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  1. a rouges gallery if there ever was one
  2. Considering he has done not much other than fire in a few million ( which has been more than matched by other investors), what is it you actually think he brings to the table bud?
  3. One but he doesn't come on here anymore ( he might even be banned, I forget...I think he is actually) But feel free to either name, or report privately, any people you suspect of being him and we will look into it mate.
  4. ffs. Not sure if you have realised but more than a few of the people on here who have started slating King, were actually people who were in favour of him coming in, and have never said a nice word about Ashley the whole time. Not being happy with King does not equate to either wanting, or being happy with Ashley. Boohoo, you all love ashley is the record you have been stuck on in this forum for a while now. It is easily as tiresome as any of the crap you are pointing out. For the Record, Ashley is a cunt, who has taken advantage of us being in a bad position, and under the charge of charlatans. IMO King is also a cunt who has lied to us, treated us like mugs, and is full of broken promises. The only difference between the two is I don't believe that King will rip us off, he will just fill us full of moonbeams and treat us like morons.
  5. Yeah, I'm sure you can get a PVG with a criminal record.
  6. and staff costs, rent, distribution and a whole lot more probably.
  7. HE clearly doesn't want to be here. He has 14.7% of the shares, and by most accounts has only stuck in a few mil of his own cash. What exactly is he bringing to the table that the others can't do without him? If he doesn't want to be here, doesn't want to invest, and finds the whole thing joyless, he should sell up and fuck off.
  8. The only thing I worry about it that Connor can take a punch, and Mayweather has never been an knockout artist. I don't think Connor is fast enough, or anywhere near a good enough boxer to win this, barring a lucky punch, but I worry that Mayweather can't KO him.
  9. all aboard the 1872 gravy train :D
  10. personally I feel that is a bog standard " we are dealing with it, leave us alone" email.
  11. threads tend to end up that way
  12. couple of posters that are usually all up in the 1872 threads a bit....well absent.
  13. 5m seems a good place to start the bidding.
  14. can u elaborate bud?
  15. hahahahahah it's the resigning members that have been unprofessional. fucking hell, you coulnd't make this shit up.