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  1. a successful one if you take the plaudits, engage the troops, then you need to deliver. We can all allow a timeframe of reasonableness but, at some point, delivery is an expectation.
  2. so when do we move from: bad ref poor player bad luck into an abomination, a lack of purpose, drive, ability when do we recognise our monetary shortfall, our inability to turn profit, to perform at a level of excitement which ensures the paying punter a decent emotional return on their investment Lets face it, this current board have delivered, for the paying fan, the square root of F all, a procession of banal inequity. an inability to provide the minimum expectation.... a trophy who can defend this debacle? Should we now demand change?
  3. is this revenue stream now dead? We are fucked unless we can find an additional 8 figure rev stream, I hope this board are hiding something huge otherwise espanolyification will be here within 3 years.
  4. That's a shocking way to talk about a club employee bud, they walk on water (as you know)
  5. We got fucked out of Europe by cunts that you would get a game for. I have a point already!
  6. lennon is a cunt the ref was a fucking disgrace we sit in 6th place all the above are true I know which fact the boards boys wont comment on in club 1872/rangers observer
  7. Like the rest of the "like minded" roles for life under this present (shambolic) regime.
  8. Ive come on this thread and there is not one fucking picture of any of the birds ffs Have a long look at yourselves
  9. I don't worship him but I note we rushed him out the door and I am confident he will be on the move, for over 6m, within 18 months. Our transfer policy is a disgrace.
  10. club 1872, or whatever it calls itself, should also be calling for a full boycott of every away ground and RFC should be returning all tickets to the home club and refuse dealing with them. Rangers' use of a controversial tax scheme will be reviewed by the Scottish Professional Football League, Hibernian chairman Rod Petrie has told the BBC. It follows a Supreme Court ruling in favour of HM Revenue and Customs over the club's use of Employee Benefit Trusts between 2001 and 2010. The SPFL's new board was meeting on Monday following its annual elections. But it is unlikely to make a decision about the Supreme Court ruling that deemed the EBT scheme unlawful. A Scottish Premier League commission into the club's use of the scheme, headed by Lord Nimmo-Smith, found Rangers to be in breach of player registration rules. But it resisted calls for Rangers to be stripped of titles won in the period of EBT use. However, following the Supreme Court ruling, Celtic said they expected the SPFL to review the 2013 decision that their city rivals "did not gain any unfair competitive advantage". That judgement was made at a time when the scheme was deemed acceptable by a 2012 tax tribunal.
  11. I'm a miserable cunt, I am happy to admit that. This year I think we will be ahead of hearts but behind Aberdeen and hibs and finish 4th.
  12. Back the manager, back the board. If we get within 30 points this season, that will show great progress. Don't sing. Sit down. Clap like seals. What a time to be alive
  13. When Murray got bored he left a total incompetent in charge. Martin Bain was a complete disaster who meekly surrendered our influence. The non-execs looked on and said hee haw as the clubs reputation went down the shitter as liewell, and a complaint media, went to town. The place has been a laughing stock since 2000.
  14. The world, OP, the world. Not just Scotland.
  15. Good! Nice to see some desire, from the club, with both them directly, and via their fan group, they have certainly set our their stall. Would be churlish to do anything other than commend the author of both pieces. Takes me back to the days of his original blogs, which were well worth a read! I am actually hoping that the filth continue to agitate forcing us to confront this once and for all. We have had 15 years of demonization and its about time a line in the sand was drawn.