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  1. A usually don't make the game ?
  2. Could happen tonight
  3. Did they not make a season ticket in CD7 £250 last season
  4. That's definitely the worst away shirt we have ever had
  5. Bastard wish a knew this before a bought mine Anyone know what the deal is with hospitality?
  6. exactly no point changing it when it came to the final We missed cousin that night
  7. Me and stonfield teddies are in communication through PM and its best to keep it that way
  8. I've mailed him twice asking for ricksens agents contact details .with no reply a will PM you
  9. you have officially turned this thread in to a classic a will pm you
  10. home or away ?Dingwall
  11. The funny thing is I've sold none of them yet
  12. this has gone to far. All I was trying to do was raise a bit of money for charity and it's massively back fired
  13. a didn't ask for your number I asked for fernando ricksens agent number?