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  1. I am one of Morelos biggest cheerleaders on here. I dont want to see him further punished.
  2. I'd like to pick this point up too actually. You may be right in a very small percentage of the fans. I don't think there are too many Rangers fans out there wanting Morelos to be punished. For me it's about form, and we are in great form right now, if it isn't broken, don't fix it. If we were struggling without him, then I'd obviously want him straight back in the team, but we aren't. If he comes back, we start him right away, and he has a stinker, then Gerrard would take a bunch of shit for it
  3. Yes, probably even more so than under these circumstances. If you are out of the team, and your replacement is playing really well, it seems like a bad idea to change that. If Morelos had just missed 4 games through injury I'd be even less likely to start him, as he is just returning from injury.
  4. If his direct replacement for the games off is playing well, then he (defoe)should start. Watteraus kept Klos out of the team for an entire season because he was playing well. I'd love to see them both play together, but most of the time we have tried two up front, we haven't looked effective enough. I don't think it would be fair to put Defoe back on the bench, especially if he keeps scoring goals like he is right now.
  5. If they draw the next game and we win, their arseholes will begin to collapse
  6. Didn't they blow a 9 point lead going into the split once before? I am sure I remember that happening. The timplosion would be something to behold.
  7. We won't win it obviously, but we can close the gap IMO. Beat them, and win the rest of our games and we cut the lead to at least 6 points.
  8. I've changed my mind, given the form the team is in just now, I think he has to earn his starting spot and shouldn't just walk back into the team.
  9. If I took a wage, I might Thanks for the help guys.
  10. I am real busy right now, but had brought the transfer forum back, and moved a bunch of threads first five pages of BD, over there and going to merge them into the suggestions or rumours threads. Could some kind soul with the time have a look back another 5 or 10 pages in BD, find threads on transfer talk, and tag me in them so I can move the over. Thanks, it would be greatly appreciated.
  11. the poster joined 4 hours ago ffs. give us a chance eh.
  12. Have the Euro payouts happened yet? This is the time of year where we have always historically used finance. It's the lean time before ST money etc comes in. Are you denying that we will have made some serious money from Europe, because that's how it seems.
  13. Looks so much better in the role he is playing right now. Defo worth more than 3 mil.
  14. That's the number I've seen used quite a few times. Gate funds, prize money, bonus money I'd guess. Our Euro run will have brought in roughly 15m more than we would have made this season without the Euro run.
  15. We need to sort ourselves out and forget about them. 15m in the bank this year is more important than winning a cup. That money should be used as a fund to bring in the quality we need to win the league. I'd have loved to have won a cup this year, but I wouldn't swap a league cup for 15m in the bank this season. Both would have been awesome.
  16. No it isn't. HMRC deciding a legal tax loophole is now illegal and they can backdate that illegality and retrospectively chase the company for near 100m, making us almost unsellable...coupled with us selling to a dodgy bastard who stopped paying all the bills, then changing hands between more dodgy bastards, is why we are where we are now. Us signing top players being the reason, is tarrier bullshit mate, don't buy into it.
  17. You reckon Morelos would be worth as much without scoring in europe this year?
  18. It's a realistic expectation for where we are right now. 2nd highest wage bill, 2nd highest spend in transfer fees, new manager, bunch of new players. 2nd is what most expected before the season started, go back and read the "what are your expectations" thread. Nearly to a man, the expectations were as follows: Not to get pumped early in the Euro Qualifiers, 2nd in the league( and get closer to the tarriers than last season) and either winning a cup or getting to a final. Gerrard looks set to deliver on 2 of 4 of those targets, possibly even 3 of 4.
  19. I don't think many accept it all round. Pretty much everyone is disappointed in the way things have gone. That doesn't mean there hasnt been improvement, which this thread is all about. He has made some mistakes, is there any manager that doesn't?
  20. Wait, "fuck celtic" was the entire rant?
  21. Definitely mate. Some footballers are weird, you would think they would be more than happy to spend time with the fans at a thing like this.
  22. Did you no get your baw signed mate? Kidding aside, that isn't nice to hear that you've came away feeling that way mate. Were they being ignorant or are they all pished and making an arse of themselves?
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