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  1. He's an immense player. I watch every Atletico game and he is amazing.
  2. Its quite weird, isnt it? We seem to be linked to quite a few players with good pedigree.... those normally come at a relative high price.
  3. It is indeed, Colin
  4. Im certainly starting to take notice.
  5. Interesting times!
  6. Sorry! Must have quoted the wrong post!
  7. People want to wear the colours. Fucking deal with it. We never get that mych out of a deal anyway.. also - exposurue is worth a hulluva lot more that a boycott - a boycott kills off a whole generation of supporters - well done!!
  8. Great save. This guy hasnt har any game time so its unfair to write the guy off.. By all accounts, hes rated.
  9. Say that to Rossiter..
  10. So... rumours then?
  11. Absolutely. 6k for kyle was probably the silliest of them all, really. I can see the logic in the lower leagues transfer policy as well..those players could potentially be sold on for a bit of cash, as they are English. But then again, they are hardly covering themselves in glory after having been given such an amazing second chance.
  12. He was signed from Cruzeiro, where he played 5 games in the 11/12 season. He played 9 games for Napoli in the 10/11 season.. so not a lot. Apparently he was not known to the manager at the time he was brought in, which is a silly way of doing things.
  13. Its very nice.
  14. Rumours or suggestions?