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  1. I'm a miserable cunt, I am happy to admit that. This year I think we will be ahead of hearts but behind Aberdeen and hibs and finish 4th.
  2. Back the manager, back the board. If we get within 30 points this season, that will show great progress. Don't sing. Sit down. Clap like seals. What a time to be alive
  3. When Murray got bored he left a total incompetent in charge. Martin Bain was a complete disaster who meekly surrendered our influence. The non-execs looked on and said hee haw as the clubs reputation went down the shitter as liewell, and a complaint media, went to town. The place has been a laughing stock since 2000.
  4. The world, OP, the world. Not just Scotland.
  5. Good! Nice to see some desire, from the club, with both them directly, and via their fan group, they have certainly set our their stall. Would be churlish to do anything other than commend the author of both pieces. Takes me back to the days of his original blogs, which were well worth a read! I am actually hoping that the filth continue to agitate forcing us to confront this once and for all. We have had 15 years of demonization and its about time a line in the sand was drawn.
  6. There is more to it than that, those cunts are like the shinners, never give up and take inch after inch. They need a firm foot placed on their proverbial neck before they start thinking they can control everything.
  7. Good on him for standing his ground. We now need to be totally focussed on what the filth get up to next. Seemingly Dundee hibs have been agitating too.
  8. Ferguson should concentrate more on why his brood walk about in full sellick strips.
  9. the filth OP they are called the filth ffs
  10. That is what you call a statement, a few wee bits tidied up and the club should be using it. Instead we will have the usual non-action combined with some soft shoe shuffle shite from our greatest, most bestest fan. No wonder we are seen as a soft touch
  11. Smith's football, especially in his second tenure, was an absolute disgrace. Fuck trying to re-enact that turgid shite.
  12. Until we have the correct leaders in the boardroom we will never have a functioning company that delivers success.
  13. OP you missed out king murray and their wee mates.... add that and the lot of them should be going, tonight!
  14. Well done Dave King and mates, I hope you are all proud of your fucking selves
  15. Fuck me, what the actual fuck did I just watch
  16. The day you believe anything that comes out of that blatt is the day you need your bumps felt.
  17. no he wont
  18. The alternative was to maybe offer him more than a £500 a week rise to 3.5k. Or to actually have some fucking brains and sell him when he was worth something. Or, even in the shit situation he currently sits actually negotiate a price that is realistic. 500k is a disgrace.
  19. Some fucking board we have. Shambolic would be the word for it.
  20. Its a shambles, only board stooges would think this anything other than wilful mismanagement
  21. XF man on overdrive it seems.
  22. bloo pound chasing ne'er-do-wells are some of this current boards choice of true fan. Fuck folk who actually contribute to the place.
  23. What is this Rangers Observer is it an offshoot from the Catholic one??
  24. looks like a perfect business plan enacted, to me
  25. The former manager of Clyde football club has denied making racist and anti-Semitic remarks during a club tour of Canada. Graham Roberts was giving evidence at an industrial tribunal in Glasgow. The ex-Rangers player refutes claims that he called opponents Jew-boy, pineapple-head and donkey. Mr Roberts, 47, said he was unfairly sacked by the club for highlighting financial irregularities concerning the funding of the trip to Canada. He said he had been targeted after he "caught out" assistant manager Joe Miller. Overseas tour Mr Roberts said the accusations were made after he called Mr Miller a thief after discovering money for coaching was unavailable. rest in link good old fingers miller