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  1. the only thing I smoke is black cock mate
  2. why? its not cigarette smoke..... going by your logic we should all wear helmets and ingest our own oxygen whats the next step? removing people who fart?
  3. he's already our top paid player, is he not?
  4. what is the reasoning behind this? seems fucking ridiculous
  5. sadly you wont be wondering why the fuck I'm miserable come May, if we don't buy a goalscorer and gerrard doesn't rip up his woeful playbook. Rather than rip it up I expect to see him dump Katic and put in the carthorse as soon as he is fit
  6. shambles of a performance in fact the usual shambles of a performance that we have to see 6 out of every 10 league games if the scumbags manage to remove Alfie form any more of our matches we wont win the league
  7. where was the mcauley interview
  8. Anyone currently got a boy signed in a pro-youth academy?
  9. The club should public ally call it out. SHould demand an apology from the rag and SG should chin the fat mess at the next presser, hopefully breaking the cunts jaw
  10. The club needs to fucking come out on this filth.
  11. im saying fuck all but thanks for ruining my fucking morning him and paul murray… selling us down the fucking river still they have a great apprentice in robertson you're a cunt PQ, im fucking beeling now
  12. we are far too eager to let these anti-British scumbags onto our shores. The common travel area should be consigned to history.... and they should stick to riding horses through their caravans
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