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  1. Simply because they appealed and Ross County never. Had they done so then Schalk would have been free this weekend with his appeal being heard next week also. No conspiracy I'm afraid but incompetence abounds.
  2. Rossiter for me....hasn't put a foot wrong.
  3. Jimmy Parlane and Derek Parlane.
  4. Not sure how you can write a mid 20's player off you've not seen since they were mid-teens. Plenty of examples of players improving as they mature and grow...
  5. How much have you seen of him recently?
  6. I'd agree with that, but we've all heard the word "morally" being used in other circumstances...
  7. It's what their church would expect...
  8. The Hutchy Vale coach confirmed they'd reported someone and the police never acted. They're covering their ass
  9. How could Stein sack someone from a totally separate entity?
  10. Naming a line-up early makes absolutely no difference; most other sports announce teams early, whether that be cricket, rugby, tennis or tiddlywinks and they don't even pretend there's an advantage gained by doing so. Pretending that football is different to other sports in this way is just football snobbery. Many teams play the same way week-in, week-out. You set out your team to play against sides because you know how they'll play....because they all invariably have a regular style.
  11. Fuck me, Full Metal Victim mode. He's forgetting he entered the field of play to challenge the player and remonstrate with the ref. THAT'S what kicked it off. And the fuckin carry on...."Aye, I said that (square go) but that's not what I meant and you know why print it". Absolutely psychotic nutjob.
  12. Watch the after match interviews and you get a measure of the two men. One apologises for his behaviour and the other blames everyone else. I'll leave you to figure out who gave what response....
  13. I only asked a question based on something a mate (a Sheffield Utd fan) said to me, someone who's watched a lot of him this season. Perhaps the pressure of playing for us and the hype that went around him as a youngster distracted him or perhaps he couldn't cope. He was very young and immature, so it's not inconceivable that he's now matured and is a responsible professional. His quality is being recognised, albeit in the third tier in England, but in the main most teams in that Division would be top six in ours. I don't deny I can't comment on his current playing standard through having watched him play, but if his performances are standing out at that level and it's being recognised with POTY awards (and also based on a fan's view) then maybe, just maybe, he's developing into the kind of player his early promise showed? From most of the comments above, it seems most are dismissing him because of what he couldn't handle as a 16/17 year old and haven't seen him play since. Anyone with an informed view?
  14. All we need now is to get our local MSP involved
  15. So you ARE Dave King.