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  1. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    what about derek adams?
  2. Board Out

    that's why I wrote it
  3. Board Out

    No what I am suggesting is that I don't know anyone in business who would knock back multiple millions, whilst running at a multi million annual loss and the very next day taking out a 3 million loan leveraged against equipment that is needed to operate. So there, for me, are only two choices: 1. We never got any bids 2. The board have something up their sleeves which will bring in a huge amount of cash in the near future (3 months) and by that I am not talking about season ticket money. Since I don't know about 2 and since I have actually seen morelos in action, I can only go with common sense that says we never received a bid as we would be fucking lunatics to not cash in on it. Maybe esky knows about 2 and cant say or maybe esky believes his pals..... I can only comment on what I know and see and assume.
  4. Board Out

    What you have to ask yourself is where would esky have gleaned that info... and what is the history and pay master of those who gave esky that info.
  5. Board Out

    the well known taigs at the SFA performed exactly as expected. Clearing a convicted criminal, with no money, and knocking back a multi-billionaire with no convictions...... filth do what is best for filth. we borrowed 3 million quid and stuck a load of equipment on hock you better hope we don't miss a payment because we wont be playing any games without a PA system
  6. Board Out

    How did I miss this thread The previously failed board members should be nowhere near the place but their #hiredhand's are the true filth. Facilitating change predicated upon what was best for them not the club. Thankfully the cunts will all be gone one day. Apart from that. We have a current board who have, as yet, realised no new (significant) revenue streams, have pissed off major sportswear suppliers, have made the brand more toxic than it already was, have an under 20 youth coach in charge, have no ability to challenge for a league, meanwhile paying a fuckwit, entirely unsuitable, MD huge amounts of money for absolutely hee haw. In other words they have performed exactly as expected.
  7. he did, on several occasions, publically.
  8. It isn't/wasn't his dream job. He publically (and quite rightly) stated he didn't want to be the manage/did not have the ability or track record to be the manager. He was eventually forced into it with obvious, and expected, results.
  9. For whom the bell tolls

    Wanting folk back, after the fucked up before, is indeed the height of stupidity!
  10. 1. hes not a fucking manager 2. he has not on the league that's all I need to know
  11. The road to nowhere.

    Always a sound business decision. Run at a continuous loss. Manage to secure fuck al additional revenue streams. Get offered a club record amount for a 21 year old very average striker. Immediately take out a 3 millions pound crisis loan secured against items, that if removed, would preclude the club from operating. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm one of the above looks out of place from the rest, I wonder which one is absolute shite
  12. Too many handwringers

    I gave him a polite clap. I’d never give the cunts round our board table a clap, however, as they are the enemy within. Not some ex Ranger who, despite being the size of a barrel, can still beat our defence, near every game he faces them. I actually thought he looked fucking mortified at the state of us.
  13. I'm not interested in progress I am interested in winning every league match. Until that mentality comes back we wont achieve fuck all.
  14. QM is more intelligible than your leap of logic, on this one, bud
  15. I don't know who the fuck you are, or how long you have been watching The Rangers, but I expect us to be fucking humping them 12 games on the trot. That is the beginning and end of my expectation when it comes to playing the provincial club known as celtic.