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  1. Belfort vs henderson. Bt sports 1 On now. I missed the first 90 mins
  2. Unlike the team, RM won't be letting the tarriers walk all over us
  3. I've done one that came back after you banned him
  4. weeeeeeeeeeeee cushy is banning cunts for fun tonight.
  5. If we don't take those chances, we don't deserve a thing.
  6. These cunts have not even came out of first gear. That's the most dissapointing part.
  7. Turgid, we need a clearout of some of these guys. big, or really smart investment needed.
  8. This could end up being a hiding.
  9. He had to go for it though.
  10. bullshit, fucking bullshit.
  11. Done more in 3 minutes than the previous 45
  12. Double change, he has balls our pedro
  13. I'd say he is doing the best he can with the tools he has. I can't blame him for much, until he can at least get a few of his own players in. He has made HT changes before, he might take off Halliday as he is on a yellow. I'd take waghorn off for Dodoo.
  14. pretty shit half. Pedro has had a good look at them now, hopefully a half time reshuffle and we can come out and fight these cunts.
  15. Beerman might get a red. Haliday too.
  16. wasn't wes fault, defence gave the cunt a clear crack at goal. criminal.
  17. ffs, worst thing that could happen is a goal early for them. bastard.
  18. too close, giving them too much time on the ball.
  19. sakes, need a shite noo. I'll hold it.
  20. nice one. Going to watch this and keep the sky sports on to click onto if we score, just to listen to the gutted commentators.