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  1. F*** The Board.

    We, the old cunts (most now banned) told you this 4 years ago. they are bereft of ideas, cash, and deportment. They are entirely unsuitable. They need, moved on.
  2. Derek McInnes

    hes not good enough we cant afford him did he tell you this himself, in terms of walking to ibrox, as I have been informed otherwise, though not from the horses mouth
  3. Mcleish

    If this came to pass it would be the final nail in the coffin for the chancers.... 6 months till oblivion, at best.
  4. we can type all day long, we aint ever going to agree. personally, I see folk like paul murray and especially his wee fan group, as enemies of the club. Who have sought personal favour over the well-being of the club. You'd be better off having me in the board room. I have the same money as paul murray (fuck all) but at least I wouldn't put up with the shite. Heck i'd even pay for my own DB ticket..... what type of filth doesn't even pay to sit their erchie in a seat? Alternatively we could have ownership that is actually founded on proper business principles and runs the place as a business not a talking shop for the in-hireable.
  5. many folk foresaw what would happen should these folk gain control, others sought to ease their path and dove into the trough....
  6. Aye, just look back at my last 4 years of messages, on the subject, they have been fairly consistent. Only trough-dwellers would have facilitated this regime as it was obvious to anyone what would ensue. Hope you, and your blue pound mates, are proud of yourselves. Thankfully you will al be ushered out, one after the other, in the not too distant. Personally I cannot wait for the club to be cleansed. Worse than filth supporters, in my book.
  7. you, and your wee band of mates, brought us to this place....
  8. it would be easier if you admitted your heroes are nothing short of trough-dwellers who are causing the club real harm. The hiring of BD would continue this wilful mismanagement.
  9. David Murray

    we had money in the bank when we won 9 in a row. The shit hit the fan from 2000 onwards, accelerated when we gave in and sided with the diddy ten over TV rights then fell off a cliff when Bain was allowed free reign, ably backed by Paul Murray and Bainites throughout the upper management of the club. These self same folk who now wander the corridors of Argyle house freely.....
  10. that cunt billy davies is in and out of the place I can only imagine the uproar if that arse gets hired
  11. Derek McInnes

    Maybe the cunts in the boardroom should be trying to be like "some mob" and get us playing in the CL. Club is, and will remain, a shambles until we have proper owners.
  12. ***Suggestion Thread***

    aye no bad simpleton
  13. ***Suggestion Thread***

    He was certainly the last man to set a record for the worst run of results... heck I think that may have happened after he galvanised wee dicks players and got them playing football, almost like that is his MO wherever he goes.
  14. ***Suggestion Thread***

    is this the same mcleish who gave us the worst run of results in our history, that mcleish?
  15. ***Suggestion Thread***

    mcinnes would be another, in a long list, of shambolic appointments
  16. Club Statement - Pedro

    Level of investment...... They can’t help themselves
  17. i would, his football was a joke..... a shambles of an eyesore before we even get to the craven events of Manchester
  18. Its not bitterness...... its the simple fact, in my estimation, that the place is run like a cabal, full of folk who toe the party line and who do nothing but toe the party line, to the detriment of the club. There is certainly no meritocracy in operation. Until a broom comes in and at least sweeps out some of the more obvious detritus no new money will be forthcoming. The parks have shown me nothing in terms of running a club but at least they appear to have a bone fide business and a reputation to match. I don't agree with your spiv antics, i'd rather have the previous incumbent's rather than the current. Heck i'd rather have peter liewell that paul murray on the board, he'd do less damage! Even though I don't rate sections of the current board, nor their lickspittle #hiredhands, I really wouldn't give a fuck as long as we were winning. Alas, we are further away from winning that at any time in my life with no discernible signs of us getting closer in either football nor money.
  19. I'd have started off by not replicating the failing part of the SDM board, to do so was extreme folly with results following the line of expectation. The fact that the SFA knocked back a billionaire yet passed a GASL should have alerted any, genuine, Rangers fan to the inherent unsuitability of that regime. The fact that said regime was run on a guerrilla standing with #hiredhand "fans" helping tells you all you need to know. What next? Well its a bit of a pickle as we are now: unlisted no revenue streams fucked off a major sports manufacturer a basket case of a football team two grounds that are in urgent need of funding no junior team to speak of no saleable assets on the basis that there is no one waiting, with money, to take control and having to work under the current constraints the only things I would do were: Clear out king/murray and their pet pals. Sack the MD and appoint a proper CEO. Maybe that way the parks et al may have a chance of bringing the business to an even keel whilst trying to find a buyer of substance. None of this will happen, we will finish (at best) 4th in the league and the club will face another "financial" event. Still paul murray has his blazer and his mates got wee gigs about the place so that's the main thing. If I were in charge of this mindfuck I'd be not only tendering my resignation but making personal apologies to the fanbase for making a rip roaring cunt of it. Then again i'm a fan that pays my way so what would I have in common with freeloaders, blue pound chasers and convicted criminals.
  20. troughs are the things "your mates" reside in..... they back any old cunt as long as the blue pound is there still what do you care, you are starting up a new club, how your "mates" will profit out of that is anyone's guess when you start calling our yer profitpals and #hiredhands then we may actually be getting somewhere, like you they don't buy tickets either
  21. fair play to our Spanish fair weather friend at least he backs the not-fit for purpose regime irrespective of results we could be playing in the 4th division and the good ol boys wouldn't give one fuck as long as their trough was full
  22. usual suspects will avoid these type of threads, like the plague.....
  23. Wallace & co told to stay away

    What is beyond parody is well beyond the confines of the football pitch, as you well know. Time for your mate, and his benefactors, to fuck right off.
  24. Sack the board

    spot on! #hiredhands must be mighty proud of themselves