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  1. Nottingham Forest

    That has started already.
  2. Brilliant to hear that they were told (were they told?) to thank the fans for coming out. They need to appreciate the fans!
  3. Referee from today

    So.......was it a pen?
  4. Guardiola

    It is all coming together for him at City. He isnt playing in the same way as he did at Barca and Bayern... he is much more direct. It has taken him a bit of time to get used to life in the PL, but he has certainly figured it out. Its certainly working in Europe as well.
  5. Oh Kane... you wont get a better chance than that. Need to score there!
  6. Only one team in Madrid!!
  7. Crowd really arent happy in Madrid, eh?
  8. You just knew that wasnt going in from Meertens.
  9. Real Madrid havent quite been themselves this season...
  10. I get the same feeling watching this game. I still think Napoli will score a couple of goals here.
  11. Fucking hell... Napoli really do commit players forward, dont they?