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  1. Graeme Murty

    I would rather we appointed a stand out proven winner tbh :) I think Murty hasn't done much wrong, he is the only manager in a while to take anything off the tarriers, and I feel would would probably take second under him. As for Mark Allen, the jury is still out on him, I assume he played a part in us bringing Declan John to the club, so that's a plus point if it's the case.
  2. Graeme Murty

    Is he really any worse of an option than some of the names? If we are not going to appoint a stand out, proven winner....we would be as well sticking with him till the end of the season at least.
  3. We should have started drawing up a shortlist after we got pumped out of Europe. We should have been approaching people from the minute we sacked Pedro. It's amateurish at best.
  4. Michel Preud'homme

  5. Michel Preud'homme

    Best post in the thread. Well said.
  6. Michel Preud'homme

    I think not speaking to this guy is a huge mistake.
  7. Derek McInnes

  8. Declan John or Lee wallace?

    This should be up there with our top priorities. We need to get him signed up, he will be worth millions in a couple of years.
  9. Declan John or Lee wallace?

    I'd like to see both of them playing up the left hand side at the same time.
  10. UFC live.

    that was an amazing card.
  11. UFC live.

    fucking hell, 3 titles in a night. mental.
  12. UFC live.

    GSP looked very good in that round,
  13. UFC live.

    GSP n his prime was fucking scary.
  14. UFC live.

    if we get a GSP anywhere near his best, i think he will win. If he isn't at his best, Bisping KO's him.