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  1. The payment system is down it says - good timing NowTV!!
  2. Very true. If he can crack that in the coming weeks we might all look back on these first 4 games as lessons finally learned. I'm glad this international break is coming as we need a timeout to get the tactics right. We've already learned (and I hope MW has) that our midfield needs shaken up big time. Our defence is leaky as fuck, but if we get back to the quick passing triangles with more penetration into the box by dropping Barton or Rossiter for Holt or Windass, we should start outscoring the opposition like we did last season. Another CB wouldn't go amiss either.
  3. To be fair to him, he gets a lot of stick, but he sounded genuinely gutted and admitted it wasn't good enough. Glad to hear him describe it as 'haven't clicked' because we better hope that's all it is. We need to believe the players are good enough and in the next couple of weeks it'll all click into place.
  4. Wallace hasn't been good enough this season
  5. We were utter dross tonight and should have put two past them when they went to ten men. The tempo was far too slow, and we seriously lacked the final pass into the box. We should have beat Hamilton but the same issues were there in that game that we had tonight, which is worrying. We've still got the potential to get on a good run up to Christmas. We've got Windass, Holt and Waggy coming back in. Also MOH potentially getting the nod and MW seeing sense and getting rid of starting with 2 CDMs (I think he will). And if we get lucky and the new CB is a big improvement, and we find our shooting boots the results will start coming a lot more easily. People on here are right to slate the start to the season, but you can't deny that if we could do two things - basic defending and converting more of the chances we create - we'd be a very, very different team. I don't think that's remotely unfeasible. I think we've got the personnel, but need MW to get the tactics and selection right. He's not done that so fa. If he does over the next two weeks things could be on the up very quickly. If you told me at the start of the season it would take four/five games to find our feet, I might have taken that. Admittedly there's a lack of evidence it'll pan out that way, especially since we don't seem to be learning the lessons we say we will, but I'll hold off on calling for MWs head just yet like some on here. I personally thought the start to the season would be rocky anyway. Glass half full loyal.
  6. Thought bringing Kranjcar on was the wrong move but the pass in for the first goal was exactly what we needed.
  7. Well this went well
  8. The flaw might lie with the personnel in defence as opposed to the system itself. We seem to have our best players up the park and settle for what we've got in defence. Maybe our mistake might be under-budgeting in defence. As the previous poster says, time will tell, but I'm hoping MW springs for a quality CB before the window slams shut.
  9. This is likely a very good acquisition for them, as long as he's still got some desire. Doesn't change the fact I think we can beat them and grab 55.
  10. Oguchi Onyewu
  11. Cheers for the update
  12. Don't talk bull