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  1. I've merged all 4 topics. Makes it easier to find, and it's less messy. You might want to edit the title slightly.
  2. I was talking about Pollster, I had forgot about Jones. He is another one that has been written off before he has barely kicked a ball. He may well turn out to be shit, but until he has had a run of games in our shirt, it's hard to tell how he is going to play for us. I remember very similar things being said when we signed Kamara.
  3. RM, where 2 people that played well in a 6-0 win in Europe in our FIRST competitive home game of the season, still manage to have threads about them saying they aren't good enough. Hurts my brain.
  4. gogzy


    another player getting written off after a single game. RM is mental
  5. That was a penalty. Great game and promising to see what is mostly our B team, play so well. Manager has some tough choices to make.
  6. MoM is tough to pick. Some great performances out there tonight.
  7. Docherty has just gave Gerrard an even bigger headache in midfield. I have no idea who our best three would be.
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