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  1. Turkeys voting for Christmas though isn't it? Likely to halt smaller clubs progression through leagues.
  2. Awwww, the things people do to avoid deportation.
  3. Won't be long until one of them comes up with the Cadete precedent.
  4. Our own Scott Brown...exactly what we've been missing imo.
  5. Really wish they'd make up their mind on immigration.
  6. Can't wait for the last minute Morelos winner in the next game at the piggery....cheating basturts so we are.
  7. Rarely do I defend the likes of Michael Stewart, but these are quotes taken out of context. But it would be good if he was challenged to expand on what it is he thinks they do well.
  8. If the altercation was with Henderson, then that would likely be an angle some in the media might take...
  9. See for a support that is praising themselves for beating pretend Fascists in a game of football it’ll be interesting to see how many of them will be wearing a poppy to commemorate the supporters of their Club who actually lost their lives fighting real Facists. Also looking forward to the minutes silence and unfurling a huge banner to show their respect for said supporters who paid the ultimate price fighting real Fascism.
  10. The only time a Scottish team has won in Italy...under the wonderful PLG. Think we can safely see that achievement remain in the "unique" category.
  11. ***Breaking News***....Goldson to be cited for bringing the game into disrepute!!!
  12. I genuinely don't want anyone getting hurt, but not sure what you expect when you goad and insult a large group of people .
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