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  1. I'm absolutely positive that by releasing the fixtures and not including Hearts is in no way trying to pressure or influence an arbitration going on along the corridor. Nope. No way.
  2. Fuck sake. That should be with plod and all of his electronics gadgets should be forensically examined.
  3. Anyone on Twitter? Joe Black has supposedly been tweeting "hints" as to how it's going....and he's been reported to the police by tims.
  4. ...and entry to the lucrative Champions League... I've always suspected that the rush and process to get all this done, regardless of the consequences for others, has been the primary driving force behind this. Especially when you know ; 90% of the clubs don't really give a fuck as to what happens at the top, most other clubs are relieved and are happy to take the money those that are directly affected can't afford to do anything but cry Calimero and suck it up (as Partick Thistle admitted) all the others will tell them to "take their medicine" (because it's not them) and the press, almost to a man, will fall in line and promote "for the greater good", "we need to move on" and "put it behind us". Then along come's Anne Budge. That wasn't in the plan.... As they say, follow the money and you find the criminal
  5. Of course, it's not the first time something has been taken out the sphere of football for attention in the courts....ask Duncan Ferguson. I mind well his court case when the SFA's lawyer was standing in front of the judge demanding it be referred back to the SFA for their action as it was a footballing matter......
  6. ....and in dark changing rooms ....and in cars on lifts home ....and in back rooms of trophy centres ....and on trips abroad
  7. PLZ - Tam McManus speaking on legal matters.
  8. Probably not a bad thing...gives the other side an over-nighter to ponder over what's been said and refine their argument.
  9. "Aye but we pyoor never bully and fretten any cunt yer on her. "
  10. Of course they do. It's called "Succession Planning". Who's the Deputy Vice?
  11. Liverpool will be awarded their trophy in an empty stadium and it will be warmly received and reported on...however, don't bet on snpee bowing to the wishes as a speshul wan-off.
  12. Tommy Burns eh? The man who's first reaction when the paedo was outed was to run his defence, totally ignoring the welfare of the victims. Great guy....
  13. Personally I think there’s a fair bit of politicking in that “decision”. It clearly didn’t matter in anyway whatsoever what we said or how we voted, the season was going to end and they were going to be awarded their tainted title. if we have an end game of cleansing the SPFL, then it’s about gaining allies to do so. We’ve com a long way since we’ve come back, and rather than risk alienating those we’ve just managed to get on board, it probably wasn’t worth challenging something you couldn’t change. Play the longer game no matter how much it hurt in the short term. I think Hearts have been playing the same kind of game, trying “everything “ to avoid court action until it became the only option left. Hopefully the least that comes out of this is further evidence of SPFL maladministration, and can garner more support for us to re-table our motion for an independent investigation or a vote of no confidence. The best that could happen (from our perspective) is the SPFL are instructed to go back and accept Dundee’s original vote...
  14. To be honest I wouldn't pick him up on that. It's a technicality that now has to be proven in court, despite all the evidence and "we know". He's of their persuasion and at least he's prepared to speak up.
  15. As I always say when that get's brought up, "yup, it's in the open, hope the victims are going to McGuire as well". And I mean that. If there's anything in it, bring it out.
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