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  1. Let's face it the smelly bastards shat it,
  2. Who says kenny's done, feckin magic Beerman for a young lad superb Mon the Rangers
  3. Someone get the c@*t trolled on twitter, preferably during one of his live games so we can see the prick implode
  4. Terrible news, a young man with a bright future ahead, condolences to his family and club. On a personal note my big mate who i played with in Oz is assistant at Derry and he is devastated, 2 players in a year is just tragic. AR
  5. Fecken' face on it like a dropped pie, daddy will be giving her backend a good roasting the night, look at the hatred, mhanky wee tramp
  6. Feck me the cunt just scored! (Gladly i must say) I'm off for a drink...
  7. Dildo, Gardener are a fucking disgrace.. Never rangers standard never feckin mind Raith Rovers
  8. Sounds about right OzGers, let's hope there is some legs in this..
  9. One thing that may be to our advantage is the fact he know's Glasgow, his wife is from Glasgow, so family, surrounds etc are not uncommon, I would say that is a plus, As f or the figures above re salary he is no where near on 12.5 k per week, he is on around AUD $400,000.00 Per year as the Australian league has a salary cap for the entire squad, see link below. It would be nice to think we could get him for around 6k to 8k per week and I think that is realistic, a bargain if you ask me! anyhow fingers crossed....
  10. To be fair i thought he played ok against England, he has had better games for the Socceroos. Quite glad a few of you on here thought he was "tidy", would love for him to sign for us, really believe he would be a top asset for us under Warbs. My concern is the fee and his obvious link with Man City as they own Melbourne city in the A League and what effect that will have in any transfer negotiations etc. I posted a few weeks ago so i really hope we have something going on in the background so we can get him! AR
  11. Those two fat slags are still out there fecken grazin' and still not a cop to be seen...
  12. Very good player and is now pretty much a certain starter for the national team. Very confident on the ball and can pick a pass, recently he has added goals to his game and plenty of assists, has a great engine too. Would be a very good signing for us and obviously a big plus he has family in Scotland so hopefully no issues with settling in! Tbh never knew his wife was scottish until i read the posts above. Hope this is legit, a few bears here in Perth were suggesting he would be a good signing, hopefully this has some legs in it. AR
  13. To be fair David was only about 3 seconds away from that being a perfectly timed tackle..... Who ya kiddin' just a pity he didn't put the wee molester in the front row with the rest of the smelly beggars. Good luck today mucker
  14. is this the smelly f#%ker
  15. And to think that Waldo can't make the Scotland squad yet they have that oxygen thief Brown not only playing but leading scotland, just goes to show what a feckin bellend Strapon is, feckin joke. Glad us bears have Wallace all to ourselves, absolute superb captain and class act.