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  1. Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    Morelos is fucking class. £6million+ or keep him and watch him destroy this league with quality wingers and mids around him. 35 by Xmas.
  2. Europa League first qualifier - seeding list

    That's the last thing we need!
  3. Out?: Wes Foderingham

    I agree with you almost entirely, but aside from the mistakes he's also beaten from distance too easily. I think he is a decent keeper in the grand scheme of things, but the amount of worldies we let in isn't acceptable. He's worth 1-2million for a team that doesn't leave themselves so exposed at the back.
  4. If We're Not Looking At Glen Kamara

    Offer them a former 8 million pound Mexican international as a straight swap. And throw in three free months of alcoholics anonymous.
  5. Cummings

    Jesus mate don't compare me to that fucking clown! To be fair to myself though, it was qualified with an 'if'.
  6. Cummings

    Not for me. I'm not interested in fringe players. Sick of them. I'd much rather get a handful of quality first XI players rather than 15 more guys that we KNOW aren't up to title-winning standard. I want players that would be first name on the team sheet for any team in the country (and isn't just here for a final paycheck). Some will say it's too risky to spend £3m+ on guys that could get injured the next day, but honestly I'd much rather roll the dice than accept second (or third) again and again. If we get a £10m+ war chest, use it for 3-5 quality players to be the spine of the team. Then add a few loans if Gerrard can use his pulling power to get a good standard. Then try to shift the fringe players, as well as one or two of our top assets to generate money for better squad players (Windass, Tav, Morelos). If we do any less than this in spending and recruitment terms, I'll be very worried.
  7. Welcome to Rangers Alex

    She is a very attractive lady
  8. Does this mean a return for Miller and Wallace???

    Whatever happens, I'd hope we have better quality than these two in their respective positions.
  9. Roberto Martinez

    Murtinez. That is all.
  10. Warburton - Rangers have a chance.

    Question from a genuinly ignorant fan here. Why do we dislike Warburton so much? Other than him being shite. What were the circumstances surrounding his departure? It wasn't clear at the time who was telling the truth and I never kept up with what happened after that. I remember King claiming he was up to something, and Warburton denying it.
  11. Alves ahead of Martin

    I think we're underrating Alves because he's had an illustrious career. I still think he's pretty solid. If he can get back to decent fitness he'll come in handy in at least a few games between now and the end of the season where he'll SURELY be offski. Poor signing in the end relative to the money he must be on, but I think we'd all have done the same if the opportunity came up.
  12. Alfredo

    The irony
  13. Alfredo

    I don't rate you as a fisherman
  14. Corners For and Against

    I'm against corners personally.
  15. Next season uefa qualifiers

    The clubs affected by this continual shite need to band together and tell Uefa in no uncertain terms to wise up or gtf. Our collective brands and fan bases are worth far more than the scraps they throw us. Rugby has about six teams in total and it's shite - they're trying to make elite football consist of just a handful of financially doped-up mega teams duking it out every year, and it will end in tears when the umpteenth consecutive all Spanish/English Champions League semi-final eventually bores every cunt to tears. Even their fan-bases are 50% Japanese tourists. They're fair weather fans and will disappear when the lustre fades away. Formula 1 changed the rules when it became boring seeing only a red car or a silver car cross the line first. Football needs a similar shake-up.