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  1. He has played every minute of every game since he joined, except one game where he couldn't play due to the registration ban thing. Fucking disgraceful.
  2. Or a youth player at right back, Why Ricky fucking Foster? Or a lone striker than can actually move instead of a big useless lazy bastard. Raging about this team. McCoist is beginning to do my nut in.
  3. Cheers, I'm sure I will, just hope there's a decent performance on the park too. Walking to the game with the neighbours who are Airdrie season ticket holders, Rangers men at heart tho
  4. I'm in a wee scheme tucked out the road mate so can't see much atall, I would imagine the place would be starting to busy up though
  5. Shall just sit in the house guzzling my beer till about 7.15 and then walk round the corner to the game airdriebluenose is buzzing!
  6. airdriebluenose shall be in attendance, my first away game since Queen's Park last year. A five minute walk from my house
  7. Would the BBC take the change of making those allegations if they didn't have proof that they were true? No way! They face major punishment if they showed that information that turned out not to be true, they wouldn't chance it.
  8. No need for a hoover, his priest will sort that out
  9. Can you not even answer my question brendan? If Rangers do die, who's forum will you go on then?
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