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  1. https://tenor.com/view/idk-no-idea-tommy-boy-chris-farley-gif-5304022
  2. Already happened. don't tell the banned members though.
  3. How did you get back on. Hate when bans don't stick.
  4. Just started playing No Mans Sky. Pretty decent.
  5. Love how these are coming right out of the blue. Never seen his name mentioned at all until he signed. Good stuff.
  6. This. Otherwise we should be keeping him. He is going to be a nightmare to replace.
  7. if we won our game in hand there was only 10 point in it with two games against them. 25 point still to play for. It was 100% winnable. I've seen them lost that advantage before. Pretty sure we were 10 points behind going into the split one year and still won it. ( We may have had a game in hand IIRC) It was unlikely considering our form, but stranger things have happened. For us to not even get the chance to see what would have happened is pretty shit. Nowhere near as shit as what has happened to Hearts and a few others though.
  8. Don't have a PC anymore :( I get it for "free" cause I have game pass on xbox. Got about 1200 hours in it now.
  9. Lowish risk, with a chance of a high reward. Back up to our established LB. No issues with this at all, hopefully he goes on to great things with us.
  10. When the transfer window opens mate. If we are linked to a player then start a thread in here for the time being. Might give us something new to talk about in BD
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