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  1. Taxi is about €90 euro each way , better booking a shuttle £20 return
  2. Would recommend the Hilton at the airport if you get it at a fair price , free shuttle bus service aswell ??
  3. It's now went down to £145. Fucking hate when that happens
  4. Just booked up for 3 nights Wednesday to Saturday Edinburgh → West Midlands West Midlands → Alicante Alicante→Dublin Dublin→Glasgow £170 in total for flights
  5. https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/kyle-lafferty-i-quit-Rangers-to-save-1268801
  6. Anyone got a link that works on android tablets
  7. Any buses from Glasgow with spaces PM me
  8. Looking for travel and 2 tickets for this if anyone can help
  9. training gear is online now http://www.rangersmegastore.com/training-gear/adulttraining#dcp=1&dppp=100&OrderBy=rank
  10. Germany or Spain will win it
  11. hopefully that's just a training shirt
  12. A don't blame him tbh At least he's got a set of balls to leave rangers and go to a club like Dundee united Wish the lad all the best
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