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  1. hope we got our 250k back
  2. Good to see we are bringing players in. How good is the Portuguese premier league?
  3. Who gave Ally his contract, who sat on the board as non-execs for the very purpose of stopping things like this, from the exec team.
  4. Good news for the club. No idea what this asset is valued at currently but since we purchased it for around a million it will be a great boost to the coffers. Well done big rab for finding fair market value and buying a club asset for 7 figures.
  5. @gogzy Shameful that COI/Timps got banned. You should be asking him o get back online. That wee bawbag dude could also stop playing the victim for once and ask for COI to be reinstated.
  6. Just seen this... great signing!!!
  7. To think poor timps got banned form here, and not the only Rangers fan, due to this bawbags windups
  8. now this has really CHEERED me up hope the cunts fold
  9. they had this before, didn't they? the louden had the pub thing @Louden_Greg did they not?
  10. When is the SVL statement on "the shambles the club is in" being issued?
  11. Feel free to let the forum know the last time we achieved it.
  12. It has always been a bit of a watershed, a bit of an accomplishment. Shows how much any club are ahead in order to reach that number. Time for our board to DIG THE FUCK IN DEEP I doubt we can accept this shit much longer.
  13. A good point. However, i'd rather focus on the board who should know better re this display, the other stuff, the wee bloke concerned and the fucking lennon tap that we seem so proud of. Wouldn't surprise me to see Tommy Sheridan get a role with us. The fuckers simply do not have a fucking clue.
  14. next we will be having SNP card displays
  15. There is no celebrating anything, where the end result is 3rd. Everyone at Ibrox, should be humiliated and apologising for the risible delivery. So no, I wasn't happy that we were outplayed by PT for 80 odd minutes and a couple of goals doesn't go anywhere near papering over the cracks.