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  1. Aye we are fucking terrific when we remove our only goal threat. name of fuck
  2. we have managed to win fuck all, again, if that's what Tom has said?
  3. as long as they have modesty boards
  4. sorry, my bad English. I was asking if you knew what size of Stadia they were looking at. Would it be 55+ 60k etc?
  5. if true, then welcome news...…. any idea what total they are looking towards?
  6. aye JT write that 🤣…….. JT writes the pulp the man with no office concocts the legible stuff irrespective of who pens it, its the usual shite and wont change until we have a proper CEO and an owner with serious liquidity
  7. modernity...…. most of the upset was down to reliability apart from that the "greats" always end up in the fastest car..... need to get these manufacturers to feck though and back to v10 engines and fuck the environment
  8. will be over that, with that sort of rise. I can't remember the exact price but was always more or less the same as the legends which was 5650 last year so 12.5% on that is one hell of a rise
  9. that's fucking mental...… Its already heavy English Premiership Prices in most of the areas to stick that up by £700 a head is mental
  10. mine are just over 5% increase
  11. I believe we have won fuck all, during this process. It is not acceptable.
  12. The sooner we threaten to not attend the next playing fixture the sooner these cunts will sit up and take notice. We are the cash-cow of Scottish football. Why we meekly allow other clubs to treat us like shit is beyond me.
  13. you either recognise what I have typed or you don't, if you don't then its understandable why folk like dignified silence, if folk do recognise it then the dignified silence route can only continue to hurt us so i'd have no idea why they would advocate it
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