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  1. You Are The Embarrassment

    Have never watched it, not that I see that as important?
  2. You Are The Embarrassment

    Handwringer? Aye ok! we don't get taken seriously because some within our support act like dickheads, the problem is it's becoming less of a minority.If anyone things a protest makes a blind bit of difference then they are a mug. The only thing that will rid us of the arseholes ruining the club is cash, end of.
  3. You Are The Embarrassment

    Yeah, must have been edited? Maybe it was the SFA, or the scum, or Dundee united....Nope, it was the media. Knew I'd get there.I've been consistent in saying I'm not happy with what I saw. With my own eyes. Baseless indeed.
  4. You Are The Embarrassment

    I've only commented on what I saw reported or broadcast. That's why? Surely that's obvious.
  5. You Are The Embarrassment

    It's the behaviour of the moronic portion of our fans who blacken the name of the club not me.why is the behaviour of other clubs even relevant? Can we not leave glancing over the City to other people? They have no impact on our club. The quicker people realise that last night was a distraction more than a resolution the better. Only one thing will bring about change and that is money, like it or lump it!
  6. You Are The Embarrassment

    There are many posts describing it as "spot on" and other similar things.' Id describe that as happy with it.I don't know if I beleive the assault claims but agree with you that they should be hammered if true
  7. You Are The Embarrassment

    I don't remember the last I saw anything I mentioned happen at Ibrox. I've never seen anyone force their way into the hospitality suite entrance to show a banner.In terms of goading the opposing fans, yeah that happens. But not in that manner. One wee guy even broke the barrier and shat himself slinking back in to the crowd. My point is that wee dicks acting like, well wee dicks, only distracts the purpose of the protest. you're clearly happy with the behavior, I am not.
  8. You Are The Embarrassment

    Yes, why not?
  9. You Are The Embarrassment

    What other clubs do doesn't concern me at all. I've been on busses where the windows have come in so im aware it happens. "Storming" the quietest place in the ground to prove a point is unnecessary and a waste of time. Pretending to fight fans of opposing fans is also stupid. its clear there are those who are happy with elements of the support acting like fannies. I'm not and nobody will change that!
  10. You Are The Embarrassment

    I couldn't care less what the scum did in 1994 to be honest. The media being biased isn't new to us either. None of this removes the fact that the way some "fans" behaved last night was pathetic and did nothing to aid the recovery of the club. The main body of the protest, though, is a different matter. That is positive, it's the arseholes who attached themselves to it that is embarrassing.
  11. You Are The Embarrassment

    I'm also angry with the way the club has been run into the ground -again! It doesn't remove my right to be annoyed at those behaving like idiots though.
  12. You Are The Embarrassment

    The only thing that matters is ridding our club of the current regime. Pretending to attack Hearts fans and acting like idiots doesn't do that.
  13. You Are The Embarrassment

    Why do I need to grow up? For not wanting to pretend to fight with hearts fans and "storm"'the quietest place in the ground to make my point? The first thing I saw on the Sky sports app is "ugly scenes at Ibrox"-focus placed on the support again. And no I wasn't, I work on a Friday night.
  14. You Are The Embarrassment

    Folk like you are why we don't get taken seriously. Anyone with an ounce of decency in them will accept that looking for a fight with opposition fans doesn't make you a Rangers fan. Again all our anger is misdirected and idiots go Over the top resulting in Rangers being shown in a bad light. I've not opened the papers yet but if they are true to form the attention will be moved from the boardroom back to our fan base-you never know though. In short, grow up! Anyone I've seen criticising what happened last night isn't sticking the boot into the club, it's the moronic portion of our fan base!
  15. Completely irrelevant, I have just as many (in quantity) as McCoist but it doesn't mean I'd be a better manager. On the topic, though, I think we should be looking beyond results. We should be able to expect a certain level of standard to our play, not just winning. Surely it's better to look at how results will be achieved in future when playing against better opposition (performance) and focus on that. I'm not saying we need to play like Barcelona, but I believe we should have an identifiable style to our play rather than punt it to the striker and lets see. I suspect that short-sightedness will cost us at least a season (whether that is promotion next season, or a delay in challenging for the Premiership title) and that we should be looking at more than just results in assessing Ally. I'll support him while he is in charge, but in all honesty; do I think he is of sufficient calibre to manage Rangers? No, I do not and that could be based on results while still in the top flight (before relegation) and the lack of any style of play.