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  1. this, and a good few more articles of The Gub should be required reading. He was banging on about this over 20 years ago cunts laughed, cunts guffawed and now here we are espanolyifcation is almost complete and whilst im on about these subjects... the fucking mods need to look at themselves too old, moaning cunts have been systematically removed from these forums but the subject matter they have amassed, over the last 20 odd years would shock some of our 30 year old, and below, support VB member added loads on here but eventually the majority got sick and fucked off..... folk like timps got banned for fuck all, there are huge swathes on online content, that highlights the anti-RFC labour and snp antics at Holyrood and gcc level and none of it is now easily accessed outwith a few key folk in VB and the like admin should be seeking to get VB folk back on here..... people like timps back on here and some eyes may be opened to what has been produced, and foretold, since the late 90s
  2. winning is a god given right, for us.... it sort of comes with the territory serial losing doesn't we are currently serial losers ergo the anger
  3. I know bud but we are going to have to witness some type of seismic event for us to get back to prominence. We are still a financial basket-case and are nowhere near winning that league. Year in, year out. The current board, football management, and hefty chunk of our playing pool show year, after year that they are nowhere near the required standard. To me, this means we need a new owner with new money..... but where the fuck is that going to come from.
  4. im sure Liverpool thought the same before man u hoovering everything up and surpassing them We were so far ahead that 10 years of dominance hasn't allowed them to overtake us, but they are now catching us. The fact we are still unable to win silverware is completely unacceptable.
  5. I don't care the guy is a disgrace, in my opinion he's crossed the rubicon with me He plays the same formation, at the same venues, refuses to change it and suffers the same results. He is incapable of learning. Worse, he appears to be sharing some fenianspex when it comes to refereeing decisions. He refuses to stand up for the club, he is tactically naïve and seemingly unable/unwilling to learn I'd take him, his assistant, Robertson, Tav, goldson, Kamara and aribo and ship them to derby or some such non-entity. Suffice to say im finished with the current MD and football management.
  6. I'm happy we made the statement, I think the dude has a point. We now need to keep on top of this, not give an inch and constantly be on the front foot. SG should find a set of balls and be on the front foot too
  7. He could toe that cunt liewell all over the place 📪
  8. the tweet, or account, wasn't really the focus of my point.... I knew it wasn't real the cunt needs to defend Rangers not get an apology in 20 minutes craven board
  9. this cunt should stick to defending the club
  10. I want him nowhere near the place but I also recognise that he's utilised by the club as a conduit, when our feckless, craven board want to tweak the press and cant even use cliff
  11. he was fucking dreadful at the start, when back he was much better as moobs said that tackle was a treat, was also legal but the cunt of a ref had to book him so still being cheated, even back then
  12. wonder if the posters who after laying into Morelos are the same folk who wanted him gone for 2 million last year what say you @Rfc52 meanwhile none of them have seen fit to actually comment on the thread title and main area of concern, a board who issue a statement saying they aint taking it anymore and will be issuing a full statement then never bother their arse some cunts on here seem more focussed on giving our top scorer a kicking than standing up to the filth, fucking bewildering
  13. if that is all you can take from the OP then no wonder we are a laughing stock
  14. i don't think, in the overall scheme of the cheating we saw that day, the articles that followed and our pre statement saying we would be issuing a statement, that self-abuse of one of our players is anywhere near the top of the agenda
  15. a dive when after he ran forty yards 2 minutes after the game should have ended 96 minutes of physical activity after being booked for literally fuck all after the ref ignored 3/4 celtic second yellows are you sure your not RFC MD? fucking no wonder we are fucked from pillar to post
  16. has that cunt of a MD capitulated and fucked the club over once more. HE's as fucking useless as Bain and that is saying something. Meanwhile the filth have managed to be the victim's whilst a player launches objects into a crowd. We lose 3 points having been cheated out of our talisman striker. What a way to misrun a business. The cunts should be ashamed of themselves.
  17. He needs his bass booted as do that cowardly board
  18. the only thing I smoke is black cock mate
  19. why? its not cigarette smoke..... going by your logic we should all wear helmets and ingest our own oxygen whats the next step? removing people who fart?
  20. its not smoke though, is it
  21. he's already our top paid player, is he not?
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