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  1. ffs just saw that..sleeves are all the rage.
  2. I hate it when you deserve something from the game and lose 2-0. Cunts
  3. Woulsnt have mytered if we sat in against Spain.. would probably have been worse. Norway tonight..hopefully get something!
  4. Doubt PSG will be making any massive signings.. seems the owners are wanting away.
  5. Yea, Im aware of all of this.. its just mindblowing to think that in a business that is cut throat and involves large amounts of money that people like him keep getting jobs. I cant stop thinking that there is something dogdy going on with the whole thing.
  6. He has been a disaster in every job he has been in.. god knows what he has on Brenda... Him leaving really was a blow for us!
  7. Well, we cant rely on numbers when it comes to talent so we have to do something a bit different. The next crop of players will be a level above what we have now.. They are already getting picked up by the likes of FC Midtjylland and the likes at a very young age. We also have a football academy now on top of the schools.
  8. It is, yes, in selected schools. They had a pilot class a few years ago.. basically it was a class of boys that had football training every day along with everything that goes with it. I think there are 4 or 5 of the bigger schools that are doing it now.
  9. Summer football is our only option, really.
  10. We started the season on march 10. and finish on the 26th of october.
  11. Yes. Our national stadium has one as well.. grass pitch was just impossible to keep.
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