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  1. Let us not get sidetracked about football, this is about a fans grouping that seems to be in the thrall of a few peoples poliotical desires rather than the long term good of the club. Just when will the RST question the current wage to t/o ratio in light of the huge influx of players.
  2. It's easier to bum up big lee than ask what the hell he adds and why does he get paid such an outragous salary. Most people are only interested in the football and that is fine but the RST should be interested in everything BUT the football.
  3. There is even talk of mccoist siging craig gordon ffs. The RST should be calling for wholesale changes to the way we operate as a football club. No players over 30 signed. No salary spending over 30-40% of t/o No players paid over £5k whilst we are outwith the SPL. Manager and coaching staff to cost less than 500K pa whilst we are outwith the SPl. Rather than pander to the masses they should be looking after the details of the club that the masses aren't interested in.
  4. As long as VB have a place on the board my concerns disappear as I know I will get clarity. Until they are represented, in a meaningful way, the RST will continue to fail its members and continue to be involved in blowing smoke u peoples arses for well apparently no reason. If I was on the board I would be issuing a press release noting, with concern, the on-going spending spree currently taking place in the club for no apparent reason and wanting clarification that we are not exceeding 30% of our t/o on salaries. Then again I am interested in the club not the precious ego of smith.
  5. Apart from being rather too handy at preventing free speech I know little of dingwall. So as it is me who is always harping on with what you have described let me a tad more conciliatory MD has a forum too so should be allowed to remain, the board cut to 8 with RM and VB also included. Thereafter the rest of the board comprising senior professional/business leaders. Then we have a bit of faith that a reflective board is in place.
  6. No we can vote four people out, I have been told. Ergo the status quo will remain.
  7. Are you being deliberately obtuse? Do you see it as a role for the RST to contact all sorts of other groups to put out press releases? We're you contacted via email advising you about the releases and the party line to take? When we go into admin 2 those people will be complicit.
  8. rst assembly and UB it was organised as detailed by resting in my account as to naming folk I wouldn't want to do that as it's not fair and in any event not germane to my question which is about a people trying to misrepresent the fans views by the wilful deception that they represent thousands of folk when the reality is they don't even represent their members.
  9. The folk who got the people from different groups to put out releases. As referred to by Resting in my account. It was a concerted effort to try and get the board they want by misrepresenting the feelings of their members.
  10. This "Anyway hopefully, when you have time, you can address my central point that 4 or 5 people have disproportionate control over press releases fooling the media into thinking they speak for three fan groupings and therefore enabling their preferred outcome to be seen as the desire of the wider fanbase."
  11. I think this is a very important post because I believe the actions of people, have led to the current board. A board which I believe will be a disaster for the long term of RFC.
  12. No you haven't explained it to me. I look forward to your reply to the questions, I asked, when you get on a pc. Ta.
  13. Fury was also on reading but as usual never bothered his answering any of my or resting in my accounts questions. He only asks, I have noticed.
  14. Yes but the idea to use three groups was dreamt up by whom? Are you aware of who contacted who and how such contact was made. Do you think it was wise to put out such a statement which was in no way corresponding to you members views?
  15. I mean the ub rst and assembly all releasing statements in a co-ordinated fashion.
  16. The point being that you decided to get involved in boardroom politics but you wont ask pertinent questions of how the club is being run. I know you wont like this thread but it would be good to think abut the points being made. Having board members organising for other groups to release statements is not particularly smart. All it does is reinforce that their is a malign influence of a few people who try to manipulate things by pretending to speak for fans.
  17. I see you reading this RST, be great to get some comment from you
  18. Which brings us back to the original point. The RST board commenting on the politics of the boardroom and organising that other organisations release statements has brought us to the stage where we now have a football club unprepared to defend itself. As a member I am pretty disgusted as to the involvement of the RST in boardroom politics and also their apparent inability to represent the wider fanbase.
  19. Thanks for posting. Can I ask if you were, as a board member, consulted about the press release which was issued, simultaneously, with the UB and assembly statements. As to elections I understand the process the problem is, of course, that with so many board members and so few positions up for renewal that anyone trying to create a truly representative body cannot achieve their aim without seeking the consent of those who are seemingly happy with the status quo.
  20. RST come on for them, Taipan (who is reading this at the moment is a board member) then they have buzz (a FF poster with a different name) comes on... none of them have decided to answer any question I have asked. shame really. Taipan, at least, gave me some details about the next election but its all tied up still with only 4 new places available.
  21. Just catching up with the latest additions, to this thread. Still no RST response. Fury appears again, asks random questions, never answers anything. In summary the wee clique patently have no answers, they should be ashamed of themselves.
  22. I note that not one of the RST usual pack have come anywhere near this thread apart from read it. Pretty sad when they don't even feel they can defend their actions.
  23. No Is he a miserable sod too?
  24. no what? do I shout across 70 people to a directors box? no if you spoke to people who I know in ibrox about whether I was a moaning bassa that went on about smith mccoist and mcculloch rangers men and murray.... yes numerous have heard it so if the best you all can do is accuse me of some form of weasel words it certainly can't be laid at my door. Indeed suck knows folk who know me who will confirm I am the same bundle of joy, at ibrox, that I am on here and was on FF before suck banned me for the terrible crime of trying to get one fans group. I'd happily invite you along to a match but it would probably be easier for me to wave to you as you stand in the blue room Anyway hopefully, when you have time, you can address my central point that 4 or 5 people have disproportionate control over press releases fooling the media into thinking they speak for three fan groupings and therefore enabling their preferred outcome to be seen as the desire of the wider fanbase.
  25. Remember our wee convo, with regard to the set up of this new stitch up. You seemed to think it was a good idea at the time. I argued with you that we would be stiffed so you can imagine my surprise when you show your surprise at the composition of the new board. As to chatting to board members you know that the member is on the other side of the directors box from where they sit apart from that they wouldn't listen to a word I said and I'm too busy to get involved in anyway outwith typing on here. Maybe, in a few years, I will have the time and inclination. I was thinking about the RST board, even though I really don't have time, but it transpires only 4 places up for grabs and it would therefore be a waste of time since no change of direction can be brought about with that set up. Rest assured, should I ever desire a blazer I'd pay for it.
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