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  1. It would entirely depend on the way we didn't win the league. If we lost it due to silly mistakes, management errors etc. Then probably not. If we give it everything we have and come up short, then probably.
  2. I am going to lock this for you mate, make a new thread when you figure out how to upload a pic
  3. He was brilliant last night.
  4. Non posters often still read the forum mate.
  5. Fair point. I used to PM the members who made the reports but it turned into PM arguments about how we were wrong if the reporting member didn't get the result they wanted. So I stopped doing it. I will try to do it more often. Every report is looked at.
  6. It would be easier if someone just started their own forum with those rules tbh. Not everyone on here can be vouched for, we have members all over the world. There are only maybe 5 or 6 members on here who personally know and have met me. Maybe a few more who would know me through friends. It would take ages to get anywhere near a decent sized forum again. Like I said, it's a logistical nightmare. It's easier to do things as we do them. You guys are good at weeding out the tarriers, and they get banned.
  7. Yes you can. I've been reported a few times
  8. You seem mad. If you don't like it here.....
  9. There is a report function. If you have suspicions, then report the member and the staff will look into it.
  10. NO it doesn't ever actually notify us. You need to specifically @ the person you want to get in touch with. @Badger may be able to help with emoticons.
  11. No. Logistical nightmare.
  12. Couple of months from now there will be an article about how the arsehole that did this got off with a suspended sentence.
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