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  1. only a fool would extrapolate on that basis
  2. 5 games does not a season make
  3. he has started a seasons worth of games has he?
  4. time they left the fucking rules alone.... I couldn't believe what I was seeing when cunts were hitting the ball back at kick off and the change of the offisde rule to make it subjective is beyond risible
  5. especially for @eejay the dj
  6. believe what you want
  7. it would be idiotic if it was the truth ………………………………….
  8. me yesterday, my arse.... you want to jettison our only talented player for less than half he is worth without a plan on how to replace his 30 goals... and no I wasn't pissed, I was sober I doubt many tarriers would want to retain a 30 goal attacker
  9. reads like a rabid tarrier on speed
  10. just seems a tad weird to hoy out your best player for half his value and have no idea who can do the job he does????
  11. who are you replacing him with?
  12. when you have found out who the last striker was and when it was you may find that being cavalier, with our only quality player (and deadly striker) is probably not the best way to go about winning footballing trophies
  13. I trust you when it comes to not knowing the value of a player now back on to the subject matter at hand who was the last player to score 30 goals in a season in the top league and what year did it occur?
  14. theres having an opinion and theres talking absolute fucking tosh thankfully the manager values him at more than double your estimation who was our last player to score 30 goals in a season in the top league
  15. the state of this 🤣
  16. what if he continues to score 30 goals a season ….. thank fuck SG demanded a min fee on that contract
  17. apart from the fact that I didn't say that
  18. You appear to have some form of comprehension difficulty. What you have typed bears no relationship to what I have said. Are you on pcp?
  19. I'm telling you that where there is a hierarchical structure the person at the top has the ultimate decision. RFC is no different in that regard. If you want to believe any different then feel free but the DOF has the final say and SG reports directly into the DOF.
  20. don't forget jones we must be the only football forum where folk want to argue that a manager, who reports directly into a DOF, has the final say...…
  21. prove what, that a director of football has the final say on who is signed nah, thinking about it, you are correct, he makes no decisions and lets every other cunt do what they want state of this fucking place
  22. Its not snide... MA makes the decisions irrespective as to what his public demeanour says
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