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  1. Rangers v them (Semi-Final) Feb 1st

    Only 34k tickets available. Shocking. Wonder where the other 17k is going.....
  2. Old Firm Semi Final

    A bit hypocritical considering we played Dundee United at Ibrox last year in the SC Semi's.
  3. Whyte released on bail

    The uncensored version: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1561913880706401&id=1377493309148460&_rdr
  4. English Poppy on Tops yesterday

    I know. Simply question and people fly off on a tangent. I wasn't complaining.
  5. English Poppy on Tops yesterday

    Nae biggy
  6. English Poppy on Tops yesterday

    Only curious
  7. Does anyone ever park in ASDA?

    I parked there for a game once and got a fine through the post. They've got ANPR cameras as you come in and out, timing how long you've stayed.
  8. English Poppy on Tops yesterday

    Anyone know why we had the English/Welsh poppy on our tops yesterday instead of the Scotland one? We've used the PoppyScotland design for years. Also seeing green on a Rangers top looked odd.
  9. Brora game - pay at gate?

    As title says... is Brora game pay at the gate? Cancelled plans so I'm able to go now.
  10. The ultimate nearly men...

    I remember PLG wanting to get Schweinsteiger
  11. Red Third Kit 2014/15

    This in Blue... What a home top.
  12. Another unbeaten league season?

    We'll be lucky to get promoted...
  13. Red Third Kit 2014/15

    too nice for it to be real
  14. RIP Sandy Jardine

    RFC Official Twitter just confirmed: Rangers FC ‏@RFC_Official 1m It is with deep regret that Rangers Football Club has confirmed the death of Light Blues legend Sandy Jardine. http://www.rangers.co.uk