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  1. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    winning the SC is the only thing that saves him probably.
  2. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Is Ibrox proving to be too much pressure for some of these players? our home record is fucking horrible.
  3. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    We've won one in seven against them. It isn't just a Murty problem. But yeah, We should have probably started two up front.
  4. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    We just have no consistency at all. We are either great, or shite
  5. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    oh ffs, they scored when i was typing my last post. poor poor stuff Rangers.
  6. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Dire today. Getting a bad feeling.
  7. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    still no card?
  8. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    1 win in 7 against killie simply isn't good enough.
  9. Not read the article but I am not against giving him the job full time. He has installed a great work ethic, has the team playing well ( for the most part) his away record is great, his reord againt the tarriers is better than the handpicked managers we've had over the past 6 years. He has the players wanting to play for us, and signing on for longer terms. He has instilled a feelgood factor in the fanbase where we are once again going out there and expecting to beat that shower of cunts from parkhead. Barring a ropey start, a pretty poor home record, and a couple of high profile defeats ( hibs and them) I don't think he has done too much wrong. He seems to be getting the best out of a few players we thought had no future under us. Windass is like a different player under Murty. We have someone with an eye for a player in Mark Allen, and He has a smart mentor who knows the Scottish game in Jimmy Nichol. I reckon if he can iron out a few of his weaknesses, and he is given some decent financial backing, he could be the one to get us 55 next season.
  10. Alves

    Different dads, grew up in different houses mate. But aye He isn't a rabid mentalist though, not a tricolour in site.
  11. Alves

    My wee brother ( a tarrier ) sent me a message about 60 minutes in..... "fuck me, a girraffe couldn't beat Alves in the air"
  12. Home Form

    Our home form is nothing short of shocking. If we could address this, we could easily challenge for the title.