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  1. I'm going to ban you both for @ing me into this shite
  2. I'm actually mistaken, it's usually the politics section I disagree with him continually.
  3. gogzy


    Undecided, he doesn't look better than Candias, doesn't cover the ground as well or break up play as well as Candias. He does seem to be better with the ball at his feet though. Really not seen him keep a place for any length of time which suggests Gerrard doesn't trust him too much.
  4. I don't. I have disagreed many times on here with mm. usually in this section.
  5. Don't bring me into it
  6. I'm fine with McGregor getting the booking for dissent, what pissed me off was less than 5 minutes later, Power was screaming right in the refs face and didn't get booked. The inconsistency from officials is fucking horrible and needs addressed by the powers that be. Something needs to change.
  7. 5 more pages, thought there might be some news. Nope, just bickering.
  8. Not going to lie, that's hard to read.
  9. I don't think anyone is actually accepting the form we have been in, everyone to a man knows we can play better and is pissed we are in a slump. Us "accepting our form" is a myth. There are realistic people on here that understand that we are where we are due to a lot of circumstanes. New manger, new team, less money to spend than our rival, Euro run costing us, bad refereeing decisions. etc. Those people are just making excuses though obviously.
  10. While we have not been great this season, there is such a fine line between the results we are getting that it shows we are closer than we used to be. We have been pretty unlucky at times, and we have had some absolutely horrible referee stuff go against us. The way Morelos is refereed different to everyone else in Scotland has definitely cost us as we have dropped points consistently when he has been suspended. These are not excuses, at the end of the day we should still have enough in us to win these games if we want to be champions. Tha doesn't mean it hasn't happened though.
  11. 6 points they have picked up on us with the last kick of the ball. We have also dropped about 6 points at the last kick of the ball. That's the difference right there.
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