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  1. I meant it in the nicest possible way.
  2. profit margins must be decent if you can afford to hire a goon to do your bidding
  3. for once, it isn't. I am doing reasonably well at my new job, they are training me up on a machine, and i just passed my forklift test last week. but i am up early, and asleep early, got little time for t'internet just now unfortunately. Might even be able to throw a tenner in GB's direction in a few weeks lol.
  4. He is going to need plastic surgery if he tries one of those face planting diving headers on a plastic pitch Looks a player from that. If we start making 2 million quid signings, i'll be very very surprised, but we can only hope.
  5. IF he is willing to offer 3.5m, we should tell him that we want 5m We can meet somewhere in the middle. If the money is going to be re invested into the squad, I don't have major issues losing Wallace, bit less happy about Barrie going though. i think we have found a wee gem in Beerman, I could see him taking Wallaces place full time anyway.
  6. not deleting it, wallow in your fuck up
  7. Much much better from us there.
  8. Quite a few of these players will have been told they have no future at the club. I get the feeling we might get a "I don't give a fuck anymore" type of shift from a lot of these guys today.
  9. :lol; i just think he still has a lot to offer. Not sure if he would be a regular starter, but on his game, he is almost unplayable.
  10. I would be offering him a 4 year deal, not telling him to find a new club.
  11. I should ban you for putting capital letters on celtic, brendan rodgers, barton, etc. and not putting capitals on Rangers, Holt, Halliday, Rossiter. etc.
  12. I can agree with a lot of that, he doesn't get to pick where he plays though.
  13. exactly. He might not be messi, but he is head and shoulders above most of that team, and always gives everything he has. He earned a new contract IMO.
  14. Belfort vs henderson. Bt sports 1 On now. I missed the first 90 mins
  15. don't bring me into it, i stay the fuck out of this section.
  16. Lets keep the OT stuff to OT guys.