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  1. bint blocked anyone on twitter who contacted her re this. Cake eating harridan.
  2. Anyone who says ‘celtic and Rangers’ is an obvious wrong un
  3. We should be defending our players when they do wrong far less when they are the victims.... FFS every other support defend their players irrespective of how wrong they are. On here we have poster after poster moaning about the only fucking good footballer we possess. Talk about doing the filth's work for them!
  4. you will know better than me as to what's going on in the background but I've never heard anything like it. He wasn't ranting or anything but wouldn't be deflected in giving a very blunt message....
  5. apologies, I assumed you could fucking read and cogently join dots.
  6. what do you mean hear it... he was interviewed in the Thornton before the match.... I'm sure anyone else who attended can verify.....
  7. He was interviewed pre match, in the thornton, and he was less than diplomatic regarding not playing. He was fizzing mad and didn't give a fuck about sharing his bewilderment. The MC started to try and mitigate it but Ross was having none of it and kept on message about being fucking raging that he wasn't playing. Don't think I've ever heard a player be so outspoken before.
  8. thehost


    when they hound him out they can get back to singing about halliday and wondering why we have no goals.... morelos is far from perfect but you look at the distribution of goals, around that team, and you wonder at them focussing on morelos fucking candeias had to only roll a 18 yard pass through, for a certain goal, only to blooter it off the park
  9. thehost


    I think many a penalty would be given for that but one thing for sure is it's not a bookable offence. If you stick your arm round someones throat you are asking for that player to go down.
  10. thehost


    there are clearer shots on the bbc but heres a tweet version
  11. The last thing we need is any of that clan anywhere near Ibrox.
  12. thehost


    I wouldn't worry about it mate... we have a strange breed of fan who likes shite against quality.... half this forum bum up the Scottish Championship level Halliday whilst talking shite about morelos. fucking bizarre
  13. thehost


    bizarrely the highlights on the bbc website have a slowed down, double angle shot of the morelos penalty/booking. The defender had his arm wrapped round Morelos's neck. I doubt any striker would not have sought a penalty. and I am also sure that most would have received a penalty
  14. both CB's have no pace, that's is their main fault...… when they get turned they are brutal
  15. it will get coverage, coverage in the filth forums. last time it took place they were standing in the bbc offices taking pics of attending members and had them up on kiddyfiddler street before the thing was over
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