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  1. My claim to fame is I scored a hat-trick past him. 😁
  2. Was john james not the numpty who used to pretend to be a "concerned" Rangers fan when he started out with his ramblings?
  3. Anyway, all conjecture and opinion with not a shred of evidence therein. UEFA will laugh and ask for it to be supported with irrefutable evidence and tell him to fuck off. But it won't stop the moonhowlers on the various club forums believing it and spreading the word as gospel. And that's the problem....people want to believe it so they will.
  4. It really is a vocation for these fuckers. Scoff and mock at your peril but people believe them and mud sticks. It just needs one of these daft fuckers to pique some interest and then we're wasting time, money and effort "defending" or "explaining". It gains publicity through online sites and the dafties believe what they read....Rangers are taking the piss, Rangers are cheats, Rangers need to be dealt with etc etc ....and our reputation is soiled again. This is the PR campaign ramping up to full deflection mode....keep the big bad Rangers in the frame for, well, anything, and bury other news.
  5. Obviously I didn't. Spite or compassion, for me anyway, is irrelevant, It's the "crime" and the drive for justice, i.e. the outcome, that is important....surely? The fact it was in the BD was to maintain awareness and allow it to be publicly viewed. Anyone with half a brain could separate the wheat from the chaff and view all the evidence therein , that was genuine, and would leave the reader asking themselves serious questions. Again, the point of it being in the BD was so others, rather than a closed group of "spiteful people" could read and make their mind up themselves....including the lurkers. All the RM Admin has succeeded in doing is help cfc bury the best single source of evidence I know of under the carpet....well fucking done eh?
  6. It was/should be the exception to the rule. Some things are more important than "rules"
  7. The BJK thread being in the BD was as much about allowing the lurkers, not just Rangers supporters, to see the evidence building against the depraved from the east. A lot of factual stuff in there that deserves the light of day and public scrutiny. Now its all gone and a stripped to the bone bastard child resides in a hidden part of the forum. This thread promotes a cellick blog. Regardless of the Rangers content, it promotes cellick. It should be entirely somewhere else. If Rangers Radio and H&H talk about the tims, then it's from our perspective...not theirs. You're right, totally different.
  8. It was chopped because some members wanted it buried out the way so spammed the thread until it got chopped. Admin chopped it, including all the information and incriminating evidence therein to satisfy the whims of "members" who were trying to make their point....rather than deal with the spammers. Resulted in effectively doing the dhims job and burying the evidence under the carpet away from public view....the primary reason for it being in the BD in the first place was that it was public.
  9. Was at a charity match at the weekend in Burghead. Bobby Petta can still play a bit.
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