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  1. Charlie Gilmore (Arsenal)

    Sorry got my Gilmours mixed up...I'll take it back 😄
  2. Charlie Gilmore (Arsenal)

  3. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    I see what you did there....bravo!
  4. Report says "He is not believed to have worked in football in Belfast in any capacity."
  5. Report says "He is not believed to have worked in football in Belfast in any capacity."
  6. celtic, Hibs and Falkirk. Are the charges relating to it happening at all three clubs or is this a dilution tactic?
  7. BBC the impartial broadcasters

    You notice though, that Rangers fans kept well out the way and the only trouble was caused by them themselves. If Rangers ever have an open top bus parade then they will not be able to stay away. There will be trouble. And it will be our fault. Guaranteed.
  8. Fenian bastards or exuberance?

    Why should us tax payers pay for acts of vandalism when the perpetrators are so easily identifiable?
  9. Derek Parlane & Sammy King

    The Richard Gere of Rhu 😆 Derek got me my first tickets to a game at Ibrox...unfortunately we lost to Arbroath...
  10. Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    Oh here we fuckin go. Our players are shite take what we can get and be grateful. Tav would easily do a job at a mid-table EPL club...easily. Valuation for a mid-table EPL full back would be close to £10m. And before the "he got raped by Barker" shit...yes he did. IT was pretty much his one mistake in the game, getting skinned in the 90th minute after putting in a shift against a flying winger who's just came on, and being left one on one against him. Where was the cover, the doubling up, the central defender covering the near post....where was all of that? Every full back, whether your Dani Alves or Andy Robertson, gets skinned by a winger just about every game...every season. Tav might not be the best full-back we've ever had but he's much much better than many will ever give him credit for. People wait on the mistake and use it as a stick to beat him with....ignoring the 90% non-mistakes. I personally hope he stays with us next season for three reasons. 1. We can't afford better...a better full back than Tav would likely cost more than we sell him for. Unless we get lucky. 2. We don't need a better full back! We need a stronger cover for the position. 3. Better central defenders, positionally and awareness, would strengthen the team more than losing Tav. He's exactly what we need in a title winning team.
  11. ***Rumours thread***

    Ryan Jack is a non spectacular, but does a job that every team needs. He's like the oil in a gearbox, essential and keeps things ticking over smoothly. He was starting to show that more and more as he settled; no surprise most of our better performances in the early season were because he was ticking things over. We've never found a suitable player since his injury.
  12. ***Rumours thread***

    Aye, ours.