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  1. Well.. Real Madrid and Juventus certinly dont think so... 😉
  2. I thought the cunt was in his 40s by now
  3. I dont doubt that.. that doesnt mean that he will be at 20 though. One has to take into account the massive pressure being put on him!
  4. This 14 year old Dortmund striker has just signed a sponsorship deal with Nike for around 10 million quid. He has scored 36 goals in 21 games for the u17 team.. he was top scorer for the u17s when he was 12 as well What are the chances that he will end up like Adu?
  5. Yea I know.. just wishful thinking on my behalf.
  6. Im sure they did! That kind of money can actually buy you real quality from abroad.
  7. Ive was about 15 million.. Solanke was 19 I think.. imagine paying 34 million for those two..
  8. The guy played in the EPL... an EPL club wanted to give him a new contract. Im pretty sure thats a good way to measure this particular player.
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