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  1. Fuck me..... looking at that list the blue pound is strong in some
  2. Any other F1 fans out there? Thoughts on the new cars? Who do we think will challenge this season?
  3. Not happy with that fucking woeful Mercedes stop. Fucking clowns doing that.
  4. I'm hoping red bull can get a bit more to get a lewis max battle. The two most aggressive drivers at each other would be great. Luckily I now have around 20 hours of f1 to watch, over the weekend
  5. king and wee mini murray and the #hiredhand weans If pedro Liewell had to choose an ownership structure, for The Rangers, the above is what he would go for.
  6. practice was quite good, caught most of the second one hammy over half a second clear of the field I reckon lance will fuck his Williams up more than maldonaro this season wee bit of pittpass
  7. One day bud, you will unfortunately think..... that moaning old cunt host had a point
  8. The only thing I ever said about oor bill was when I asked him directly if he was being paid he said he wasn't. I don't know the guy from Adam, by all accounts he's a bit weird. I never even knew he was banned from here. Even he must shake his head at the antics of that johnjames cunt. Mind You maybe Bill can go for the liaison role
  9. did I? You "London Branch" lot have seem to know every posters history. I cant remember what I posted this morning far less what anyone else did. I better call big graham and wee cutey-pie angie and tell them I stick up for them on here.
  10. You leave Bill alone
  11. You'd make a cracking addition to the UN mate
  12. Stop telling lies KP. He has a Bentley.
  13. murray you mean
  14. No VB on the board allows the trough dwellers to suckle on gravy. The thing needs imploded.
  15. He was coaching Dundee was he not? Or am I having a mental moment?
  16. Says it all when a RC from the Port is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of defending us in the media, being balanced and not taking the blue pound. Neil McCann I salute you
  17. If he gets the jobs will his brood still walk about in full sellick kit?
  18. Hope to fuck the local assistant is Neil McCann and not one of the usual PM worthies.
  19. The need putting back in their place, pronto!
  20. I'm happy we drew but I also wont be happy until we are popping over to their midden and humping them 3 nil This is the level we need to be at, anything less is unacceptable.