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  1. Transfer section in Forum

    We will open it up again mid December roughly.
  2. Forum activity.

    Neither do most of us, we just like to pretend we have a clue what's going on.
  3. Forum activity.

    Every one of them are along the lines of "this part of the forum is shite"
  4. Forum activity.

    stop it. He never reported you bp9 mate.
  5. Pedro Caixinha: Rangers have gone up a level

  6. Forum activity.

    You should post more.
  7. Forum activity.

  8. Forum activity.

    HAd a report of someone telling williamson to fuck off. who is it i have to ban williamson?
  9. Forum activity.

    poor Billy.
  10. UFC live.

    Belfort vs henderson. Bt sports 1 On now. I missed the first 90 mins
  11. Club 1872 Quarterly Update

    it was neither lengthy, or a good read. locking
  12. ***New Sub-Forum, Please Read***

    @kplfishtank is the man to ask :)
  13. Rangers allocated 17,000 for Murrayfield

    already a thread on this on page one of the forum.
  14. Pedro the man.

    I didn't say he was correct :p Truth is, none of us will ever know. How much we have spent/recieved will always be a grey area.
  15. Pedro the man.

    Read it again, at no point does he say we spent 500k net. It was 500k on average. EDIT: It might be me that's wrong here, maybe i missed a bit
  16. Tonight's response

    We were away from home, on a shite pitch, with an 18 year old kid in at CB. We lost a goal in the first minute. We fought back to get 3-1 in front and were cruising. We lost a man, and still looked strong. We go up to 4-1. It wasn't till the end when we looked tired that problems started. A 4-1 away win, and all people are talking about was that Fod had to make some saves late on in the game when the players were fucked. Isn't that exactly why we have a decent keeper, to help out when needed. Remember how many times Goram, or Klos etc. would save us points. There is pretty much nothing to moan about from last night, yet still quite a lot of people are managing it.
  17. Pedro the man.

    A bit heavy on the malcontents and parochial backwater stuff, but not a bad read BA. I think Pedro and the players should shoulder some of the blame, but you're quite correct on a lot of the stuff in that post.
  18. Great word to describe this game.
  19. Very happy with this result. Great fight from the players, fighting for the manager. I think he deserves some credit here. He may not be the man that gets us our title win, but he has passion, and is fighting for us. He isn't like Warburton or Ally. He is Pedro, and we should all get behind him while he is here, at least for now. Well done Rangers.
  20. haha the cheer when he got his first touch cult hero already.
  21. Dalcios on, we're taking the piss.
  22. Wasn't it a "in the last 10 minutes" type of stat mate?
  23. When do we ever do anything other than make life difficult for ourselves