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  1. Aye we are fucking terrific when we remove our only goal threat. name of fuck
  2. we have managed to win fuck all, again, if that's what Tom has said?
  3. as long as they have modesty boards
  4. sorry, my bad English. I was asking if you knew what size of Stadia they were looking at. Would it be 55+ 60k etc?
  5. if true, then welcome news...…. any idea what total they are looking towards?
  6. aye JT write that 🤣…….. JT writes the pulp the man with no office concocts the legible stuff irrespective of who pens it, its the usual shite and wont change until we have a proper CEO and an owner with serious liquidity
  7. modernity...…. most of the upset was down to reliability apart from that the "greats" always end up in the fastest car..... need to get these manufacturers to feck though and back to v10 engines and fuck the environment
  8. will be over that, with that sort of rise. I can't remember the exact price but was always more or less the same as the legends which was 5650 last year so 12.5% on that is one hell of a rise
  9. that's fucking mental...… Its already heavy English Premiership Prices in most of the areas to stick that up by £700 a head is mental
  10. mine are just over 5% increase
  11. I believe we have won fuck all, during this process. It is not acceptable.
  12. The sooner we threaten to not attend the next playing fixture the sooner these cunts will sit up and take notice. We are the cash-cow of Scottish football. Why we meekly allow other clubs to treat us like shit is beyond me.
  13. you either recognise what I have typed or you don't, if you don't then its understandable why folk like dignified silence, if folk do recognise it then the dignified silence route can only continue to hurt us so i'd have no idea why they would advocate it
  14. I think, they think, What would Bill Struth do? Without realising that when Bill Struth was alive we were most certainly the establishment club. Something they most certainly are now hence the reason that dignified silence doesn't tend to work too well!
  15. if we turned into tarriers we would: control both the snp and Scottish labour, ergo control mini-national and council decisions be handed all sorts of sweetheart deals from both mini-national and councils have control of not only the political but also legal and media have a billionaire owner senior Westminster lords and politico's, some of whom used to sit on our board. a rabid, aggressive CEO who has seen to it to control the levers of power within Scottish football as we have none of these things, I suggest that's why we don't get the rub of the green and as soon as we win all hell breaks loose we have a long way to go before we ever turn into tarriers!!!!
  16. you can be on our players side, have his back or be on the tarrier media side I know which one im on and its not the wall to wall media filth, who despite being filth supporters, don't appear to want us to keep this massive liability, that alone should tell you everything you need to know
  17. thehost


    did someone just compare goram with tav name of fuck
  18. Methinks he will be getting banned too
  19. Then what? b3fore you answer can I ask you to look at the goals scored stats, for this season in particular the distribution
  20. Maybe, but that’s not what I asked. If he wasn’t here and we had ladder try and Defoe would we have more or less points is what I asked. you sell Morelos I have no idea where any goals are coming from. As I said I think we’d be in 4th
  21. Never thought about it like that, you may be correct
  22. He had a closed fist punch at him. If Morelos goes for a wrist hitting brown then the cunts will throw the book at Kent. Look at the pic he’s thrown an actual punch. Pity he never connected with the horrible bastard.
  23. Not talking him up just pointing out he’s our only good player so if you want rid of him you better find another of that calibre we are 13 points behind the filth. If Morelos hadn’t played this season how many points do you think we’d be behind?
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