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  1. Quite simply a fucking banning offence @gogzy I blame the schools
  2. You cant fault the club, these days, for trying to make the whole place better. Last 2 years has seen them actively try and engage with the fans and up the infrastructure. Long may it continue.
  3. thehost


    not only a great player but a great person too obviously brining on Alfie, leaps and bounds, and always terrific with the kids...… cannot give enough time for pics and autographs etc great wee guy
  4. he could, and should, have hoofed it out 3 minutes earlier, when he had the chance. Bewildering that he chose not to do so.
  5. He made 3 mostakes, two of which cost us goals and one which should have cost us a goal.... his decision making and positioning was fucking horrific
  6. Tav needs dropped. That CH pairing shouldn't play together. SG needs to actually use substitutes The team need to stop fannying about and sitting back. Same old, same old with this current management regime
  7. those three would have been skinned, by that fucking horrific CF too thanks for making my point modern football requires more than physical presence the better the league the more pace they need, the fact we are choosing two slow blokes, who cant deal with a poor and non-pacey CF, seems bizarre especially when we have two, relatively, quicker CH's in our squad. Logic would dictate that you would have a least one on two compensate for the weakness of the other
  8. I know whit am I like next thing you know I will be telling you a lanky shite CF, on £400 a week, would be able to breeze by our two sprintking CH's
  9. No but it does give enough to know he is quicker than the two blokes currently in that position.... I like my CH speedy.... we have the two slowest ones out there
  10. you didn't see an assured, combative, good distributer …. when he played for us? that's what I saw
  11. helander is quicker than goldson that's the frightening thing
  12. It's amazing how folk can overlook blatant inadequacies due to players playing you ain't got pace, as a CH, you ain't much use the two unused have more pace than the two playing
  13. the best two CH, at our club, weren't playing last night
  14. managers will have their favourites, even if it is to the detriment of the team/ultimately themselves
  15. thehost


    was his booking warranted?
  16. thehost


    Er, we were arses to the wall all second half. Kamara was his usual ineffective, yard off the pace, self.
  17. Katic should be starting, goldson should not. Goldson is going to be one of the things that will eventually cost SG. I can tell you Katic looked fucking raging, last night, when taken to the lounges. He was incandescent.
  18. I thought there were rules in place so pre 16 year olds couldn't be traded, they aint even on proper contracts at that age and they have to reside within 90 mins of the club they play for...…. however, appears I am wrong on all that
  19. what 5 million for a 15 year old, how the feck does that work?
  20. Liewell did something for our benefit, however our wonderful custodian decided to play the one nation paternalist and sided with the diddy ten...…. Any normal business person would either insist on individual TV rights or, if pooling was the only way, then take a representative cut. In this instance RFC and the filth take 70% and leave the 30% for the rest. But no, we know best and give all our money away to scum who actively seek to fuck us over......
  21. Gayest thread yet what next knitting patterns
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