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  1. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    It will be a fuckload higher than that (I know that 10+ could be any number above that) as his current deal is reported to be at around 8 mill pr year.
  2. Hummel

    I like those!
  3. Hummel

  4. Hummel

    In my experience its much better quality.
  5. Hummel

    You are incredibly agressive in this... I never said any of the sort! I just said that they make a good quality product. I own some of their products, along with Adidas, Nike, Puma etc... The quality is good compared to those. You are talking about a completely different thing.
  6. Hummel

    Maybe its just your girlfriend ;)
  7. Hummel

    Sports Direct also have Adidas. Hummel is NOT a cheap make... thats just a fact. How people see it in the UK isnt what I am talking about. Is Adidas a cheap, piece of shit brand? By your logic it is....
  8. Hummel

    Correct. Regarding Hummel.. a lot of their leisure wear is very nice design and "cut" and very good quality also. I think that they will definitely make an effort with us (if true).
  9. Hummel

    At no point did I say that. I merely commented on a factual mistake made by yourself. It isnt a cheap brand.
  10. Hummel

    It isnt. I know it isnt a huge brand and not a well know brand in UK, but in Scandinavia its very popular.. They make some very good stuff and the quality is very good.
  11. Hummel

    They are certainly not a "cheapo" brand. They do some really nice stuff, but the football tops arent really their strength, in my opinion. However, we will be the biggest club they have and we will have a big say in the design I reckon.
  12. Russell Martin

    Depends what side you're looking at it from, sadly.
  13. Kris Boyd getting ripped into King

    Id be fucking furious if I was a Killie fan.. hearing your striker talk about how he is hurting because a rival of yours got beat. Can you imagine this forum after something like that?
  14. Their defence has improved a lot.