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  1. The Europa League being declared null and void would be a blow for our co-efficient - I'd assume we'd lose all our points for this season?
  2. For anyone saying Sports Direct are tacky... they are quite a big brand. You only have to look at Piccadily Circus in London, its one of the biggest advertising signs there. For £7.5m and for Ibrox to still be in the name i can live with that.
  3. The whole fucking stand was singing it.
  4. If everyone who has already bought STB buys it again No.1 could be a real possibility. Ive bought it 4 times .
  5. If we could get it in the Top 10 that would be brilliant
  6. Fuck sake. Another year without an Ibrox title party.
  7. No its not. Its a clear sending off. He broke the lads leg. If a celtic player did that to boyd, your view would be different. I disagree, the leg break shouldn't be what determines if the player gets sent off, it's the action, not the outcome that matters. Yes thats what im trying to argue - if Ramsey didnt break his leg i dont think the ref would of sent him off, yes it was late and clumsy but not deserving off a red, he was going for the ball.
  8. TV footage - It is graphic so be warned http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xce7a1_hg398h3gstoraminj_travel
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