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  1. gogzy

    Nice to bid £8million for morelos

    Didn't we knock back 11m last year? why would 8m be close after knocking back 11, and giving the boy a new improved contract? I think our price is closer to 15m
  2. Dodoo is still on the books? ffs.
  3. this. I didn't see the game so am trying to get a feel for it by reading this. Feels like some knee jerking going on over a utterly meaningless friendly.
  4. gogzy

    Alexa Knows

    fuck off mary.
  5. gogzy

    Domain issues

    It was more of a dig at the ones that hate me ( for no reason obviously as I am in hard to hate ) In general I have no issues with the guys on FF. Bears for the most part, we just don't agree on some issues :) The hate filled ones can suck a dick though.
  6. gogzy

    Domain issues

    fuck them.
  7. gogzy

    Game off

    ffs, cancelled my overtime so I could watch this.
  8. gogzy

    Any Fife bears on that can help?

    That's closer to a tenner to be fair.
  9. gogzy

    Any Fife bears on that can help?

    taxi for about 15 quid.
  10. gogzy

    Gerrard challenge to Grezda and Barisic

    Wonder if he sticks to this and has Davis and Defoe on the bench for Cowdenbeath
  11. gogzy

    Craig Bryson

    I am not looking at it as "he isn't required" Is he better than our current midfielders should be the question. I have no idea as I don't watch him play, but if he is better than any of the current options, then I have no problem with it.
  12. gogzy

    Welcome To Ibrox Jones + Kamara

    I don't think so.
  13. gogzy

    Welcome To Ibrox Jones + Kamara

    hahaha raging.
  14. gogzy


    No one wants to buy him, we don't want to play him and he has a contract. Loans with the other team payin a decent chunk of the wages is the only move we have left other than paying them off completely.