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  1. Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    he has a personal agenda against one of the current board members, no idea why he isn't up front about that?
  2. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    ive no idea...... I knew there was talk (amongst my mindset) of starting some form of fans group but I never got involved so only saw the share thing etc when everyone else did. I have no desire to own any shares but due to the folk involved I have a responsibility to join so will sign up when I can work the application form (fucking luddite cunt, I am becoming)
  3. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    was four year loyal now five year loyal..... the flotsam that attached itself to the club when we went down the swanee
  4. Statement from A Johnston

    they need their next fee-earner before they jump ship bud
  5. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    There is a whole thread about it. It's created from a non FYF and hiredhand perspective, if you catch my drift.
  6. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    BA is at his best when writing massive screeds about the evils of homosexuality. You just know he is beating one out as he has his massive tirade. Genuinely some of the funniest posts are his any gay rants
  7. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Not been in the members for about 5 seasons mate. My old boy decided he wanted to go and hated the place so we moved. Tells me he’s not going back now so no chance I will get back in there, not with the current board. I’m surprised the cunts allow me to attend as it is
  8. Our troubles listed...grim reading

    the troubles start and stop with paul murray
  9. Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    The folk setting this up aren't the usual set of lickspittles, hired hands or five year loyal. In fact, the usual suspects, are already castigating it and the folk behind it. PS hello wee greg, I see you looking in
  10. Latest 1872 begging bilge.

    That’s a fucking shambles of a statement.
  11. Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    are you buying shares bud?
  12. Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    thankfully I only get involved in politics ... fuck slating football when you have a whole army of leftist politicians to hurl abuse at
  13. Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    Not sure why he's put his name to the coy, to be honest. Should have been someone with no net presence (in terms of identity) and previous posts.
  14. Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    I dunno much about this. I know folk talked about a more representative (non-board) fans group. But this is the first I have seen of the actual vehicle. I don't think there is one guy behind it, though th eguy listed in the limited coy, I assume just in the interim for company set-up, is unfortunately banned on here.
  15. Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    That's the one thing you can guarantee
  16. Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    as you know he's my mate I just didn't want anyone getting the wrong end of the stick....
  17. Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    you should be unbanning him and ED.................
  18. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    the big tent was fully staffed when king murray and their #hiredhands took over......
  19. The Board Need Held to Account

    you missed out the word.... paid
  20. Record Exclusive

    less 'Rangers' men round the board table and less of their #hiredhands would see us in a much better position.........
  21. Could Walter do a job for 1 season

    Semi was the best football night of my life. Had a cracking day, a cracking game then drinking with their fans after the match. the final was the worst football day of my life, we never tried at all.
  22. Could Walter do a job for 1 season

    Don’t blame me for shoehorning big lee into the team you can lay that tactical master stroke on smith and his belligerent nature.
  23. Could Walter do a job for 1 season

    We’d have been as well getting knocked out if we don’t try and win it. His football was fucking awful to watch.