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  1. There is a real togetherness and it shows on the park. I think that will go a very long way this season... #55
  2. Im still gutted we didnt get Man Utd in the Europa... would have loved to smash them!
  3. Could very well be the case.
  4. I dont care if he goes on to play well.. we dont need a rotten apple like him in amongst our squad. Im pretty sure he was recommended by Borna.. supposedly one of their best players.
  5. I think the Norwegian LFC supporters club is one of, if not the biggest in the World.
  6. This is true. Ive been to Anfield and all I could hear outside was Scandinavian languages Plenty of people from here go to their games and some go quite regularly. Liverpool supporters club here has thousands of members.
  7. Name things you can pull... McGregor goes "BIRD!" hahahaha
  8. Definitely. Teams like Arsenal and Man Utd are at a low just now while we are flying.. we would beat a lot of these EPL teams comfortably, in my opinion.
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