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  1. ffs i dont even know where to start with this here goes we have been told that we are reducing the wage bill i said apart from alexader no saving have been made last year i ASSUME that we paid 50% of g and b's wages this year they have gone but we have paid them off i am ASSUMING they got 50% of their wage ergo, if we take it over the next six months we will be spending the same as we did in the first six months of last season on these two guys this we have only removed alexander since the end of the season after 6 months theng and b savings will be made
  2. What? If you re-read what was written i think you will see the part where i said treading water for the next six months.
  3. Ive said this before M. My son refuses to watch us on the TV now. He only comes to the matches to eat all the food. This is a boy who has been mascot twice, has a room festooned with RFC stuff and supports us. 9 years on age and he bemoans the negativity of the team and paucity of display. Even more worryingly he is the ONLY boy, in his year group, who supports The Rangers (no he doesn't go to a RC school). A lost generation, worrying indeed.
  4. They were on loan last year. Normal loan is 50/50, is it not? ergo we are treading water for six months. Not one penny of saving on either the two of them
  5. rangers using chic young rangers advertising in the rhebel
  6. Ive already dismissed your pish about goian and boca they got pay offs ergo they are not off the wage bill i have no idea what you are talking about when you say player wage bill my understanding, last year, was that we had a wage bill of £7m that included non players as to run thr club into the ground let me put it another way in my view no player should be on more than 4 k a week the management team should not be on more than 500k, combined. we can change things when in the spl at the moment we are spunking funds that are not necessary i see little in the way of financial rectitude
  7. We lost two players but paid them off..... how much we do not know. In any event most people would agree that it would be a minimum of half so that means we are technically paying them for the next six months (if we want to think on a pro rata basis) That leaves us 10k we KNOW has been removed
  8. No i am not aware of anything. I'd be happy if you could share what costs those would be. All i see is a huge amount of footballers being signed. Gourley leaving to team up with bains mob. High earners payed off to go and very little else. The only real saving is Alexander and that 10k is more than swallowed up the the ever growing new crop.
  9. I am all ears as to these costs that are being cut. Come on Mr Insidetrack Man .... let us know where we are reducing costs.
  10. Really? So having a concern for profligacy is not working against The Rangers is it?
  11. Let me get this right you cannot indulge me because you don't have a fucking clue about your previous statements thanks for the clarity
  12. eh? No tims I know would be interested in our huge squad. A number of us have been banging on at this apparent unending quest to form the largest squad known to mankind. Indeed it is every Rangers fan's duty to start asking questions about the financial position of the club and spend less time worrying about football.
  13. You seem happy to talk in absolutes. The floor is yours how much have costs been cut by? How much have revenues increased. I. for one, am looking forward to this answer........................
  14. What about if we sponsor him to do it for the charity? let us hope he talks like a eunuch
  15. Yeah i know, but heres the thing (see im a soft bastard). If you guys raise £2k for RCF then it should be aknowledged and once its aknowleged then maybe the three admin cant get together and have an interforum auction. That way they might all fkn talk to each other. Im happy to throw in signed shirts, boughies Tshirt (still unwashed and smelling of him) and anything else i have lying about that way we really have a good piece for RFC Some fans wrote a book to record what happened, made cash for a charity the whole online fanbase came together and added more for said chairty then again maybe iv
  16. ffs frankie you been talking christopher pills how much is it... £2 £4 £1.50 i have no idea about publishing i think it's good you guys are doing something for free but let folk know how much is going in. Once that is known, maybe all the forum mods can arrange raffles or stuff on each one to try an match pound for pound what you guys put in via fees, that way we get double the amount to charity. I'm happy to throw a few items in to be auctioned.
  17. How much is the authors fee part? If its substantial i will buy the thing if its 50 p per copy then there is little point
  18. by not taking them over long term.... no need for LM boca alexander etc... move em on leave them training with the boys if need be
  19. I reckon a wage bill of 2.5 mill per annum a squad of 24 a management team salary of 500k is more than enough to get us back to the spl that is a 15mill warchest right there, for when we get back.
  20. How can you possibly know that, we have no idea what ALL these new players are on and we are being told that we paid off some players.
  21. Was this the poster ian something sho came on various boards wanting one fan group? I have no idea as i have heard nothing since.
  22. or lee mcculloch for less than a year we piss money away like water like a bananna republic receiving aid and spending it on everything it wasnt intended for we are golden piggy bank for shite fotballers liewell hardly has to do his job such is the ineptitude currently shown by the RST backed board
  23. Another thing the RST should be commenting on. How can you be the "heart and soul" of the club if you don't give a shit about complete and utter gross financial mismanagment?
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