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  1. Elise Christie

    they could also have timed heats with just two...... like normal speed skating. Just seems a bit dodgy that the two times I have watched it 80's and now 2018.... the fastest folk, in a speed test, don't win. Whilst I am on this moaning streak I also want to complain about the snowboarding tricks.... the cunts appear to mark them randomly.
  2. Elise Christie

    I have been bewildered at the refereeing in this. She was clearly taken out twice yet the decision went against her. Reminds me of Wilf O'Reilly. Clearly head and shoulders above the rest, turned up and won the demo's, the the first time it was accepted Olympic sport was kicked about and suffered bad luck. The sport, more than most, is a lottery. the quickest person rarely wins.
  3. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    I count you as one of my mates too
  4. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    he is actually another one of my mates
  5. Danny Wilson

    He will have learned that from his bezza mate bain who did the same thing with Boyd...... again carried by the water carriers in the "support" when they got the rebel to lie that he was offered and knocked back a new contract
  6. Murty bigging up TLB.

    aye forgive me for thinking we were one of the big European clubs, one of the historical elites. Banger
  7. Murty bigging up TLB.

    Unless the cunt had an alter ego of bawsburst and didn’t tell me then it isn’t bawsburst.... anyway you are lucky you are getting him you could have ED on here instead
  8. Murty bigging up TLB.

    He’s my mate
  9. Murty bigging up TLB.

    The guy is a youth team coach, that is what this board has reduced us to. A youth team coach..... what the fuck
  10. Club Deck construction.

    Used to watch Alex Miller hoof it and big DJ batter it against the wall..... Not quite sure where that concourse went???? Anyone know? You have the corridor with the changing rooms one side, media room the other then the tunnel, I assume that was the original area the players used to blooter the ball about.
  11. Club Deck construction.

    remember when you could watch the players boot the ball up and down the concourse at the back of the enclosure
  12. King at BBC today

    That’s fine mate, and I’m not having a go personally, just more professionally. Plenty of young supporters will know who you are and may also know your professional standing and take from that your recommendation re punting additional cash into 1872. I’d hate to see folk lose everything they have stuck in there, and whilst remote, it is still a possibility when the club continually runs at a significant loss with no foreseeable uplift in revenue.
  13. King at BBC today

    It’s not a mental way to look at it.... folk are coming on here spouting pish that some guys are funding the club, as if out of love.... they are doing no such thing they are buying a business and using revenue from elsewhere to pay for the day to day..... they are loaning some money on the basis they will get said money back... its useful to to have a bit of reality rather than be all misty eyes talk about real Rangers men and good guys etc. whilst you are on here I do not think it’s helpful that someone in your position, and professional standing, is publically encouraging folk to put extra money into 1872 on the basis that said vehicle is buying shares in a company that is on extremely poor financial footing
  14. King at BBC today

    Well if they swap this money for 20mill of shares and someone comes along and gives them 20 million for their shares .... what will they have put into the club
  15. King at BBC today

    £20 million of equity? So you are trying to tell me that rather than fund a club for £20 mill they are looking to have bought some shares for £20m???????????????
  16. King at BBC today

    they leaving it in, are they?
  17. King at BBC today

    I have a whole heap of issues with the cunts the most important being that we are not winning the fucking league. Their commercial antics have been a work of imagination too. They are beyond a shambles.
  18. Rangers Observer On Wilson

    The board have been at it years.... they tried the same shite with Boyd and his non existent contract too. As to the two bellends at RO, suffice to say the two nodding dogs are there to do their sponsors bidding. Mind you one of them must be getting tired out hawking his arse round the RSC.
  19. Imperial Bears

    I’m not on there but goods bears are, I believe
  20. Best window since Walter returned?

    Are the players, we have loaned, playing regularly, for these teams, at this higher level?
  21. Best window since Walter returned?

    Fairs fair, we managed to find a team (who are beyond shite) and get some of their rejects on loan.
  22. Rangers next manager

    Judging by the layers of drivel, contained above, I doubt you know how to read.
  23. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    Depends.... would you consider chelsea and man city to be in the he big 5...... depends whether you talk over a historical period of time or just look over a tiny period big 5 were Rangers, Arsenal, Man u, the filth, the filth of the south
  24. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    we are one of the big 5 in the UK.... not that long ago we were the biggest in the UK.... that is probably why he is telling that no mark to fuck off
  25. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    You might have noticed that we: run at a loss rely on loans to survive have no discernible income, of any stature, other than season ticket money, which will now all be spent if you think we decided to loan a player because brighton suddenly changed their mind then I admire you sunny disposition. In the real world we haven't a fucking penny and are run as a basket case. I am more surprised that clubs are still prepared to deal with us.