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  1. Can't afford to fork out £600 to run the risk of getting a voucher for a fraction of the price so sadly having to give it up
  2. Looks like unibet will also be appearing on the kits or training gear aswell
  3. Not renewing for games to get played behind closed doors and get a voucher at a fraction of the price I've paid
  4. https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/kyle-lafferty-i-quit-Rangers-to-save-1268801
  5. Anyone got a link that works on android tablets
  6. Any buses from Glasgow with spaces PM me
  7. Looking for travel and 2 tickets for this if anyone can help
  8. training gear is online now http://www.rangersmegastore.com/training-gear/adulttraining#dcp=1&dppp=100&OrderBy=rank
  9. Germany or Spain will win it
  10. hopefully that's just a training shirt
  11. A don't blame him tbh At least he's got a set of balls to leave rangers and go to a club like Dundee united Wish the lad all the best
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