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  1. thehost

    Fanzone Update

    jack mconnels wifes a whore …………………………………..
  2. thehost

    Reply to Stewart Robertson from Susan Aitken

    what is actually wrong with being a misogynist?
  3. thehost

    Reply to Stewart Robertson from Susan Aitken

    what he is actually doing is finding excuses for snpira
  4. thehost

    Reply to Stewart Robertson from Susan Aitken

    When you read that letter you can only think national socialist bigot anyone who votes for these cunts needs hounded the cow also needs a good backhander
  5. The only thing I want them to go through is an Ebola epidemic
  6. Saw barely any of it but thank fuck we are through. Well done Th Rangers 👌👌👌
  7. fucking lost the stream back on and the cunts have scored
  8. how the fuck can youtube stream be ok yet you pay for RFC match and cant even get anything FFS
  9. I see we have scored, well when I say see.... anyway get in
  10. I cant get a fucking picture
  11. thehost

    Club 1872 Statement

    Spooky I’ve just sat and watched the whole of that concert before coming on here 😵
  12. thehost

    Craig Levein

    Last time I saw Craig Levein he was the Scotland manager and he was sitting behind me in the directors box and the cunt did nothing but bad mouth Rangers. We were playing Dundee hibs in the cup and the cunt near creamed himself when the scumbags cameback from behind to take it to a replay. His "patter" consisted of every anti-RFC conspiracy theory going and was like a human walking version of phil 4 names.
  13. thehost


    It amazes me that folk have such an inability to digest written comment.
  14. thehost


    I’ve never said anything about fod being a better keeper I was talking about his distribution being much better as McGregor is dire. Since the start of the season mcgregor has continuously slowed play down then blootered the ball. this has absolutely nothing to do with anything other than distribution and the negative effect, that trait, has on the team