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  1. It's sad, so sad (so sad) It's a sad, sad situation And it's getting more and more absurd It's sad, so sad (so sad) Why can't we talk it over? Oh it seems to me That sorry seems to be the hardest word
  2. Still not replaced Nicky Laws goals from midfield
  3. Grew up as a near neighbour. Whole family were great in the village, the three boys regularly came along to the park when we were having a kick about on a Sunday afternoon. My brother had a summer job in the nursery one year, and also played in the same youth team as Nigel. He also had twin uncles, one of whom took our school team. Derek also got my dad tickets for my birthday to go to my first game...in the main stand next to the Directors box. That was back in 1974 when we lost 3-2 at home to Arbroath!! Abiding memory of that was he scored a penalty and gave us a wave....then popped round on the Sunday to apologise for not winning!! What a guy.
  4. Or....oor peter knew that if he left cellick in 2008 he was risking a future board burying him. Staying at them gives him the control and opportunity to bury the story instead.
  5. Safe to assume all this stuff is being passed to the lawyer representing the abused? Do the press get circulated?
  6. To clarify further. The way they were used was deemed to be unlawful....i.e. it was decided tax was due on them, if you used them. After 10 years of counter rulings and legal wrangling.
  7. Also hearing Ronaldo wants to win another championship in another country, and would "consider a move back to UK" and "I won't be moving for money". He's already won the title in England.... I might have made that up.
  8. There' is a way out for them. They could shed their history by admitting they are a different club....the club was renewed by wee Fergus in 19whateveritwas. Bye bye big-ears.
  9. That actually makes me feel sick.
  10. So, to summarise.... ”ah pyoor hait the ranjurs an ah waant every cunt tae hait them an aw. Oh an us soooper cellick are ra bastyons of fairness fur everyone eggsept ranjurs.”
  11. Imagine UEFA went in and squashed the SFA, allowing any team to apply for membership of other leagues (or set up a new association and leagues). We'd move to the English system. cellick would be barred whilst investigations are undergoing (for years) and the rest set up a league structure that carries the weight of the Welsh league. Need to stay off the Carlsberg
  12. I apologised to the Commons' after that threesome. I knew I'd hurt her but jeez, didn't think it was that bad.
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