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  1. Docherty! Boy is going to be a fantastic player, great to see, Mon the people!
  2. Who says kenny's done, feckin magic Beerman for a young lad superb Mon the Rangers
  3. Feck me the cunt just scored! (Gladly i must say) I'm off for a drink...
  4. Dildo, Gardener are a fucking disgrace.. Never rangers standard never feckin mind Raith Rovers
  5. i hope some bluenose is sticking there cock in that chunt walkers missus as we speak, what a horrible little bhastard he is, an absolute scum bag paedo
  6. get charles green tae get that bum bhoy walker tae fuck....
  7. that's me away out for some scran and a few pints (well deserved after the first week of ramadan here), so let's hope by the time i fall in the door the night we have this all done and dusted as it's doing my fecking head in keep calm fellow bears WATP!
  8. mate i just got it from the perth rsc facebook page so just wanted to see if anyone had seen or heard of this, if shite no worries, just wanted to put it out there, is there any other news or confirmation yet?
  9. pulled this from another site, don't shoot the messenger just posting! thoughts? Registration agreement (not confirmed) Law firms heavily involved on all sides. Which is why things are taking longer. Sevco will have no liability for EBT/improper registration breaches of regulations. SPL will not commence proceedings against RFC(IA) in relation to EBTs/improper registrations until FTT decision is known. RFC(IA) obliged to provide a copy of the FTT judgement to SPL within 7 days of receipt. Sevco will pay domestic football debts and euro football debts and will not receive payment due from SPL for finishing 2nd last year (understood to be around £1.3m). The investigation into the EBT/registration issue will commence once FTT findings are known. Sevco will not be punished for any actings by Craig Whyte (and I presume David Murray by logical extension.) No mention of stripping of titles which is still open to the SPL once the investigation concludes. The FollowFollowers are hailing the deal as a victory for common sense and a triumph of negotiation by Charles Green. In fact he has just kicked the EBT can down the road; established that RFC (IA) will be investigated rather than Sevco, obtained agreement that Sevco will not be penalised for prior wrongdoing by RFC(IA) and conceded some media rights
  10. mckay's on the bench so i'm happy, hopefully he will starti getting a run off the bench from here on in ar
  11. Bedoya to be fair has had more chances........................
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