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  1. True, it's all going in the right direction generally but signings like Barker at this stage just make you scratch your head
  2. How long till we're struggling like fuck to get Barker off the books?
  3. 23 shots on goal to 0 😂 need to be scoring more of them, even with the weakened line-up
  4. Darts, cycling and horse racing. Easy peasy!
  5. "since he's been at Rangers he's not had a lot to shout about, or get passionate about." Steven Gerrard has worked miracles in taking a team on a tight budget to the group stages twice, and beyond this year. He's also closed the gap on a team Hartson himself said was uncatchable by Rangers for the foreseeable future. He's a liar, a hypocrite and a sore loser.
  6. Clancy had far and away the biggest impact on the game, and despite being on the losing side no-one contributed more to their team's chances than him.
  7. Don't forget both Bolingoli and Christie's deserved second yellows
  8. The same game that Defoe comes in and rums amok 😎
  9. You're bang on mate. Even some of the press are saying as much.
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