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  1. absolute fucking garbage fucking concentrate on revenue streams and winning football games
  2. Andy Gray must have been reading the crackpots on here to come up with that unadulterated pish
  3. I believe he was speaking to them about weaknesses in their IT infrastructure or climbing ropes in a gym according to #hiredhands
  4. that was his name, on here..... anyway he wouldn't be posting about chummy chats with the filth
  5. he was banned because of a duality of name
  6. so we can post up phil 4 name and john james in here then? as those two cunts do nothing but write about us
  7. To think Timps was banned whilst the op comes on here to spout this pish
  8. Not a biggy was just letting you know it was bollocks, everything was raised, more or less, the same.
  9. fecking crisis loans must be tasty. BY the way, whoever told you that the members went up 12.5% was talking bollocks everywhere went up around 5%
  10. whether its 1000, 1200 or 1500 it still takes us towards the 53k mark. We are at severe disadvantage when the filth are on a good run and filling their scumhut.
  11. When they added the extra Bar72 seats you had to pay 3 years up front. Back then was about 900 per season per ticket so 2.7 up front. So it's been done before. also when we did 72 we were then supposed to do the same in the Copland and Broomloan. Three more rows with two bars. They could still do that, would give around 12-1500 seats, total, if I remember correctly.
  12. what a fucking thread title get it sorted ffs
  13. is this the fucking peoples friend name of fuck
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