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  1. hefty paycuts galore.
  2. We are mostly Lutheran up here in the Faroe Islands, and we definitely class ourselves as Protestants.
  3. That didnt last long
  4. He did seem to score all kinds of goals.
  5. Honking attitude by all accounts. Get him out.
  6. He'd hardly say anything else whilst under contract.
  7. He has only really come on the pitch when the match was winding down. I would love to see him start.
  8. Within about 5 seconds as well. He did well to create a chance out of nothing and then fluffed his shot. He will come good.
  9. We just need that down the left as well then we will see more variation, in my opinion.
  10. How do you stream it on to your telly?
  11. Ive had this service for a few hears ad im abroad and this isnt the norm. Yes, its happened a few times, but certainly not the norm.
  12. Im expecting this to be shown live. Burnley game was.. all games are, apart from the recent closed doors ones, but they never used to show those at all in previous seasons.
  13. Well, there is a big world of "classical" music out there. Just like with anything, there is good stuff and bad. The very best way to listen to it is by going to a gig.
  14. You a fan? His stuff is quite hard to play, most of the time.