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  1. TLOU is brilliant. Almost finished the Left Behind DLC now though so I'm quite bored. Think I might trade it in.
  2. Allzo

    GTA V

    Special edition ordered from GAME. They better deliver it on the release day or earlier!
  3. Where can I get episodes 1-20 of Colt Cabana's postcast?
  4. Why has Colt Cabana never really "made it" in WWE? I always thought he was held in pretty high regard but he's never seemed to have any sort of opportunity in the WWE.
  5. Caught up on that Bryan vs Rollins match, was fantastic. The WWE have so much potential in the palm of their hands and if they utilized it correctly it could be scarily good. Their downfall begins with the whole PG rubbish and pondering to kids along with the poor gimmicks and storylines. If you break it down though (no DX pun intended) there's some scarily good technical wrestlers in their ranks.
  6. Yokozuna (champ when I was born, didn't realize I replied to something that was on a few pages back)
  7. ..and you guys laughed when I said I like Fandango!
  8. His DVD is brilliant. Real insight into his life. He's basically went from being an abandoned kid and outcast to where he is today.
  9. Cracking DVD. One of my favourites along with Y2Js.
  10. Anyone ever watched a PPV in a pub before? I will be in Nottingham when Wrestlemania is on so might try watch it in a Walkabout or something. Failing that, will have to try and watch it on the Monday when I'm home that night before Raw!
  11. His character is so ridiculous that it's just annoying the life out of so many folk which I think is brilliant
  12. I'm a huge Undertaker fan but I would absolutely love if the streak was ended by CM Punk.
  13. Wish they would hurry the hell up and get Dolph to cash in. Ziggler vs Jericho at Mania would be amazing. Make it a ladder match or something.
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