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  1. Our club is a fucking shambles. Let go a young(ish) guy, life long Rangers fan and gives 100% every time he plays, had proved that he is a good goalscorer, but always got played out of position. Watch him join a Championship team next season and bang them in against us. Always been a huge fan of Andy and sad to see him leave. All the best for the future Andy, you deserve to play for a team who plays you in your natural position anyway, and doesn't fuck your career up by playing you out of position or on the bench.
  2. That's right
  3. Get tae fuck
  4. A squad of youngsters? You serious?
  5. The fans have given the club 100% backing over our last few difficult years. Unfortunately, the management, and the team, have given us fuck all in return
  6. I know that football is all about opinions, but saying that Daly was MOTM today is just wrong, no question, no doubts. You are wrong, Daly wasn't the best player today. FACT.
  7. Absolutely talentless. I appreciate Foster though, he tries 100% although he really isn't a footballer atall. Daly? He has ZERO ability and gives ZERO effort. I appreciate Foster for his effort. Daly is a cunt, a lazy, greedy, money grabbing cunt.
  8. 100% agree, we used to be a club where anything other than a win was not good enough. Now? Well now it seems acceptable to lose... regardless of what troubles we have been through in recent years, the Rangers standard is that anything less than a win, is never good enough. Our current manager and coaching staff don't seem to think that way though...
  9. Aye and not for the first time.
  10. Some people really do worry me at times. MOTM? Fuck me, yer at the wind up, right?
  11. He has been conning the fans, and his team mates all season. Useless, lazy, effortless waste of space. Get tae fuck
  12. What is his fucking problem. Ally, you're shite! Please realise this and allow the club to move forward!! He can step aside still a hero but he is slowly and surely turning all Rangers fans against him.
  13. You said that it was your team. 'Personally, I'd go for' Those were your exact words
  14. ???
  15. Rather than drop the natural left back, back in to his position, and bring on a midfielder to play in midfield, he would rather keep a left back at left mid, put a right back to left back, and put a centre back to right back. The tactical genius of Ally McCoist.