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  1. you should know better
  2. I suggest you toddle off back to the times of john reid, UEFA reps and where this all started after you have done your homework I then invite you to look into FARE
  3. The issue is, the numerous boards, and associated hangers on always mention point 2 point 1 has never been addressed when I used to attend Man U euro matches I heard them wanting to set fire to supporters of man city, Liverpool sing about attacking city fans with hammers and assorted tools and many other unsavoury songs. Indeed I have never attended Old Trafford when offensive songs have not occurred and occurred repeatedly. We know what happened at the recent filth match. We know what the filth sing every euro match and we can reads the banners at said matches. The point remains, it is only US, in the whole of European football, who ae held to a different standard. Until Dave King and his PR team state this, state this loudly and publicly and come armed with reams of video things wont change, irrespective of fans behaviour. You know this, your mate needs to know it and he needs to be briefing king accordingly. If king spent as much time wrestling UEFA and Liewell, as he does Ashley, we may actually fucking get somewhere
  4. that will be some achievement as I don't sing
  5. I want them to seek parity for the club. They can do this by turning up to any random game, recording it and giving the evidence to UEFA …. as every single match will contain a chant that is in direct contradiction to uefas wide ranging pish...... Attend 50 matches and get 50 recordings and when UEFA tell us to fuck off then go to the next level for arbitration. Or We could do what we have done for the last dozen years...……… try to operate on a level that not one other football club has to.... As has been evidenced, it is impossible to act in this manner. You need to remember that our last sanction was for singing Build my gallows ……………………………. UEFA want fuck all to do with this but there are enough rabid fenians, in positions of power/influence in there that its easier to just pick on us. This ain't going to end until we try a difference tact. Its like letting me loose as the compliance officer, the filth are never getting a fair hearing.
  6. blah blah blah its attitudes like yours that have allowed us to be chased, corralled and fucked over, over the years rather than stand up to these cunts, when all this started, we meekly said fuck all and funnily enough they kept chasing this is all directly linkable to liewell, wee taig reid, the free state UEFA bloke and the Scottish media we could sit silent and the cunts would find a way to damage us
  7. fare are an anti-British pro fenian organisation cliff and bullneck will now have to earn their corn
  8. thehost


    I know bud.... @eskbankloyal and I were two lone voices, on some threads.... cunts driven by the pish in the daily rebel and tarrier radio the guy is a good few levels above the SPL, we need to enjoy him (warts and all) until he goes I've not been excited by a player since the days of gazza and laudrup….. that first goal, last Sunday was a fucking thing of wonder.... no cunt was stopping him
  9. er…. jack …. name of fuck if we don't win anything this year it will be the dire occupants in the middle of the park...… the three of them were fucking woeful last night
  10. thehost


    I just hope we can keep him till next June. Superstar of a boy.
  11. thehost


    he was like an Exocet at the last minute corner.
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