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  1. See you cunts, on this thread, bleating about Ashley. Do you blame him the traffic lights turning red? this thread was about the absolute failure at board level, of our current board. No softy-willed deflection posh will work. 30 odd points behind, 50 goals behind, 3rd in the league no new revenue streams no finance no credit lines a cunt breaking rules all over the shop and never out of court knock off strips being encouraged but let's invent a bogeyman wake the fuck up!
  2. Call me old fashioned but player of the year awards are something for when you win something. this shite all started with the rangers legend posh where literally any old player gets up. RFC should reimburse all monies, have a free bar and publically apologise to everyone present.
  3. Away back to your mates. Some of them might get you a wee freebie.
  4. Aye they didn't invest any fucking money either. It's a business you don't run it right you end up with this shite.
  5. That fucking board need chased down PRW. An absolute fucking abomination they are overseeing
  6. King and Murray and all murrays wee pet fans...cheers lads hope you are all enjoying your trough
  7. A fucking shambles. Never seen anything like it. Making the cunts look like their Barcelona
  8. Excuse me?????? Buster was round at mine putting lion brand socks on my lovelength. in no way did either of us sell anything.
  9. One that wasn't predicated on trough dwelling would be a start.
  10. I think he shouldn't have acted in a concert party knowing what the consequence of doing so. The quantum of the offer price has nothing to do with this, in any way, shape or form.
  11. Even for you, that is quite a lot of pish to peddle.
  12. This is a perfectly normal way to carry on. To run a business. To engage in the purchase of a listed company. Do keep up!
  13. Arthur is the only foreign man I have ever spoken to that uses fuck more than the average Glaswegian.
  14. Apart from king com throwing a wobbler I've heard no explanation as to why RFC think they can cover up PUMA advertising which would cost any organisation a huge amount to acquire. I assume this advertising is part of the puma kit deal. i would like to think that our corporate strategy was not covering up a major shirt sponsor, with some rag tarp, in a fit of pique that comes back to fuck the club financially.
  15. 1. I'm surprised that anyone is surprised. You only have to look at the folk involved to know where these thing shead. 2. 1872 get 100'000s worth of advertising for 4k.... but they are nothing to do with the regime. 3. Folk should read that davie blog and ruminate on the countless COI's concerning the SLO gig. 4. Money always attracts scoundrels 5. Thank fuck that those corrupting forces will not be there forever. The blue pound chasers have outdone themselves, over the past 5 years. Yet still they seek to suckle from the teat.