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  1. Have done the tour. An amazing stadium and they use every part of the stadium. Even the area for the buses is a museum. Huge club.
  2. Id switch it.. "King Andys on the ball..."
  3. Couldnt possibly be that good, could it?
  4. Thats right.. great pass as well. Lead to Alfredo going off.
  5. His pass for the first was very good as well. Pass of the year, id say
  6. Glasgow as well... I know! Possibly in October. Have a week off then. Woman has to come as well, so...
  7. I had that game on on the TV.. Brøndby werent too far behind them tonight. Were quite unlucky at the penalty and should have scored a couple more goals. Home game fucked them. FCK will carry the Danes once again. Need to catch a game at some point this season.. try and catch at least one very season.
  8. It sure does.. Im sitting in the house and the woman is heading to bed.. I might just stay up
  9. I think so as well. They changed to a 4-4-2 in the second half last week, I think.. they had more luck but were far more open. This will play into our hands at Ibrox. Jones & Ojo will be given loads of space to run into is my guess. A doing is on the cards if thats how they go.
  10. Brumado, one of their big strikers, is not fit for the game, apparently. Good news for us. Might mean that they are going 4-4-2, according to their forums.
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