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  1. your opinion is misguided then did you know when we Rangers fans returned serve and complained about the filth, to FARE, who we got a response from? That's right Pedro Liewell on sellick headed notepaper...…. just like the shinners and IRA.... a wee friendly 'we now have your personal details letter' a rhabid fenian organistaion
  2. thehost


    Boy's a star. What the fuck the 2 new CH must be thinking is anyones guess... No1 CH pick for me
  3. I didn't say he was shite I said how he currently plays is shite.... the whole middle rolling the ball, standing about we won last noght and we had about 10 minutes of creating apart from that we didn't create much, same as the weekend.... we don't creat due to the players all standing about in the middle of the park rolling balls to each other anyway.... im away to see what I missed hopefully we have a separate thread somewhere ( @gogzy) on the filth and their fan antics as after last night those cunts need a stadia closure and we need to be compiling all incidents
  4. im being serious mate.... I go mental at him and the defenders all the time, standing about slowing the game to fuck I really think, how we currently play is fucking woeful. So I am genuinely surprised why everyone is raving about him. folk in real life comment same as me, during the match, and half the folk on a wee twitter chat say the same as me half the same as this thread..... so I am not totally on my own.....
  5. I thought this had stopped have you a paypal link you need to spoonfeed me as to what the fuck to do
  6. so must everyone in my company then because they all see the same. what did he do, last night for example, that was any good he put through a fantastic cross that Alfie should have scored when he actually moves in a forward position, with the ball, he seems a good player when him and the centre halfs pass it sideways and back and slow the game down (90% of his game) we create nothing theres a reason we aint creating and its down to lack of pace and lack of width In Jacks defence I assume he is doing what SG wants, but it does my fucking head in
  7. I must be blind, I think he is woeful, creates nothing, is mono-paced, does stupid backward 360's for no reason and generally slows us down to a toothless mess. The whole midfield is fucking woeful.
  8. Exactly OP..... songs are one thing but we cannot take our eye of the main area and that is a fight alas the current management (non-football) appear to be of the same mindset that Bain and Paul Murray were of, all those years ago and that mindset s not fighting for the fans, as they misguidedly see it …… but really boiling down to not defending the club
  9. id like to see it 'in real life' to comment
  10. well the union flag was removed because the tarriers and media were sniping at us waving it at our, Nuremberg rallies
  11. watch it in a chapel, wearing 5 sets of rosary beads, a blow up Gerry Adams and some semtex
  12. do you remember when they removed the union flag from the wee flag bearers, at the tunnel? thankfully we, the support, kicked up a fucking fuss and the cunts brought it back but that is the mindset that was prevalent in there, at the time, and by the looks of it not much has changed
  13. we did that before and they then fucked us over BMG...... its the equivalent of putting me in charge of grassing and judging the filth...… it aint ever going to be over until we legally enforce parity of esteem at that point all of this goes away
  14. Excellent...… now all we need is a brief and a case brought under the ECHR...…
  15. As long as you realise that stopping all songs will not stop them.....
  16. we did it and none of what you described happened, indeed the only thing that happened is they lopped more songs into the mix then, when the filth started getting the occasional wee finger pointed, all the talking heads, who came up with the offensive behaviour act, firstly made excuses then, eventually, killed the act this has sod all to do with songs and everything to do with neutering us as a football team so that we can never vie with celtic for league, and more importantly, euro money they took what they learned from the sinn fein playbook and applied it directly to our football club. Helped along by a few key faces within the SFA, UEFA, media and politics PS when they thought they had killed us off songs were never mentioned, when we actually started ot pose a threat to their revenue streams voila --- them nasty prods was back once more their rhabid fans want us dead, their board just want us supplicant, thy need us damaged enough not to win but healthy enough to give them the rivalry monies
  17. that is not only complete shite it is also verifiably complete shite
  18. I could give you a way to at least fight back in the next few minutes but it would require a board who gave a fuck
  19. You cant keep everything the same... some modernity, with a nod to tradition is all we can hope for. Look at the members, for example, place was becoming totally unfit for purpose so they take the sensible decision to throw those sofas to fuck and actually provide some, much required seating. The main moaners were those who thought they had some divine right to sit on them. Does it look as good? No Does it provide more suitable facilities for folk paying 6k a skull? Yes Where do you draw the line
  20. I think the new carpet looks nice. It's just good to see some money being spent on the place.
  21. The problem is that wormtongue can feed any old shite to King but the glib one will soon be up a creek when he has no fan base...………… you cannot have a serious football club, far less a world elite football club, that does not have a fan base who involve themselves in behaviour which helps self-identify and highlight differences from the opposition. This tribal nature is the very essence upon which major clubs are built.
  22. I don't have it mate..... I am a reader and move on im not one of these folk who keep info Im posting from memory …… other folk will have the details, what I am actually trying to do is separate the here and now …. what songs can we sing type posts..... from the underlying cause. In the vain hope we can get enough people to separate the issues and deal with them as two distinct areas. The reason I am trying to do this is until we recognise that we are being pursued by bodies against our very existence then we will never be in a position to adopt a proper defence, and attack, position at a corporate level. This tirade of lets not sing this, say that etc will never be finished. BMG was referenced the last time we were done, prior to admin. England was sanction for fuck the IRA. There are guys on VB etc with the full documentation, some of which @Virtuoso posted yesterday. In my opinion, the only way we can move forward is to recognise what we are up against and to then craft a policy to ensure parity of esteem, across UK football. We will never do that with the board and fans all trying to self-police and jump through whatever hoops (no pun intended) rabid anti-Brit fanatics reference. We ain't going to change the boards methodology unless we can actually get the fan base to agree some basics and those basics has to me more than agreeing to stop singing things every time someone complains.
  23. As usual, when this subject rears it head we get varying voices, with varying solutions and wanting varying modes of operations for future events. Part of this divergence is that some react to the actuality whilst others focus on the motivation behind such charges and on and on we go. So before we sit down, collectively as a fanbase, and come up with solutions, personally I think there are several, can we at least agree on the following: Origins The origination of this whole process started at the east end of Glasgow, their supporters both within the media, UEFA and racism pressure groups. UEFA wanted nothing to do with it, threw it out only for our own country via ROi placeman to seek an appeal which eventually led to our first punishment. The main tool used by the east end is the vehicle FARE. Fare is run by a rabid celtic fan. He is married to a BBC stooge who openly lied that Bearsden Academy was a hot bed for National Front supporters to gather at the gates and hurl invective at people of a swarthy disposition and then went on to tie RFC in with those people and her support, of the filth, because of that. Does anyone not agree with the origins, as described? Level Play Field Every major club, who play in European competitions sing songs that will fall foul of these 'rules' should someone have a reason to pursue them. Does anyone not agree with this? Fenians et al The last time we were 'found guilty' and sanctioned was for 'fought the IRA' Does anyone not agree with this? It's important that we get agreement as to the basic motivation and wide-ranging appetite to screw s before we go on to the next two subjects: How do we proceed, in a compliant manner. How do we ensure every club in British football has to adhere to the same standards as ourselves and how do we ensure they also receive the same punishment.
  24. there never was a letter...… they saw the back of a piece of paper, waved about by baldychops……………………
  25. cliff must be in danger of getting writers cramp
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