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    Normal league allocation for Pittodrie QF?

    so we kowtow to this shite and top it off with a fucking ridiculous statement about Clarke fucking shambolic stuff tell your mate the only point of having dave king is he is a fucking maniac, he's not much use if he is going to act like SDM bain and paul murray absolute shit show
  2. thehost


    they were on the verge of closing but the snpira then dumped them more cash the filth that ran lHabour just flitted to snpira …. both Scottish versions are straight out of the shinners playbook
  3. him, the sunbed king of Aberdeen and popcorn teeth all smell a vacancy at the filth pit
  4. thehost

    The F's and the H's

    anyone who thinks a fenian is a RC is an idiot anyone who wants to falsely equate a fenian to a RC is a hatemongering bigot
  5. thehost

    Talksport- Morelos

    is that thread still about?
  6. thehost

    Press Conference : Gerrard and Halliday

    jack is a winner 🤔
  7. thehost

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    we'd actually be better with cliff stepping out from behind the curtain, that's how shite SR is...….SR make wee mini murray look aggressive ffs
  8. thehost

    I don't think Kenny Burns has much to worry about.

    hes fucking shite
  9. thehost


    the cunt is a rhabid mess
  10. thehost

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

  11. thehost

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    tell that to those who sign
  12. those three cunts require subtitles FFS, type of chat id expect in a sellick heroin shoot up shop
  13. thehost

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    you cant get more silent that not singing
  14. thehost

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    it was re your pish of dignified silence, not the Rangers way shite ….. illustrating how turning the other cheek and behaving in a superior fashion has delivered us to the precipice of non-entities
  15. thehost

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    You may have missed this but the old dignified silence route has seen us be treated like pariahs. Let me ask you this What do you think would happen to our club, if it was our boys club and staff being put through court, after being covered up? Penn State would be a mere bagatelle in comparison to the clamour for extinction, that we would face. Where these cunts control the media, the governing body and the wee joke parliament and GCC. We need to understand that we are fighting for our existence and act accordingly. The Gub's espanyolification is happening. Whilst we are on the subject, have you any idea when GCC are holding this party for our 100th major honour? It seems to have escaped their notice. They can fund street parties when the filth won the title but when called out promised they would recognise our 100th major trophy..... as usual, with that lot, lies and bias.
  16. thehost

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    we should be setting the cunts beard on fire
  17. thehost

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    the cunt is vying with Clarke for the filth job...…. I can also see popcorn teeth hoping for it too
  18. thehost

    Style of play

    SG has often pointed out, though not as much as my fucking blood pressure has, that the cunts can come into matches and literally stroll about. When we turn up like that we struggle. This fucking pass the ball 3 yards sideways destroys any potency we have going forward. He keeps seeing it, keeps moaning about it but does fuck all to fix it.
  19. thehost

    The Gaffers Naivety

    imagine wee Dick with this squad.... full of movement, we'd be ripping teams apart
  20. thehost

    Gerrard and Tavernier : Post Match Reactions

    he has pace you are playing against three quick forwards sticking worzel gummidge and a 40 year old on is rarely the answer throw in a keeper who refuses to release the ball till the opposition are fully set and you get result after result and performance after performance like last night rewatch the match and watch the killie keeper release and the wing backs run on with the ball if you are going to give the ball, to a standing CH, then you better make sure you have a load of pace in said CH's because they are always likely to get harried by quick, smaller, more nimble forwards
  21. thehost

    Gerrard and Tavernier : Post Match Reactions

    fucking arse of an interviewer he should be asking him what the fuck he was playing at watching, and refusing to change, after 30 minutes.. aye, im still fucking raging
  22. thehost

    The Gaffers Naivety

    McGregor causes a lot of this there keeper got the ball releases instantly to a running back and away theyngo mcgregor holds it letting them reshape then passes it to our gormless centre half’s who,slow the same even more by passing it side to side SG has been watching this posh all season so must like it thats what will cost us the league, our desire to slow the game down and play at a walking pace
  23. thehost

    Leckie making an arse of himself again

    @ben51 some cunts bad moothing your wardrobe Benji
  24. thehost

    Crouch on Gerrard

    his podcast is fantastic listening too
  25. thehost

    This explains things...

    has she got hairy shoulders 🧐