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  1. Absolutely bang on. I would also add that a 6-0 win can encourage a run of further wins while a 0-0 draw can demoralise a dressing room. This is a multi point decision by the authorities in the favour of celtic. This season is a sham after one game and I'm yet again thoroughly embarrassed that we're any part of this league.
  2. Remember it was all over the news when they done stuff that was much tamer than this to Raheem Sterling? Where's the cavalry coming to Morelos' aid? I'd like a well-known journalist from down south to show some guts and actually highlight this totally disgusting racist campaign on a platform that people actually care about.
  3. I hated the setup with the front three. Alfie needs to be further up in my opinion, giving their centre backs hell for 90 minutes. Didn't like the way he was so deep as it left Kent and Hagi with too much to do and not enough support in and around the box. Could be wrong though, I'm no tactician.
  4. It's a bit ironic how Super Ally is a terrible ally to the club.
  5. I'm astonished other teams don't see stuff like this and think "they're going to fuck us over too." An SPFL wide vote of no confidence in our referees should swiftly follow this absolutely bizarre admission of complicity in a campaign of biased refereeing. I feel like I'm on a different planet to the space cadets who witness everything these refs do during celtic matches then stick up for them, or claim this criticism of refs is nothing but conspiracy theories.
  6. Hang on, now you need to do: - win the Europa and lose the league - win the league and get punted out Europa by minnows
  7. The absolute gall of these cunts taking about anti Irish hate, when much of their lives is spent hating and berating everything British.
  8. They took 15-20 years embedding themselves into every area of law and government. They used this power to get us relegated. That's when the part of the plan you refer to kicked in. It would require hacktivists and quite a bit of funding to ever reveal the truth of this, so we're all fucked.
  9. Spent on what? There'll be no need for football players this summer I reckon. Headline on bbc says social distancing will be in place for at least the rest of this year. It's all fucked.
  10. The glory days (attitude era) when I was about 10-15 years old were amazing. Whenever I've peeked in since my old eyes tell me it's total PC shite now.
  11. McCoist has been fair hitting the gym, eh?
  12. They got any decent players we could nick?
  13. Your positive that will mean we break the financial fair play rules? There's a max deficit allowed which I think is about £25m (euros maybe). My understanding is that depending on how money is put into the club, that can count as earnings so an investment vehicle could allow us lots of headroom to invest.
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