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  1. you should start your own thread in the ticket section mate. http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/forum/83-ticket-salesrequests/?do=add that link should take you to the correct part of the forum, all you need to do is add the post, and a title, and hit post.
  2. No longer a Rangers player.
  3. I am going to have to spend all season moving threads from the bears den about our hopeless players who weren't good enough to handle it at Rangers, into the general sports section. SIgh.
  4. so, this thread is done.
  5. You're assuming that everyone has assumed this, aye?
  6. It could certainly be looked at like one. I don't agree with it, but the police take a pretty grim view on online death threats ( well depending who you are...Tommy RObinson gets loads ever day, reports them, and nothing is done. That's another discussion though) and they are coming down hard on people doing it. People are doing time over things like this.
  7. I hope he gets the bad aids, isn't a death threat.
  8. Not on here you couldn't. If I see anything like that I would remove it.
  9. tbh, if it turns out that these threats came from Bears, then we handed him the victim card to play this time. You shouldn't ever make death threats online, even to an uber cunt like lennon, it's juts not something you will get away with anymore..
  10. oh yeah, that definitely is I figured they pu the most damning one in the headline...didn't actually read the article lol. Those guys could be in big trouble. Silly silly thing to do.
  11. "somebody needs to shoot that fuck" isn't a death threat.
  12. from that angle it doesn't look like Jack makes any forward movement until stokes already has pushed his head forward.
  13. Just trying to let the game flow mate.
  14. He isn't blameless, far from it.
  15. Correct, which is why I am taking no action and just posting in the thread. I could have easily just locked it and temp banned Williamson, whcih isn't something I want to do. I think he is a good poster and brings a lot to the forum. However there are levels of what is acceptable on here and IMO just outright calling the manager a cunt isn't one of them.
  16. Long season ahead, and we are a team who are basically just starting to play together. I am going to remain optimistic for at least a bit longer.
  17. you think it's a valid critisism to call the manager a cunt? I don't, not in the slightest.
  18. I'd like posters to say how they feel without being abusive as fuck. I haven't said a word about everyone ITT who has valid critisisms of Pedro. It's 100% correct to be critical of the manager right now, but starting a thread just to call him a cunt ( and nothing else) is not something I am happy with. If someone isn't happy that they shouldn't get to call our manager a cunt on here, then that's their fucking issue and not mine.
  19. Where am I acting like that? We had a few shit results under him when he was playing with a shit warburton team with no hope. He had a nightmare result in europe ( which is why he gets so much shit IMO) which IMO just came for us too early. Hibs have scored >15 goals in their previous three games and only conceeded two. There wasn't much between the teams form wise, and the match today showed that. We are two games into the bloody season ffs.
  20. We can be unhappy at the result without throwing out abuse towards the staff.
  21. I think I am going to bring back the "no personal abuse towards players and staff" rule pretty soon. 3-2 defeat to a high flying, on form hibs, while we only had 10 men for 2/3rds of the match and we are calling the manager a cunt, it's pathetic taig like behaviour.
  22. Do wtf you want. I am just calling it as I see it. I just think these type of threads are horrible and un-needed.
  23. shite thread. Starting a thread just to call the manager a cunt is sad as fuck.