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  1. Rangers after Sydney fc midfielder

    Brandon comes from a massive celtic supporting family here in Perth, a good young player but I would seriously doubt he would sign for the Famous! Let's put it this way, if Saint Brenda calls him he'd walk barefoot to Torbett Towers.....
  2. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Docherty! Boy is going to be a fantastic player, great to see, Mon the people!
  3. Gazza tonight

    Got tickets for his show in Perth in Jan, looking forward to it, glad to hear he is in good health and form, one of my all time favorites, give my left ball for Gazza playing for the Gers now!
  4. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    chunt has a face on it like a dropped pie....
  5. Where to watch game v them in Bali

    Good to know another alternative, i'm staying in Jimbaran so good to know, thanks for the heads-up AR
  6. Where to watch game v them in Bali

    Rfc1990 Stadium Bar in Kuta will show the game, they have many screens, i'll be heading there, staff will put the game on one of their screens as advised by my mates. They always show EPL and euro league games, staff are friendly and pretty accommodating. I get there on the 20th so going to pop in and ask the staff prior to the game to make sure all is good. I'll post back on here if there are any problems. Cheers AR
  7. Where to watch game v them in Bali

    Rfc1990 Mate i'll be in Bali match day, i have a few mates that watched the game there last year, i'll make a few calls and post tomorrow as i'm off to the land of nod... AR
  8. What time does the actual coverage start, i'm logged in bu there does not seem to be any pre-game, is eveyone else the same?? Disregard just released the time difference! Still over an hour to ko!
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Let's face it the smelly bastards shat it,
  10. *** The Official Aberdeen vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Who says kenny's done, feckin magic Beerman for a young lad superb Mon the Rangers
  11. Sutton

    Someone get the c@*t trolled on twitter, preferably during one of his live games so we can see the prick implode
  12. Derry City captain found dead

    Terrible news, a young man with a bright future ahead, condolences to his family and club. On a personal note my big mate who i played with in Oz is assistant at Derry and he is devastated, 2 players in a year is just tragic. AR
  13. Feck me the cunt just scored! (Gladly i must say) I'm off for a drink...
  14. Dildo, Gardener are a fucking disgrace.. Never rangers standard never feckin mind Raith Rovers
  15. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    is this the smelly f#%ker