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  1. Hi, can you delete my account? cheers

  2. I'm playing ark on console. Started on PVE to get used to the game, some dude came up to me today and just gave me 4 dinosaurs I am now running about on this T-rex looking thing. No idea wtf i am going to do with them yet. WIll have to try and build some sort of base for them to live in tomorrow 😄
  3. gogzy


    Oh well played. That's exactly how it works now.
  4. I've never been to London before 😉
  5. He could have said that it was a yellow but he wished that the rule was applied consistently and then leave it at that.
  6. I get why it's done. It's a fuck you to fans who have been on your case and throwing shit at you. Football is an emotional game and the powers that be trying to remove it from football is jut silly.
  7. The whole rule is a joke. THe fact it only seems to be used to send off our players is just ridiculous. When was the last time someone other than a Rangers player was sent off for celebrating a goal in the SPL?
  8. Hugely unfair. It's almost impossible to control emotions at some points.
  9. We can't even appeal the red can we?
  10. Always counted the wings as midfield roles mate.
  11. THe sea is as dangerous First time I tried to sim a river I was eaten by big bastard fish.
  12. We need a little more quality in the 1st 11. A little more quality on the bench. We play such a fast paced, pressing game that players tend to get tired easier. I don't even think it's a fitness issue, I just think it's a very very demanding style of football we play. Which is why we need better options from the bench. We need to be able to swap players out and rest them as and when needed without worrying that there is too much of a drop in quality in the replacement. We are very very close to having a top side again. It's going to cost some decent money to do it. We may well have to cash in on a player or two to fund bringing in quality right through the team. We are too weak in options on the wing, and to an extent in midfield.
  13. There's a game called Rust coming to console soon which I am really looking forward too. Seen gameplay on PC through some youtube vids and it looks like a lot of fun. It's like Ark without the dinos
  14. It's a mental game. I keep spawning in, doing enough work to build myself a wee straw base, then get either eaten by some big bastard dinosaur or murdered and robbed by some prick child. Frustrating as fuck but it's a steep learning curve, looks a lot of fun if you can get into a tribe or clan, and have some back up. It's free on the xbox game pass.
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