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  1. I would watch them live as much as I could, but would love them to be on RTV "on demand". Always interesting to see what the youth teams are like.
  2. I believe its "Smackeroonies" ;)
  3. Lazy bastard
  4. You mean the one I posted on this ;)
  5. In my opinion, the crucial point is the budget for players. He isnt gonna walk into another disaster like he did at Inter. He will want to put things right and that wont be possible without a lot more money than we have been spending recently.
  6. Bumped into Maurice Ross earlier today. He was having a coffee in the petrol station up here in Tvoroyri, Faroe Islands, where he manages the local football team. Spoke for about 10-15 minutes. Straight away he asked if I was Scottish, because of my accent (having lived in Glasgow for a long time) and told him about having a season ticket etc.. straight away he said.. "you must have been there to heckle me, then" Really nice and down to earth guy.
  7. If he doesnt get a decent budget then he will probably stay a long way away. He had a disaster at Inter and wouldnt want to walk into another anytime soon.. if he doesnt get a decent budget then he wont be able to play the way he wants to play.....probably resulting in a disaster. We desperately need "frontloaded" investment to kickstart our progress.
  8. Do it. Great day out.
  9. FUCK! Unlucky Kenny. We are playing better now.
  10. What a goal!! Another couple now, Rangers!!
  11. When you have limited players, it doesnt matter what formation you play. It is clearly beyond this team to carry out any instructions.
  12. This reminds me so much of the McDowall "era".
  13. Our biggest problem is that the players arent moving for each other... they arent close enough either. If you do these things well then it doesnt really matter what formation you play. You need movement and players available for passes etc. We have none of that. Only thing you can make out, is a back four. Rest is a mystery really.
  14. We just look like a bunch of players running about with no shape or formation. Very poor.
  15. There is no formation... there is no shape. We are a complete shambles.