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  1. One for the future. I see no obvious downside to this transfer.
  2. gogzy

    Joe Lewis

    Said the same during the match. I'd be fine with us firing in a bid for him in the summer.
  3. He isn't happy about it at all He knows it's a stonewaller though.
  4. tbf he didn't. He said that it was debatable, but he says that the player has the right to make the referee make the decision. I hate the cunt, but he is right.
  5. That's fair. They seem like squad payer additions to me. They may end up earning the starting spot though.
  6. I don't think many of us thought he would do as well as he has.
  7. It's what you do when you can't suss out the opposition.
  8. I felt the same about Kamara. I'd argue he has been one of our best signings in years.
  9. If they make the sort of impact that Kamara has had, then they will be good signings. Lets give them a chance to kick a ball before we write them off.
  10. Been all over them the entire half. Really unlucky not to be ahead IMO.
  11. the fuck do we have to do to get the ball in the net. so frustrating.
  12. "nothing in that from low at all" - Walker. "defoe should be off the park" - Walker.
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