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  1. thehost

    Europa League

    I expect us to be fucking winning it, if we are not we have some fucking filth running the place. FFS we are The Rangers not some two bit side.
  2. thehost

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    Fuck me, we need about 8 new players all of whom need to be quality. The minimum I expected was some real aggression, thus far fuck all on the last game and this
  3. thehost

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    Is this a pisstake that I’m watching. Fucking hibs running shite ragged us plodding on and slow as fuck..... funnily enough the shite from last year is just as shite this game
  4. thehost

    England related thread

    On one hand, I don't support England, on the other hand, them winning it would upset every cunt I hate, so with that in mind I hope they win the fucking thing! Gets it right up the following filth: snpira filth supporters remainer cunts fuck the lot of them
  5. thehost

    I'm prepared to give King a go now

    You are too intelligent to posit such shite, never a conman trust.
  6. thehost

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    Good stuff, hopefully this will cause panic attacks and major health scares within the snpira hordes
  7. thehost

    Kyle Lafferty

    We must be the only club in the world who try to be the same shite over and over
  8. thehost

    Johnny Hubbard

    This is a sad, sad loss. Many a time he spent a good while, with my boys, ramming home the importance of earnest effort, desire and a never say die attitude. Was always a willing participant in any conversation and had time for all. RIP
  9. thehost

    Jon Flanagan

    You always need to remember, when it comes to snakes with tits, that reality is not always as it seemed. Look at that fucking horror suzie McGuire ...... came home steaming beat fuck out of her husband (who used to post on FF so may well post here) stuck a stiletto up his arse. What happened she stuck a complaint in first the courts hear her case first. he's a big bad cunt and her court case never happens. er.... I just read the post above regarding kicking her in the head... in that case that's not on..
  10. thehost

    David Roxburgh

    You leave Big Donny out of this
  11. thehost

    Jason Holt - The Codfather...

    what is happening to halliday then? Surely to fuck he hasn't wangled his way in for this season?
  12. thehost

    Players not going to Spain

    Why are our crests on the wrong side of our chests?
  13. thehost

    Level Playing Field

    There is no level playing field and there won't be until we stand up for ourselves and utilise the power of the blue£.