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  1. gogzy

    Daniel Prodan has passed away

    Ahhhh the famous RM sympathy when someone fucks up.
  2. gogzy

    Offical complaint lodged against Willie Collum

    Wondered which one of us would be fist to crack 😄 Going to remove that fucking feature
  3. gogzy

    4 January Signings Wanted

    I know some have strong feelings against loans, but I wouldn't mind if a few of the Jan signings were loans of quality till the end of the season where we can attract Bosmans and get value for the money we spend.
  4. Right over my head mate No idea what that even means. Just back from my dads house. Went in and said "some game today eh?" He was fizzin and said "fucking last minute every single time" After a bit of confusion I figured out that he thought he had a link on youtube, but just sat and watched the full 90 of our 3-3 draw in the last game against them
  5. A one game swing of preferable results and we are top of the league. We really needed that win today.
  6. Sexy as fuck goal. Grezda might well be a player afterall.
  7. YESSSSSSSSSSS, Grezda looking much better this half.