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  1. Top 5 oppostion players you saw at Ibrox

    Kaka was sublime in that Milan friendly in 2009
  2. Could Rangers take paddypower to court?

    Far too much in fighting going on here! I personally couldn't give a shit about this image. There are, simply in my opinion, bigger problems than a bunch of sad people taking joy in trying to have a dig at the country's best and most successful club, whose advert has little to no effect on the club anyway. I do however totally understand people's grievances with it, though the legal action chat and ripping them for all they have is just absolutely cringe! At least we all agree paddypower are a shower of cunts!
  3. Bramble

    Would score goals for fun up here
  4. Notice of Complaint Issued to Ian Black

  5. Alan Smith

    He was a "diehard" Leeds fan, went to play for Man Utd. What a cunt
  6. which player.....

  7. Rangers take Republic of Ireland youngster Sam Kelly on trial

    Let's give him a big HULLO
  8. Neil Alexander signs for Crystal Palace

    He dives to the left, he dives to the riiight, Neil Alexander; stays at home with his wife!
  9. Strange sightings in London today

    I'm not Scottish, but I wanted England to get pumped. As I always do
  10. Strange sightings in London today

    I saw a fight between some lashed tartan army lads and some lashed homeless people. The homeless guys shouted "are you Wales in disguise". There was a lot of stumbling around and some very weak punches thrown!
  11. New Kit Thread - Season 2013/14

    Always the victims
  12. My response to Vanguard and others regarding Ally McCoist

    Sorry, this sentiment stuff has to stop. Not a single person will fault Ally as a player or his loyalty to Rangers through our tough times. Not a single fan has doubted that. But, in 18 months as manager, this is what we've seen: Awful start to the 2011/12 season, abject performances missing out on Europe Awful signings for the most part, both in the SPL and SFL3 A 15 point lead at the top of the SPL, squandered before the new year, and before any administration points deduction A bunch of "SPL standard" players, giving us the second highest wage bill in Scotland, yet play garbage football against part-timers As a player, he was judged by the highest standards, and doesn't change as a manager. The facts are above, he has been a poor manager, and there has been no sign, at least in my eyes, that things will improve under his management
  13. Phil Neville

  14. Ally McCoist : 'Rangers Not Good Enough'

    Stating the obvious
  15. Portsmouth

    A superb bunch of fans. Remember seeing them against Leeds at Elland Road in the 03/04 season. 11:30am k/o and a six hour trip to Leeds, but they brought around 4,000-5,000, which is incredible. Been to Fratton Park too. Was some mediocre game v Coventry City, but was still a great atmosphere. I really hope they survive, have a huge soft spot for them.