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  1. Awful manager. Anyone who can't see this is in deep denial
  2. Man Utd fans singing to Wenger, "are you Savile in disguise?"
  3. me too, what is your problem with my post?

  4. why give me me a bad rep for that you tadger??

  5. We're a big club, but an unimportant club. Outside our support, no-one gives a fuck about us
  6. Far too many of our supporters are obsessed with Celtic, and get a pathetic high when they embarrass themselves, on or off the field. They care more about that lot than the Rangers. I wish these types of fans would just do one
  7. Stupid debate. We'd be comfortable in the PREMIER LEAGUE if we were there, none of this championship crap. EVERY player in our strongest 11 would be top flight players. That's not saying there aren't a few gems outside the top flight and Becchio is good enough for a higher level. Before the days of :jelavic: I would take him in a heartbeat. Not now.
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