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  1. Probably not, He would be an improvement on what we have, but I am not sure if he is consistent enough to come back.
  2. That being said, skill wise they would probably walk into the team.
  3. They can bugger off. I can't even think about forgiving that naismith bastard.
  4. lol wtf, why has someone signed up using your username, to have a pop at you?
  5. Unlike the team, RM won't be letting the tarriers walk all over us
  6. I've done one that came back after you banned him
  7. weeeeeeeeeeeee cushy is banning cunts for fun tonight.
  8. If we don't take those chances, we don't deserve a thing.
  9. These cunts have not even came out of first gear. That's the most dissapointing part.
  10. Turgid, we need a clearout of some of these guys. big, or really smart investment needed.
  11. This could end up being a hiding.
  12. He had to go for it though.
  13. bullshit, fucking bullshit.