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  1. Looks like he's smuggling one of they glasses out
  2. https://www.instagram.com/brookeheld/?hl=en Must be our Brittany's sister. Fucking cracking genes in that family.
  3. Great job mate. Keep it up! Heartwarming stuff. Also, the chap in the last photo of the OP looks like Junior Soprano.
  4. I know this won't be popular and I don't disagree that they are completely undeserving of any respect, but the way I see it, this guard of honour shite is the medicine you take for failing to win. I don't care who the opposition is. In fact, the worse the opposition (and there aren't any worse than them), the better the lesson should be. Victory is earned, as is defeat. If you lose, you need to look at yourself, your attitude, your contribution and make sure you improve all of them so it's they cunts doing it for us next season at their midden. The players should feel fucking miserable as they do it and know that the only way to get their self-respect back is to batter them on the pitch. Whoever is clapping at 90 minutes will go home the happier that day.
  5. You're not wrong. The ruse comes in how it's worded - "every fan should know that the season-ticket revenue will solely go towards the first-team squad." Many an average punter will take that to mean £20 million war chest, encouraging folks to buy season tickets in the hopes of seeing £20m worth of new players on the pitch. Just my opinion of course. They may assume your average fan knows it just means continuing to pay wages for the dross you've got that blew the league.
  6. It'll be the old wages ruse. 10 bosmans on £2mil / year salary.
  7. Getting kicked about in the past should fire him up even more. That's the hallmark of a leader.
  8. At the end of the day, Morelos is our biggest asset. There's nothing to play for competition wise, so we'd be aswell coaching the team to just ping crosses and through balls to Morelos all day in the hope of pushing his fee higher and higher. He should be taking EVERY. SINGLE. PENALTY. And that has been true ever since we realised the league was over and he'd be out the door in summer. Defoe will have to sit this one out. The money we get for Morelos will eclipse what we earn for anything else we do this season. It could even eclipse what we would have earned for winning the league if we got knocked out in the CL qualifiers. Even the crowd should be chanting his name louder so the clips sent to big money teams sound like we all adore him (which we absolutely fucking do)!
  9. Maybe true, but they hate blue more than they hate any other colour
  10. It just goes to show how disgusting it was that there was a completely unprovoked banner aimed at his mother, who raised a family in poverty and lost a daughter. But aye, we're the bad guys of Scotland.
  11. "A number of Rangers fans have been angered by the reference to the Ibrox club losing games in Gilchrist’s response." No. We are angered by the insinuation that Rangers supporters are physically violent to their loved ones. The football team you support doesn't determine whether or not you are an abuser. Why would the ones in the blue tops be any more or less violent that the ones in the green/red/white/black tops? That's as reasonable as making the claim that wearing the colour blue causes someone to become more violent. Viewing the world through that lens shows you suffer from ingrained biases that impede your ability to draw reasoned, accurate conclusions. How can you conclude 1 + 2 = 3 when your hatred of 2 causes you to confuse it with 0?
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