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  1. Should have done the honourable thing and left after Ramsden Cup ..Take Durrant and Kenny McDowall with you Ally they can't coach shit !
  2. Ally, Durrant and Kenny McDowall should hang there heads in shame , they have failed big time and it's starting to turn very sour with the fans as they should have went after the Ramsden Cup Final. Instead they have proceeded to make bad signings and failed in the coaching dept also. I'm sick of going to Ibrox week in week out and getting no enjoyment ,and I dread to think of our up coming match against the tims
  3. cheers
  4. I have two tickets for UB end of season party in wee rangers club tomorrow night , if anyone is interested ? tickets will have to be collected from me in Lanark
  5. All you need to know is that he does everything for the club , Guys like him dont take liberties he bleeds red white and blue !
  6. Bring back the Copland Dancer !
  7. Boycott all the way . They wanted us dead and gone dont forget that and lets send a message to the whole of the SPL We are back and wont be fucked with any longer ! :SPLbroken:
  8. some Tim will be getting a P45
  9. The noise from the last night was electric, What is the song where everyone joins up and sways from side to side ? It looks amazing from the club deck and on tv .Would like if somone has footage of song etc so i can send bear in OZ.
  10. Same here looking for link ? Its not on 810
  11. We need time to ajust with new players and a culture shock , Ally will get it right i'm sure. The dhims have had just as bad a start and there pishy support are not calling for lemmons head !
  12. Rangers and the Famous ICF: My Life with Scotland's Most-feared Football-hooligan Gang
  13. Was there last night and fans down in the broom were fantastic . I want to know the song that they all sway from side to side is ? cheers
  14. Cheers lol
  15. Rev S.Mac.