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  1. Just one of the perks of living up here
  2. You will be able to kip on the bus 😉
  3. Nice! There is a very bad storm up here just now. Flights are affected today and probably tomorrow... hopefully alright on Wed.
  4. Setting off in about 32 hours..arriving in Lisbon in about 51 hours!! 🍺
  5. His decision making is terrible a lot of the time.. i think Candeias was the brains in the relationship, to be honest.
  6. We were missing Jack big time... just like Liverpool missed Salah today.. incidently, both were pish. Thats what hsppens when important players are missing.
  7. See.. if Tav got up straight away instead of lying there looking at the fucking cubt, then he might have been able to right his wrong there!!!
  8. Spurs are very shit. If Watford had a semi decent striker of the ball theyd be 3 up at least. Woeful finishing.
  9. Fuck that my route back is Lisbon-Paris-Faroes. Fly out 12.15 and am backmat 19.00....as oppose the flights the other way.. faroes-copenhagen-amsterdam-lisbon.. 08.20 get in 22.50. Long day!
  10. Fucking hell. Thats worse than me (Faroes-Copenhage-Amsterdam-Paris-Lisbon). Fly out 07.50 and get in at around midnight I think. Loooong day at airport bars
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