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  1. Wtf has that to do with me I'm asking a guy who read it what it was like in his opinion
  2. Was it middle of the road hand wringing or was there a good proportion calling a spade a spade?
  3. How many articles/chapters do each have. I like Kinnon, Gow is the antithesis of what I want to reaf
  4. How much is the Dave Kinnon bloke how much is Gow?
  5. its quite shocking the way these uber fan reps/blogers are happy to peddle crap that they know is one sided and meant for no other reason than to create an atmosphere to distrust so a few can prosper
  6. Ni I've not and the reason for that is I have never had a proper reply before, just soft shoe shuffle stuff. Plus if I asked questions about budgets and financial information then it really is none of my business. I am a customer not a shareholder.
  7. Link me to it will do it now sorry was busy for a while I am now free to make up loads of shite
  8. Chris, as usual I am waiting for you to answer my question of around 4 hours ago...... its where I answered your questions and asked you one back..... yes the usual bloody MO never answer hee haw
  9. I don't know who he is I was talking about his name.... unless he has just had a twitter account closed then I do know
  10. his name has nothing to do with Father Ted... not in this instance anyway
  11. so you are telling me that ally is letting other people pick his players and doesn't have the balls to stand up for himself? or you telling me that he picks players that are shite? im confused, which one is it Chris?
  12. What the ones the manager wanted? I was obviously mistaken that you said not worth a game and high wages as big lee has been occupying that position for a great many years.
  13. If big lee goes i will buy you a pint. I assume that is who you are talking about.
  14. Didnt stop Dingwall accusing RM of purposely trying to cost RFC £500k by refusing to break the law.
  15. What does that have to do with anything?
  16. ffs i dont even know where to start with this here goes we have been told that we are reducing the wage bill i said apart from alexader no saving have been made last year i ASSUME that we paid 50% of g and b's wages this year they have gone but we have paid them off i am ASSUMING they got 50% of their wage ergo, if we take it over the next six months we will be spending the same as we did in the first six months of last season on these two guys this we have only removed alexander since the end of the season after 6 months theng and b savings will be made
  17. What? If you re-read what was written i think you will see the part where i said treading water for the next six months.
  18. Ive said this before M. My son refuses to watch us on the TV now. He only comes to the matches to eat all the food. This is a boy who has been mascot twice, has a room festooned with RFC stuff and supports us. 9 years on age and he bemoans the negativity of the team and paucity of display. Even more worryingly he is the ONLY boy, in his year group, who supports The Rangers (no he doesn't go to a RC school). A lost generation, worrying indeed.
  19. They were on loan last year. Normal loan is 50/50, is it not? ergo we are treading water for six months. Not one penny of saving on either the two of them
  20. rangers using chic young rangers advertising in the rhebel
  21. Ive already dismissed your pish about goian and boca they got pay offs ergo they are not off the wage bill i have no idea what you are talking about when you say player wage bill my understanding, last year, was that we had a wage bill of £7m that included non players as to run thr club into the ground let me put it another way in my view no player should be on more than 4 k a week the management team should not be on more than 500k, combined. we can change things when in the spl at the moment we are spunking funds that are not necessary i see little in the way of financial rectitude
  22. We lost two players but paid them off..... how much we do not know. In any event most people would agree that it would be a minimum of half so that means we are technically paying them for the next six months (if we want to think on a pro rata basis) That leaves us 10k we KNOW has been removed
  23. No i am not aware of anything. I'd be happy if you could share what costs those would be. All i see is a huge amount of footballers being signed. Gourley leaving to team up with bains mob. High earners payed off to go and very little else. The only real saving is Alexander and that 10k is more than swallowed up the the ever growing new crop.
  24. I am all ears as to these costs that are being cut. Come on Mr Insidetrack Man .... let us know where we are reducing costs.
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