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  1. Spent on what? There'll be no need for football players this summer I reckon. Headline on bbc says social distancing will be in place for at least the rest of this year. It's all fucked.
  2. The glory days (attitude era) when I was about 10-15 years old were amazing. Whenever I've peeked in since my old eyes tell me it's total PC shite now.
  3. McCoist has been fair hitting the gym, eh?
  4. They got any decent players we could nick?
  5. Your positive that will mean we break the financial fair play rules? There's a max deficit allowed which I think is about £25m (euros maybe). My understanding is that depending on how money is put into the club, that can count as earnings so an investment vehicle could allow us lots of headroom to invest.
  6. How can someone be a narcissist when their teeth look like fossilised sweetcorn?
  7. £35 million is the minimum required investment in the playing squad on transfer fees alone in the next window. If he's got that, plus money for the wage increase, welcome aboard. If he doesn't, can we please at least try and find someone who does? The time for fucking about is over. If I'm dreaming, so be it. But I wouldn't be selling to the first person interested if they don't have the funds required to actually catch up. If we're honest, plenty of players in this team need upgraded.
  8. Prize money shared amongst last 16 then?
  9. That's very bold mate. The slack passes were just gifting them chances. Do that on Sunday and we'll lose.
  10. If it wasn't for the crumble in the league there wouldn't be one person on here slating this result. Last 16 is immense, and tonight is just a fair enough result. It's the fucking league disaster that's unforgiveable.
  11. Haven't seen enough to write him off, but nowhere near enough to rate him either. He was outclassed there far too easily.
  12. Aye, Polster absolutely skinned alive there. He had him looking the wrong way as he spun round. And some finish. They're just a better side to be fair, which is understandable given the financial deficit. Why we aren't outplaying SPL dross in the same way I can't understand.
  13. Thought you meant......draw a picture....? Nah I just fucked it 😅
  14. Still think one wee leveller is needed tonight
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