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  1. simplythebestest

    stadium tours cancelled tomorrow ?

    Cancelled due to a small pregnant female child being hit with a bottle Edit: oops, double whammy 😂
  2. simplythebestest

    stadium tours cancelled tomorrow ?

    Police in to investigate the bottle throwing epidemic
  3. simplythebestest

    Club and league UEFA coefficients

    I agree us being in the group stages and them not wouldn't close the gap in and of itself. Winning it might - but I see your point. Just looked it up out of interest. It seems to add up to about £14+ million in prize money for winning it (about £3m to 4m for reaching group stages). Plus gate money which might be up to about £5m. That's £20m for winning it. Then with a bit of luck you could bank £20+ million selling a few top, top performers. Add a few million here and there for increased top sales, tv rights, sponsors etc. That £40m+ would close the gap imo. Not arguing mate - just thought I'd share the numbers.
  4. simplythebestest

    Club and league UEFA coefficients

    Please, please, please, please, please, please, please let them get knocked out 😂Watching the collapse unfold would be priceless.
  5. simplythebestest

    Club and league UEFA coefficients

    If we won the EL 5 times in a row, we'd be absolutely minted. Not least because our players would be worth a fortune, and all the gate money we'd rake in. I reckon if we won it once we'd close the gap. Just think what a Carlos Cuellar level performance would do for a player in this day and age of crazy EPL money. If Goldson or Katic played to that level from now until next summer, they'd be off to Man City for £25million.
  6. simplythebestest

    Club and league UEFA coefficients

    The co-efficient should factor in what you've spent on your team. Bonus points for knocking out a team that spent £100m on a striker when you only spent £20m on your whole squad.
  7. simplythebestest

    Kyle Lafferty

    I'm one of those who thinks Lee Wallace is done at this club as a player, but there's something a bit wrong about trying to trade a guy who stayed loyal for a guy who left at the drop of a hat.
  8. simplythebestest

    Charlie Adam (Stoke)

    He may get more criticism than he deserves, but the other sentiment that he isn't a good fit for us now is fair. Too immobile for the pressing game we play. He's decent at long shots though if I remember right - could definitely do with that aspect in the team from a more mobile attacking mid.
  9. simplythebestest

    Kyle Lafferty

    If they were really that good we'd just buy them for pittence
  10. simplythebestest

    Halliday going nowhere

    Sounds harsh on Halliday, but I genuinely struggle to disagree with this.
  11. simplythebestest

    Steven Davis

    Totally agree. I can't help but think we were expecting something a bit different from Ejaria, but maybe that's yet to come from him. The one thing this team feels like it's lacking is someone who can threaten from just outside the box, whether that be a killer through ball or a vicious strike. We seem to have to do a barrel load of work for every goal (maybe just me).
  12. simplythebestest

    Kyle Lafferty

    My pitch geography is shite
  13. simplythebestest

    Kyle Lafferty

    Is that not every formation?
  14. simplythebestest


    Imagine he could master 1-on-1's. Would be the best counter-attacking lone-striker in the game 😂
  15. simplythebestest

    Aidan Smith in the Scotsman

    He's trying to paint this picture that Gerrard couldn't POSSIBLY know the actual statistics because such a task would be so mammoth and unfeasible for someone to undertake. Meanwhile, there are countless sources of statistics for the performance of referees in England (e.g. https://www.thestatszone.com/a-closer-look-at-referees-in-the-premier-league). Why is it that they enjoy transparency in England while we have to make claims based on observations that are immediately called paranoid without any reference to stats? Oh yeah, because scoffing and being sarky is a fucking pastime for every one of these low-IQ, rent-a-bigot journalists.