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  1. We were, but unfortunately we made mistakes and were behind so early in the game... They do have the ability to hurt us if we are too attacking and thats why we played like we did. We will probably see a different approach next week, though.
  2. The problem was, really, that they scored so early, after a complete fuck up from our midfield.
  3. No.. he hit it straight at Gordon and then tried to claim a pen for a hand ball?
  4. Sometimes sitting back is the right tactical decision. Had Miller and Waghorn put their chances away, then things would have been very different.
  5. Move it
  6. This.
  7. We need a British manager, why?
  8. This. Halliday was at fault for the first goal... the boy had so much time its unbelievable. We seem to make a lot more mistakes when Andy is playing.
  9. Yes. We dont really have a choice, though. If we took the game to them properly, then that would open us up and we would have been humped. The plan/tactics were our only chance of success today, but the reality is that we have a poor team. A bit of quality up front, though, and we would have had two goals today.
  10. I think we were really missing Toral today.
  11. Miller and Waghorn should have scored. They got two goals that were a result of two mistakes. One being the midfield failing to track a player and the other a penalty. Our tactics were clearly to sit back, and it was working, but our players make too many mistakes.
  12. I agree. It was quite clear what he was trying to do but our players make too many mistakes and that cost us today. Our tactics might not have been easy on the eye, but I honestly dont think there was much wrong with it. We made two bad mistakes for the goals and should have scored two goals. If things went our way, then we would have taken something from the game today.
  13. Waghorn should have scored...Miller too.
  14. This is exactly the problem. We have poor players that sometimes turn up and play very well, but the problem with poor players is that their worst form is much worse than that of a good player.. Good players still get the job done when they are playing poorly.