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  1. Pedro's refwatch

    Think Thompson had a wee bit of pre cum there when he saw Morelos going for that challenge
  2. Pedro's refwatch

    Fuck sake. Moan like fuck about "dignified silence" and how it does us no favours...manager speaks out and he should shut up, embarrassment, not the Rangers way... make yer minds up! 😂
  3. Pedro's refwatch

    Like it.
  4. SPFL statement

    As I said, we should let this lie for a while...see where it goes re a few positions. Then lead calls a governance review ourselves, to include the way clubs are treated, SFA fair and reasonable tests for all directors, crime and punsihment, how foreign owners get involved, their roles and finance streams (e.g. Romanov, Desmond), etc etc etc. All for it.
  5. SPFL statement

    We weren't silent. We just weren't public.
  6. SPFL statement

    One of the reasons the last four words were "for a wee while". Let them stew and keep maneuvering.
  7. SPFL statement

    We've maneuvered behind the scenes to to force this retraction by Doncaster which shows up the SPFL and Lawwell in particular and we've still got some of our worstcunts blaming King and Robertson for doing nothing, despite it being plainly obvious we have...leaked letter last week expressed our position, including that of Lawwell's influence. Weird. Job done. We just need to sit back and snigger like Muttley for a wee while.
  8. SPFL To Ditch Rangers EBT Probe Today

    Probably nothing... Probably sat at the SPFL board meeting going wibble while they backtracked.
  9. SPFL To Ditch Rangers EBT Probe Today

    Well played Stuart Robertson.
  10. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    Ever thought they might know each other? I could not give one shit if they like a mates picture who happens to be a tim. So long as when they turn up at training and on match day they're giving 100%.
  11. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    Players don't need to be fans. They need to be professional footballers.
  12. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    For a Rangers player (aside from ability and the heart to meet the demands) , that's all you need, on the park and at training. Anything else is window dressing.
  13. No Board Statement Yet?

    There was. And that's the right channels to do it. Public announcements every time someone says something derogatory isn't always the best way to deal with this kind of shite. It appeases fans but action behind the scenes is what really counts...assuming that's what's happening.
  14. No Board Statement Yet?

    Groundhog Day. All we need is a McCoist thread.