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  1. Only 34k tickets available. Shocking. Wonder where the other 17k is going.....
  2. A bit hypocritical considering we played Dundee United at Ibrox last year in the SC Semi's.
  3. The uncensored version:
  4. I know. Simply question and people fly off on a tangent. I wasn't complaining.
  5. Nae biggy
  6. Only curious
  7. I parked there for a game once and got a fine through the post. They've got ANPR cameras as you come in and out, timing how long you've stayed.
  8. Anyone know why we had the English/Welsh poppy on our tops yesterday instead of the Scotland one? We've used the PoppyScotland design for years. Also seeing green on a Rangers top looked odd.
  9. As title says... is Brora game pay at the gate? Cancelled plans so I'm able to go now.
  10. I remember PLG wanting to get Schweinsteiger
  11. This in Blue... What a home top.
  12. We'll be lucky to get promoted...
  13. too nice for it to be real
  14. RFC Official Twitter just confirmed: Rangers FC ‏@RFC_Official 1m It is with deep regret that Rangers Football Club has confirmed the death of Light Blues legend Sandy Jardine.