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  1. coopsleftboot

    Lawrence Shankland

    In this instance, it really would be a minimal outlay whichever way it pans out. Who's to say that he doesn't arrive before the end of August, get's up to speed with full-time training over the next few months and bangs a fair few in for the Unders in the run up to Christmas then becomes a real option in the New Year? A bit like Middleton has done and forced his way in after 6 months with us.
  2. No organisation is above the law. If there's a challenge against their "rules" in court, they would have to prove that their "rules" complied with the law.
  3. coopsleftboot

    Lawrence Shankland

    You always need both.
  4. coopsleftboot

    Lawrence Shankland

    Don't see anything wrong with taking a 23 year old (just turned) on a short contract, probably at least trebling his wage and asking him to work hard and prove he's capable. Not all players are ready to take the big step until their mid 20s (Jesse Lingard a recent example). Good record in lower leagues at a young age and yet to mature and reach his peak. Certainly worth it as a low risk investment that at best you get a decent player from and at worst you cost yourself a £100k or so. Depending on the length of contract you gave him and given his recent decent record the chances are you could sell him and recoup the investment anyway. Sounds like the kind of boy who'd jump at the chance to play for us, so why not?
  5. coopsleftboot

    Dorrans might be out for months

    They were saying that at Norwich before we bought him. Nothing since has really changed
  6. coopsleftboot


    Used to love getting a half-v with a bag of cheese and onion for lunch.
  7. coopsleftboot

    Kyle Lafferty

    That's code for 'I hate tims"
  8. coopsleftboot

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Looks like 665 Rangers fans voted on that poll.
  9. coopsleftboot

    Barjonas to Bury

    Bury Football Club can announce the signing of Rangers midfielder Jamie Barjonas on a loan deal until January. The 19-year-old Scottish midfielder has been training with the Shakers after some impressive performances in pre-season and has done enough to convince Ryan Lowe to add him to his squad for the first part of the season. He made his competitive ‘Gers debut in May 2017 and he has since gone on to make a total of 9 first-team appearances and has represented Scotland at various age levels. Speaking to us this morning, Ryan said: “I'm delighted to have signed Jamie on loan until January. We were looking for another player in that area, and with the links between Bury and Rangers, and myself and Steven Gerrard, upon enquiry Jamie came highly recommended. “I think when someone like Steven Gerrard recommends to you a midfielder with the career he has had then you don't look twice at it; you've got to take it, and that's what we've done. “Jamie came down to train with us for a few days, and he was outstanding in training; he fitted the bill for what we are after. I'm really looking forward to working with him from now until January.” Jamie added: “I'm very happy to have signed for Bury on loan. Having spoken to the Manager and all the players, I'm very excited to get started down here, and I will do everything I can to help this club to succeed.” Sporting Director, Lee Dykes added “We are delighted that Rangers have entrusted us with the next stage of Jamie’s development and special thanks must go to Mark Allen, Craig Mulholland and Steven for their help on this deal. Jamie is a player that fits the criteria for what we have been looking for and I look forward to seeing him in action very soon”.
  10. coopsleftboot

    Barjonas to Bury

    https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/bury-loan-move-for-barjonas/ Good move. Hopefully gets plenty game time and Stevie G can properly judge if he's likely to make it.
  11. coopsleftboot


    Going for a walk in the cold air.
  12. coopsleftboot

    Make no mistake

    Aye, you can foresee it... Bottom end EPL club in relegation dogfight sack their manager next March. Scrambling around for a new manager, Rodgers name is linked. Himself being in a title dogfight with Rangers who he's supposed to be wiping the floor with, he's struggling to keep his board, players and fans onside with his press conferences becoming more and more strained as the press drop the "Saint" title from his name. He seizes the opportunity and tells everyone he's earned the right to manage in Englands top flight again. Huddersfield Town announce Rodgers as their new manager the next day.
  13. Institutional child abuse is what it's called. And the institution should be held accountable....even more so because the current leaders of said institution, to this day, continue to deny the institution had anything to do with it and continue with their attempts to silence reporting and accepting responsibility. In my eyes, this makes the current controlling minds of todays institution as culpable as those that were there at the time.
  14. coopsleftboot

    Are we waiting?

    The thought had crossed my mind, and it may be related to what might become available to us from the English market should we have European football proper.