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  1. I honestly didn't think there were people still around who believed a word when players "say the right things".
  2. Anyone watching Pointless? Couple of tims on. First question on Line of Success to the Throne. One of them says “not really my best subject”. Highest scorers. Out they go 😂
  3. Liverpool currently 25 points ahead with 9 games left. Man City have 10 games left. Man City listed to play Liverpool at the Etihad on April 5th. Man City win the game in hand and beat Liverpool then they could be 19 points behind with 8 games to go..... Possible for Man City to catch them, although unlikely. Would require Liverpool to lose at least 6 and draw 1 of their last 8 games. That kind of collapse has never happened in English League history, so you could understand, in sporting terms, the "give Liverpool the title" rhetoric. In Scotland, celtic are 13 points ahead with 8 games left. Rangers have 9 games left. Rangers have to play celtic twice before the end of the season. Rangers win their game in hand and the two against celtic, we are 4 points behind with 6 games to play. In 2005, Rangers were 5 points behind with 4 games to go...on the face of it, a harder task than we could face now. celtic lost to Hibs to be 2 points ahead going into the last game. We know what happened next....there is very recent precedent for this type of lead being reeled in, and in a shorter timescale too. So considering that very real possibility, there is no logic at all, in sporting terms, behind the "give celtic the title" rhetoric. Point is, the situations may appear similar to the casual observer, but when you look behind the headlines, the history, the league tables and the fixture lists - which the press and pundits, to a man, refuse to do (or at best immediately rubbish it), then you quickly see the situations are entirely different. If Lennon does try to draw us into such a discussion, I hope we have the balls to point all this out.
  4. Correct. And that season we were 5 points behind with 4 games to go (I think). We have it in our hands to be 4 points behind with 6 games to go.....
  5. Corona would be too quick for him.
  6. No scruples, all you need to do is hate Rangers i.e. not be a Rangers fan, and you can be bought. Everything else is secondary to a Rangers hater, including Armageddon.
  7. Met Albertz at some event in the Victoria Halls in Helensburgh, he drinks alright! Bottle of Becks in one hand and a fag in the other! Also met Erik Bo Andersen in strange circumstances. Was playing a bowls match at Helensburgh High Green and he stuck his head over the hedge to watch for a while, I clocked him and gave him a wave. He pipes up "what is this game?". Explained, went back to the game and he watched for about 10 minutes or so and he waved and shouted "goodbye" as he left.
  8. 😂 😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂
  9. No. If nothing else, it gives you an insight into the mind of another view, which is likely very prevalent outside this forum. Do we want this place becoming an echo-chamber?
  10. Had the misfortune to listen to Radio Scotland in the car last night for a wee while. English trying to turn most discussion onto "so celtic would be crowned champions". Any other idea that led to them not being champions was in "others self-interest" and he even pronounced celtic could sue if they're not crowned.
  11. Daft? Why? Play everyone home and away, all's equal at that point. Certainly no worse than any of the other half-baked ideas.
  12. Make no mistake, there will be sweeteners and back door payments being figured out "to cover potential losses" to make this happen, including "compensation" to cover lost revenue from unplayed matches & lost prize money. The only problem is Hearts...
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