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  1. thehost

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

    One of the fuckers has more gazettes than whyte has seen
  2. thehost

    Gerarrds Fault

    we are discussing this fucking game...…… not your fantasy run...
  3. thehost

    Gerarrds Fault

    He has watched for weeks whilst we slow down and take ten passes instead of 1. 4 times tonight we had three midfileders/wingers running round one of their players who simply passed to another who was in 15 yards of space. 4 times we actually looked like an under 9 team all running to the ball. you even saw this v hearts..... tempo fucked them second half ponderous.... play like that against Aberdeen, Livingston Motherwell and Lillie too.... he watches it doesn’t try to change it what the fuck he is playing at rotating centrehalfs is beyond me playing Flanagan at left back is actually a fucking fineable offense after his last showing so for every positive there is a nagative which means we literally go into every game with the potential to win 4 nil or get beat one nil its bizarre and frustrating to watch
  4. thehost


    Two good shots saved woeful cross balls woeful kicking same week in, week out he causes half the issues not coming for cross balls
  5. if that's all you got from my post then there is no point discussing things with you
  6. then you are part of the problem the cunts, in the studio and behind the production, are the same cunts who highlight one thing and ignore another that's why they chose to devote an entire half time to greegs brushing an Aberdeen player and not even look at the penalty shout we had, late first half multiply those sorts of things, every live TV game, over ten seasons and you may well get an answer as to why the filth get a booking every 9 tackles whilst we get one every 4.5
  7. FUCKING david fucking murray is at the root of this. When the mini ten, had their wee strop. Liewell was not for moving. RFC and the filth are, after all, the only reasons for the contract. But no, minty knew best, walked away from liewell and gave in to the other ten. RFC should be getting 40% of that TV money, every year, as should the filth.
  8. if you are happy to listen to tarriers talk about us, whilst letching after a fat bint, them I am sure there are plenty of pubs, over in the east end, which will tick all your boxes
  9. thehost

    Gerrard and Channel 4

    There’s a whole raft of posters, they know who they are, that literally rip the head aff it when discussing Jon snow and channel 4..... they all post in the politics section cunts are probably shinners to boot
  10. thehost

    Worral get rid !

  11. thehost

    Gers Launch Ibrox Pride

    that could be used as a buttplug for oor @Bronzy gaping erchie
  12. thehost


    Worrall looks like a young worzel gummidge
  13. thehost

    14 million loss.

    remind me of their bottom line against ours...… both businesses are in no way comparable, even with converging revenue. Trying to pretend they are serves no purpose other than to delude.
  14. thehost

    Staying onside

    ive no idea if he was on or offside, most of the time, because BT chose not to show a replay. I've no idea, if it was penalty or not, in the first half, because at half time BT decided not to mention it and instead decided to show replay, after replay of a non-incident re McGregor. In short a rabid shithole of anti-RFC sentiment drove the narrative, leaving me unable to be sure that sidque was actually offside, every time he was flagged offside.
  15. thehost


    to be honest, big fucking tin hat on here, I actually preferred Wattereous to Klos, mainly due to Klos being worse at football than me however, he (Klos) was a world class keeper just an unlucky one who learned his trade under one set of rules and had then adapt to rules he never trained for meanwhile wattereous was as good, at a 70 yard diagonal as Butcher was....