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  1. simon

    Ryan Jack

    Much prefer him to Dorrans.I don’t think Dorrans offers anything.
  2. simon


    Hes shite
  3. simon

    *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Fancy us today, going to have to happen at somepoint. Might as well be today. I will take anything, just give us 3 points and shut these cunts up
  4. simon

    Caixinha, Tav & Cardoso Post Match Reaction

    Tav sounds like Darth Vader
  5. simon

    Club 1872 Statement on Neil Lennon

    That is embarrassing.
  6. simon

    17/18 kits

    He send you anything else?
  7. Bending over backwards to accomodate they cunts is something I never wanted to see. We should be cutting their allocation, not giving them the run of the place.
  8. Heading down to my dads for breakfast then getting over to Ibrox. Going to be some day.
  9. simon

    *****The official Motherwell Vs Rangers thread*****

    4-0 28/1 on Skybet.
  10. simon

    Rangers FC statement

    I think I am going to get that hung up on the wall
  11. simon

    Rangers FC statement

    Ya fucking beauty, that is exactly what needed saying!
  12. It is a blizzard in East Kilbride, what is it like in glasgow?
  13. simon

    ***the Official Falkirk V Rangers Thread***

    Blind faith is a ridiculus phrase to use when what Mark Warburton has done and is doing at Rangers is very clear to see for everyone. Defensive naievty cost us dearly against St Johnstone. Lack of a clinical finish cost us against Hibs away. A poor permormance cost us against Livi away. And two defensive mistakes cost us against greenock. Now only one of those games would I point the finger in the direction of Mark Warburton and that would be St Johnstone, but even then the players still have to do their job on the park and they didn't do that. Mark Warburton's job is to get them ready for match day amd he does that, brilliantly well. It is up to the players to make the game plan work. In all but 4 games this season it has worked well. Your lack of patience for a project to develop is completley your choice and having an opinion is a wonderful thing, I just don't think you're looking at things objectively.
  14. simon

    ***the Official Falkirk V Rangers Thread***

    I have read some absolute garbage in my time here, but this stuff from A Gallant Pioneer is really taking the biscuit.