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  1. Were we meant to read that and think it was all related to the tim-attack?
  2. His biggest weakness at the moment is actually composure in front of goal.
  3. Lampard has done nothing of note to interest Chelsea....
  4. Rennes score and play “I Just Can’t Get Enough” to celebrate 🤣
  5. Greatest 11 statues as they have in Porto Museum. In fact, if the money and space is there someone should take a trip to the Dragao Stadium and model the museum on theirs.
  6. 'tis the old "attack is the best form of defence" tactic. They've been masters at it for years.
  7. You're missing the point then. If you think us ignoring them will starve them then you're spectacularly missing the point. Hiding behind the club ?? ffs
  8. I really really don't understand that thought process. Ignoring them only does one thing....embolden the message and get's everyone buying into it because it's unchallenged and de-facto, it becomes the truth. We should be doing the exact opposite!!!
  9. The Curries are from Castlehill in Dumbarton and are as rabid as you can get! I used to work with his older brother. For the purpose of his telly career he claims to support Dumbarton.
  10. What's even worse is their Saturday afternoon efforts to be all SKY Sports and David Currie trying to be Jeff Stelling....they've got reporters at every game (except when we're at home) who they rush to when something happens. Only talk about Rangers if something crops up on the print-feed. A feckin embarrassment!
  11. Zeydid before. Gerrard a shoe-in to go back...
  12. They came to that conclusion from a camera that was 45 degrees angle from the offside line and about 60 yards away. Sportscene VAR at it's finest.
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