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  1. Lower tier, there was a flag next to every seat already set up in our end and we got in well before kick off. Though after that display of hanging, shouldn't let them in early. If that means they change it for our support too so be it.
  2. Can you really stand shoulder to shoulder with fans of other clubs? After all the shite we have had thrown at us from them all? And the boo's for our own players? Tartan army can roll that Kilt up tight and stick it up their hole with the sporran hanging right out the back.
  3. Fenian.

  5. Ohhh fuck your Harry, your Lou Macari, your Kevin Barry, your Harry Hood!! Your Harry Hood!!!!
  6. PEN..thats naughty It was a kids tv programme numan! horrible
  7. Noseybonk!! From early 80s kids show Jigsaw. Plants nosegays. Just wrong
  8. Gazza boot and the Laudrup boot from the Christmas dinner. I'll look good going to the pub :}

  9. Hahaha ^^^^ No chance, if i didn't have a ticket i would watch it in the pub. Never in amongst the beasts! Been stuck in amongst some clubs home fans , always European away games though.
  10. f*****
  11. fucking brilliant who was the Cleland character never heard of him.. You lazy bassa Prodigy98!
  12. Well BD, i am a protestant and proud i am to be! However McCulloch just skull f***ed broadfoot with the way you have put they pictures!
  13. Any update on this!? We don't know who the RM members are having a go at this. Who is winning/getting pumped!??
  14. I think so mate. It has changed from last season. Pm flipper he always gets back to you.