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  1. Ive got 3 SGs haha. 2 Gibsons and an Epiphone :D Love Strats.. amazing sounding guitars and so easy to play!
  2. They are amazing things.. I got mine from a guy selling the amp and a Gibson SG (60s-70s) for a combined 1000 pounds. Both are in pristine nick... like new. Amazing. 50 quid is robbery, even if it needs repairs!!
  3. Mine is like brand new. Got it from a guy who has really looked after it. Everything original on it.
  4. Strymon Big Sky....timeline....POG2 etc... :)
  5. Fender twin reverb (60s) and a pedal board. Thatll do me and my Gibsons :)
  6. A few of is from here were actually left of the official away section.... was fucking great!
  7. He dominated that midfield, as far as I can remember.... we were way up and I was fucked, mind..
  8. If someone like Godfrey goes for 50 million, then Goldson is worth a lot more than 8-10.
  9. Probably cant speak spanish either
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