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  1. thehost

    Johnny Hubbard

    This is a sad, sad loss. Many a time he spent a good while, with my boys, ramming home the importance of earnest effort, desire and a never say die attitude. Was always a willing participant in any conversation and had time for all. RIP
  2. thehost

    Jon Flanagan

    You always need to remember, when it comes to snakes with tits, that reality is not always as it seemed. Look at that fucking horror suzie McGuire ...... came home steaming beat fuck out of her husband (who used to post on FF so may well post here) stuck a stiletto up his arse. What happened she stuck a complaint in first the courts hear her case first. he's a big bad cunt and her court case never happens. er.... I just read the post above regarding kicking her in the head... in that case that's not on..
  3. thehost

    David Roxburgh

    You leave Big Donny out of this
  4. thehost

    Jason Holt - The Codfather...

    what is happening to halliday then? Surely to fuck he hasn't wangled his way in for this season?
  5. thehost

    Players not going to Spain

    Why are our crests on the wrong side of our chests?
  6. thehost

    Level Playing Field

    There is no level playing field and there won't be until we stand up for ourselves and utilise the power of the blue£.
  7. thehost

    League fixtures out this Friday

    I think we will fuck the sheep 3-0
  8. thehost

    League fixtures out this Friday

    no I didn't, ive no idea, to my old man shame, how to work the fucking thing so was hoping for a magic link
  9. thehost

    League fixtures out this Friday

    right cunts.... iPhone app thing to put all this in the calendar thanks
  10. thehost

    Tony McGlennan resigns from SFA post

    exactly which is why we didn't want PM, or his mates back, in any fashion
  11. thehost

    Hummel Training Centre?

    Good move from the club and money is being spent aplenty, due to this
  12. thehost

    Nikola Katic Signs

    hopefully a good signing. Good to see some CB's. Keep it up Rangers
  13. thehost

    Welcome to Rangers Ovie Ejaria

    Sorry, I’m basing my opinion from West onwards and he wouldn’t be in the top 5, for me, from that time onwards. no one, in their right mind, thinks .... right what do I need oh I know a 37 year old keeper....
  14. thehost

    Welcome to Rangers Ovie Ejaria

    An old, bang on average, goalkeeper..... nah I doubt they would be beating his door down. i c0nfidently predict he will be no better than Wes, this coming season. I also think folk would have gone ballistic if he hadn’t previously played for us. Heck even when he did play for us he was nothing better than OK.
  15. thehost

    Welcome to Rangers Ovie Ejaria

    He’d have signed none of them
  16. thehost

    SAS Ant supports The Rangers

    Why would he think an SBS man would support anti-BRitsih filth. and I hope I’m not the only one who had immediate disgust at that Baw bag saying sellick first, a sure fucking sign!
  17. thehost

    SFA to Block Rangers Cutting celtic Allocation

    It’s a non story, cup games have always had different criteria. file under Sensationalist pish
  18. thehost

    Backroom Staff Taking Shape

    That's the traditional big 5 of the UK. Has been since the early 1900's. At some point Sky money will go and there will be an equalisation between us and England. The disparity has never been so large before, so its somewhat of a worry as to whether we will survive long enough for normalisation.
  19. thehost

    Backroom Staff Taking Shape

    er, we are one of the biggest clubs in the world in fact the big 5 of the UK are The Rangers, Man U, Arsenal, filth of the south, filth just because sky have momentarily skewed things doesn't man much in the overall scheme of things
  20. thehost

    A message from the manager

    not that I give a fuck either way but outwith is Scottish and plenty of folk look at you weird if you say or write it
  21. thehost

    Orange Top Hint

    you needed Michael J Fox to stop that video in time
  22. thehost

    The Time For Change Has Never Been Better

    fuck the rest of the clubs that's the whole point
  23. thehost

    The Time For Change Has Never Been Better

    fine. but don't moan when the club gets continually fucked over. The only power we have is the blue £.