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  1. thehost

    Leckie making an arse of himself again

    @ben51 some cunts bad moothing your wardrobe Benji
  2. thehost

    Crouch on Gerrard

    his podcast is fantastic listening too
  3. thehost

    This explains things...

    has she got hairy shoulders 🧐
  4. thehost

    Gerrard on Defoe + Davis

    enjoyed that!
  5. yeah I know bud.... but all the same I was gobsmacked at the cunts
  6. sad thing is mate this is what sets the agenda... this tarrier on sky, same on BT and bbc is even worse..... if broonaldo played for us the cunt would have been banned, sine die, years ago
  7. as an aside..... I sat down yesterday and noticed someone had recorded the match on sky...… fuck me what a tarrier fest... the preamble consisted of us being bad and ruining the fixture for only having 750 filth there, bigging up Alf and his murderous nature I didn't even get to the 20 minute mark such was me losing the plot with that cunt walker and his excusing any filth challenge and highlighting any of ours.... and again, in particular, Morelos it takes it to new levels when your shouting abuse at cunts, 4 days after a match that you know you won.....
  8. I saw it.... the took the piss with the extended huddle then he decided to be an even bigger bellend and wander to his goal and saunter back. Filth
  9. thehost

    Sportscene again

    the three of them sat with their legs crossed, so tight that they obviously haven't a bawsack between them
  10. thehost

    SLO on Twitter - tickets for Saturday

    what makes this all the weirder is I was emailed, telling me I had been allocated 2 additional tickets as they had extra become available. I didn't ask for, had just been allocated them. This would have been about 3 weeks ago. Anyway I had no need for them so advised accordingly but how this squares with Greg's tweet is beyond me.
  11. thehost

    Hope this isn’t early excuses !

    I find it fucking bizarre that he was away to talk to the players to see who was up for the game on Saturday. I can only come to the conclusion that they run the show and not him, he comes on and slates them regularly yet they continue to play in the same fashion. Something is seriously awry in that dressing room.
  12. that's handy what the fuck were the charges?
  13. thehost


    the bit, in parenthesis, covered that
  14. thehost


    he is head and shoulders above the rest of the team, still a bit rough, but he is already a class above.