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  1. this is bad news! Were gonna get hammered now the puppet Doncaster is on eufas ethics and disciplinary board! Neil Doncaster handed major UEFA role as SPFL chief joins ethics and disciplinary board The SPFL chief executive has been appointed to the CEDB and will play a big role with UEFA. Scottish football chief Neil Doncaster has been handed a major role in UEFA after being appointed to the disciplinary board. The SPFL chief executive was nominated for the role by the European Leagues and will be one of six people on the Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body. Doncaster has been in charge of Scottish football via the SPL and SPFL since 2009 having previously worked with Norwich and the FA. Now he's got a big role at UEFA and will represent Scottish football in the boardroom of European football's governing body. The position will see Doncaster have a say in the punishments handed out to clubs who break UEFA's rule, with both celtic and Rangers falling foul of the CEDB in recent seasons. He’s also been joined by representatives from England and the Republic of Ireland with the FA’s Bobby Barnes and FAI’s Aine Power named on the board. https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/neil-doncaster-handed-major-uefa-22212784
  2. Dont know if you know of this ringtone site, got 'the best' on my iphone free, just on time for the weekend! http://audiko.net/ringtone/Tina+Turner/The+Best?ring=262110&featured=
  3. From what I have seen in the games Boyd has played this season he seems to get the ball with his back to goal and not many clear opportunities in front of goal, have opposing teams wised up and pushed up based on our formation this year? Just a thought
  4. nice, i like it, but I doubt that we will have mcewans lager on the strip when its still apparently carling Surely not...he isn't being serious is he... If hes under twenty he wont remember this strip I am 20 and this strip is fresh in my mind...but even if it is before his time, he need only look at it! Its clearly an old design with our old sponsers! It is, I still have this strip somewhere - at the bottom of my wardrobe (use it for painting)
  5. well it is our mother tongue can we get subtitles? LOL
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