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  1. 5 hours ago, Tiger Shaw said:

    Cunts expect both out centre backs to play like van Dijk at his best for every single minute they’re on the park 😆


    cunts expect a manager to identify the strengths and weaknesses of his personnel and not play two players together who share the same strengths and weaknesses



  2. Just now, mus said:

    I would guess their experience is more important than the other cb's speed and the full backs are both pretty sharp

    every game someone turns them and runs by them...… like every single game

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  3. 1 minute ago, mus said:

    Fair point but I was more talking about your second sentence, they may be slowish (I do think goldson has got quicker this year) but useless they ain't!

    I specifically said they are useless when forced to turn and run.... they are good CH's but, to me, it seems weird to play two players who have the same specific weakness

  4. 5 minutes ago, mus said:

    Fair play mate, never admit to being wrong, even if it means making shit up!!

    rewatch the match... the by ran by him, one of the first moves in the first half...… literally jogged by him

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  5. 4th best CH, at the club. Has a turn of pace that I would expect of a 40 year old. Will be a bombscare, for many nights to come, when partnered with our 3rd best CH Goldson.


    Will ultimately cost us the league.

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  6. his bizarre infatuation, with the CH partnership, will cost us the league IMO


    i'd argue the best two CH didn't even play on Sat, cue the usual strikers buzzing by our two cumbersome, immobile bosses favourites


    his morelos nonsense is also a mark of rank stupidity


    i'm only logging on just now so not sure if he has already done so but if he hasn't officially removed Tav from penalty duties then that would be another sign of idiocy



  7. not only a great player but a great person too

    obviously brining on Alfie, leaps and bounds, and always terrific with the kids...… cannot give enough time for pics and autographs etc


    great wee guy

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  8. 1 minute ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

    I don't get it mate. 

    Like hand on heart as soon as they cunts scored that winner my heart sank to the fucking floor, but even worse was the fact that I knew I was going to come on here and read all sorts slaughtering a guy who's made a mistake in a game. 

    There's cunts active on this forum who revel in misery, the group is wide open after tonight, yes, we should top but we aren't. Big fucking deal. 

    He made 3 mostakes, two of which cost us goals and one which should have cost us a goal.... his decision making and positioning was fucking horrific 

  9. 1 minute ago, Mr Soprano said:

    Messrs Nesta, Weir and Chiellini say hello.

    those three would have been skinned, by that fucking horrific CF too


    thanks for making my point


    modern football requires more than physical presence 


    the better the league the more pace they need, the fact we are choosing two slow blokes, who cant deal with a poor and non-pacey CF, seems bizarre especially when we have two, relatively, quicker CH's in our squad. Logic would dictate that you would have a least one on two compensate for the weakness of the other



  10. 9 minutes ago, Mr Soprano said:

    Fuck me :lol:

    I know whit am I like


    next thing you know I will be telling you a lanky shite CF, on £400 a week, would be able to breeze by our two sprintking CH's



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  11. 16 minutes ago, DBBTB said:

    He looks like a  relatively talented player but looking good in a few pre season friendlies and a game against East Fife doesn’t mean he should immediately be bumped up to a starting centre half.

    No but it does give enough to know he is quicker than the two blokes currently in that position.... I like my CH speedy.... we have the two slowest ones out there

  12. Just now, DBBTB said:

    Certainly Ssems to be becoming the case for Edmundson.

    you didn't see an assured, combative, good distributer …. when he played for us?


    that's what I saw

  13. 9 minutes ago, jbm26896 said:

    And they won’t play on Saturday either, it’s amazing how good you become by not actually playing.

    It's amazing how folk can overlook blatant inadequacies due to players playing


    you ain't got pace, as a CH, you ain't much use


    the two unused have more pace than the two playing

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