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  1. 'Show me a goal where he used his talent to score instead of placing his shot'....... I'm confused. Placing a shot takes lots of talent. In fact, you could argue that's the most important talent in the entire sport. What are you on about?
  2. Wouldn't mind taking that captain off them
  3. That was sensational from Joe. Still a young guy too
  4. Credit where it's due. That was an unbelievable spell. For a team so down in the dumps they should all be proud of this comeback. It absolutely has to spur a new belief in themselves for the remainder. A trophy and some cash are still up for grabs. God knows we need both.
  5. I like to think we just let two in to justify the ticket price later on
  6. I like how you're acting all cool like you seen this coming 😅
  7. Incredible tactics from Hagi to hit that guy in the heid 😂
  8. Playing with something a bit different than the usual - it's like we're excited to be playing.
  10. Need to find it. Call in every favour. Approach every bear with money. Do a Kickstarter. Call Ticketus. Rename Ibrox. Whatever it takes, this summer is the one.
  11. We just need to spend the money. The board need to find £30m down the couch for summer as that's the minimum amount it will take.
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