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  1. Of course I know what you are saying. My wallet doesnt quite stretch to running a football club, im afraid.
  2. Me being loaded aside... for the investment required its nothing for a billionaire... and CL group stages seem to be getting further away from clubs from smaller leagues. A team like Portsmouth, with investment, has far more potential to make money in the setup that they are in. And we ARE comparing it to EPL etc, as that is why someone is investing in them and not us. 5m - 25m or 5m-100m... i know which one is significant!!
  3. Significant growth is not champions leagur group stages... not compared to the EPL.
  4. It will DEFINITELY be a freebie ;)
  5. Ahhh.... Mr. Singhs. Starving now!!!
  6. Any links for the Scotland game?
  7. Was a fucking peach!!
  8. He probably doesnt know that there is an international break!!
  9. There isnt a game... that was the joke.
  10. Here for the game, obviously.
  11. Damn..
  12. Probably.
  13. Sites like Transfermarket actually have him down as winner of the Premier League even though he was on loan.. I know you have to play a certain amount of matches in order to get a medal and that it doesnt really count if you are on loan, but might this be why its so hard?
  14. The truth is that all 'directors of football' probably have different roles at different clubs. Did our MD not describe the role in an interview? Im sure it was to oversee a scouting network along with day to day running to take a load of the Manager?