see big JB for the deeds ;) ).
  3. Ibrox Maintenance

    Any of the land parcel that's on the deeds. Check them
  4. Lennon praising the Benny victims

    Whilst I think Lennon is an odious creature and I'd happily kick the wee scroat from here to eternity, I think it's a new low to try and implicate him in the cover-up of abuse simply because he never said something in an interview that was about something else.
  5. Lennon praising the Benny victims

    Did you see the interview? What I saw was he was asked about Bennell specifically and nothing else...unless I missed that bit. He was there, maybe not directly affected but sure there would have been talk and rumour. Did you expect him to volunteer sympathy for all victims of abuse and name some other clubs too?
  6. Lennon praising the Benny victims

    Probably because he was asked specifically about the Bennell as some of the victims were personal friends who it was happening to....and he wasn't asked at all about celtic.
  7. 2018 The year of the bheasts

    To be fair, at least Stein did something, granted, he could have gone a step further, but it's their board of the time, i.e. the controlling minds of the club, the Kelly's, the White's et al that should be dragged through the courts. They knew, they were his friends, they employed and they went into business with the man. Then they brought him back.
  8. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    You have a link to the story?
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Arsehole of a commentator asking “when do Thistle concede the game is done”
  10. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    He’s making it sound like a PR exercise for his team
  11. What I was about to post. How can you complain about the "taigs in positions of power" and then when there's the opportunity to have one of ours in a position of influence you're against it? Mind boggling. It's the only way to turn the tide.
  12. Steve Clarke

    The manager isn't everything. The players can up their game because they're decent, nothing more. We don't have an Amoruso, Moore, Davis, Mendes, Jelavic, Naismith, who's level was consistently high (they lost games too, but nowhere near as many because of their higher quality - and that was much more to do with them than the manager). The reason most of the current lot can't sustain it game in/game out is because many of them are average players who are inconsistent and make more mistakes than good players. Good players show a level of consistency that keeps them at a level, our average players don't. There's a reason why we can sign guys that can't quite cut it in lower level EPL and English Championship...they're not good enough and it's as much as we can afford. God knows why people expect them to come to Rangers and be winners then blame the manager when they're not. The manager (any manager) of Rangers needs backing to ensure we're serious challengers, throwing baubles at average players who can't quite cut it in bigger leagues isn't going to work. Mourinho would struggle to get consistency out of our current lot, and the resources we have.
  13. Ridiculous someone wants to pay £8m for him. Grrrr
  14. It's more than rewarding ability, it's the message you send out to others that we might be interested in signing in the future. Best we can offer quality young players is the stage of playing for Rangers, European football and a shop window. Do well for us and doors will open to the big leagues where the big money is...if that's what they want. Do we really want to be telling aspiring, quality young players that if they come to us on relatively low salaries and improve to the point they're getting the recognition from the big leagues that we'll piss them about? I'm with you, if that's the valuation of him now, what's the point of not investing that little bit more in him and watch his valuation soar to a point where we can't afford to pay him.
  15. BBC AGAIN!

    You know, that was my immediate first thoughts...with all the supposed offers and subsequent denials of Dembele bids. That's where the story is.