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  1. My definition is quite simple. We are shite, well off the required standard and will continue to be so until we have a proper business model, run by proper businessmen who can fund a proper manager and team Until such times, we will have the filth running the show politically, us trailing them by double digit points each season and our stadia covered by tawdry pieces of fabric. Backwards, forwards or sideways makes not a blind bit of difference the only thing that matters is supremacy and we are not heading anywhere near that.
  2. We drew 2.2

    fuck me... no wonder we are in the state we are when we have folk like the op espousing absolute spanners.
  3. The team are as good at winning this league as the board are at defending the club!
  4. Bheast FC: Statement

    Liewell has had free reign these last 17 years. Until we actively stand up against him, he will continue his antics. Our current incumbents need to act like the "real Rangers men" that they kid on to be.
  5. Update on Ibrox Safe Standing | Club 1872

    Do folk fall for any of this shite? Hey @eskbankloyal, you "getting involved again" soon?
  6. Sad news -- Bear passing

    Guys sorry to be the bearer of bad news but been informed one of our own passed this week. Jocky Broon as he was known on here. A good bear and one who added to this board. I'm sure we will all want to pass on our heartfelt feelings to his family.
  7. Barry Ferguson's All Time XI

    fuck up
  8. Barry Ferguson's All Time XI

    I'm only going by what was posted but the guys posting it would have no reason to lie or tell tales. In fact I have seen it from two different folk on two separate occasions. I don't believe its any secret, is open knowledge.
  9. Barry Ferguson's All Time XI

    I don't have pictures, if that is what you are asking. However, I have heard (from folk I trust) who have seen it. The whole shebang taps, shorts and socks........ the fucker actually walks with them when they are attired as such.
  10. Barry Ferguson's All Time XI

    @Essandoh You got your kids dressed in full filth regalia?
  11. Barry Ferguson's All Time XI

    Forgive me for not bothering to watch what a ned, with an IQ of 43, thinks. I'm only surprised that he doesn't follow his kid's fashion sense and drape himself in a full filth kit. Quisling #endthread
  12. Transfer Window

    fuck me, the #hiredhands are busy with the new accounts, these days
  13. Rangers Fans Supporting The Gypsy

    wait till your balls drop and you have a wife.... weesax
  14. Rangers Fans Supporting The Gypsy

    The fact anyone disagrees, on here, with your sentiments tells you everything you need to know about our fecked up fan base which is directly reflected in our current shambolic mess.
  15. 12 Angry Men

    I think it is unreasonable for any sporting institution to not seek to maximise every season. Indeed, I can scarce believe I read this! Getting away from general sport and onto the subject of The Rangers, we should have only one aim, every season, and this is to win the league. our history has proven that we are remarkably adept at it and should be winning it more often that not. I would therefore suggest that the current shambles, of last and this season be viewed as nothing other than wholly unacceptable. Anything other would be a slap in the face to the club. We are the preeminent Scottish Football Team. Time we understood that responsibility and demanded it once again be achieved.
  16. 12 Angry Men

    Dar't we are fucking atrocious. We will not end within 20 points of the filth. New board required, pronto.
  17. the blame game

    so when do we move from: bad ref poor player bad luck into an abomination, a lack of purpose, drive, ability when do we recognise our monetary shortfall, our inability to turn profit, to perform at a level of excitement which ensures the paying punter a decent emotional return on their investment Lets face it, this current board have delivered, for the paying fan, the square root of F all, a procession of banal inequity. an inability to provide the minimum expectation.... a trophy who can defend this debacle? Should we now demand change?
  18. the blame game

    a successful one if you take the plaudits, engage the troops, then you need to deliver. We can all allow a timeframe of reasonableness but, at some point, delivery is an expectation.
  19. Copper dog shelve stadium application.

    is this revenue stream now dead? We are fucked unless we can find an additional 8 figure rev stream, I hope this board are hiding something huge otherwise espanolyification will be here within 3 years.
  20. Singing Bad Songs?

    That's a shocking way to talk about a club employee bud, they walk on water (as you know)
  21. We got fucked out of Europe by cunts that you would get a game for. I have a point already!
  22. lennon is a cunt the ref was a fucking disgrace we sit in 6th place all the above are true I know which fact the boards boys wont comment on in club 1872/rangers observer
  23. Louden

    Like the rest of the "like minded" roles for life under this present (shambolic) regime.