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  1. aussieranger

    Scotland tonight

    Would love to know what Walter said to the verman
  2. aussieranger

    Fenian bastards or exuberance?

    Must be giro day celebrations in dublin!
  3. aussieranger

    Jimmy Nicholl

    Jimmy was hurting there, a proud Ulsterman and Bear to boot, definitely holding back, i hope he gets to sit with SG and go over his thoughts etc in the coming weeks, months, i would have Jimmy involved in some capacity at the club, my thoughts of course but i think he would be invaluable to SG's team.....
  4. aussieranger

    Rangers after Sydney fc midfielder

    Brandon comes from a massive celtic supporting family here in Perth, a good young player but I would seriously doubt he would sign for the Famous! Let's put it this way, if Saint Brenda calls him he'd walk barefoot to Torbett Towers.....
  5. aussieranger

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Docherty! Boy is going to be a fantastic player, great to see, Mon the people!
  6. aussieranger

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    chunt has a face on it like a dropped pie....
  7. aussieranger

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Let's face it the smelly bastards shat it,
  8. aussieranger

    *** The Official Aberdeen vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Who says kenny's done, feckin magic Beerman for a young lad superb Mon the Rangers
  9. Feck me the cunt just scored! (Gladly i must say) I'm off for a drink...
  10. Dildo, Gardener are a fucking disgrace.. Never rangers standard never feckin mind Raith Rovers
  11. aussieranger

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    is this the smelly f#%ker
  12. aussieranger

    ***The Official Peterhead v Rangers Thread***

    i hope some bluenose is sticking there cock in that chunt walkers missus as we speak, what a horrible little bhastard he is, an absolute scum bag paedo
  13. aussieranger

    ***The Official Peterhead v Rangers Thread***

    get charles green tae get that bum bhoy walker tae fuck....
  14. aussieranger

    License Granted?

    that's me away out for some scran and a few pints (well deserved after the first week of ramadan here), so let's hope by the time i fall in the door the night we have this all done and dusted as it's doing my fecking head in keep calm fellow bears WATP!
  15. aussieranger

    License Granted?

    mate i just got it from the perth rsc facebook page so just wanted to see if anyone had seen or heard of this, if shite no worries, just wanted to put it out there, is there any other news or confirmation yet?