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  1. gogzy

    PC Gaming Build

    I have decided to just buy a pre built second hand one. Way easier on the budget lol. I am getting it to play a game called cities skylines. But I intend to move into PC gaming not sure which games yet.
  2. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-livingston-vs-rangers-live-streaming
  3. constantly losing the ball and his first touch has been terrible so far.
  4. Shagger or Klos is a better argument. I don't think anyone will beat come close to Goram
  5. You disagree with any of those things? I think all of that has returned since they took over. Yes Selling Morelos will balance the books, and help us bring in a few more players, just like when we sold boumsong. Buy low, let them improve and then sell for a profit seems to be our new model. We don't need to sell just yet as the board seem happy enough to fund any shortfall. We will sell though that I am certain of. We have some good players who IMO are worth some decent money on our books. So if we need a cash injection we can sell a player. What else would you suggest? We can't live within our means and still challenge for the league and in Europe, we don't have the income so the transfer market will have to pick up the slack.
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