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  1. What do you make of Barkley mate? Can never decide whether he's quality or dreadful, tbh seems like he can't decide that himself sometimes.
  2. Some hit but that is honkin defending.
  3. Bournemouth are both incredibly unlucky and not very good at the same time.
  4. taken me less than an hour to be fine with it.
  5. Think it's the usual set up. I read the other day that the teams with Euro qualifiers will get a bye into the last 16 anyway.
  6. Yeah, on paper it seems like a good idea but you'd imagine there'd be a playing % clause in there so that he has to feature in a decent amount of games. He's also not likely to want to come up here to play on the bench behind Defoe and I assume Morelos but it could be someone else. I'm a bit wary of loan signings too. I think he's a cut above the likes of Kent, Ejaria and Ojo were at this stage of their careers but not convinced it would work. Especially if we're sticking with the same formation.
  7. I can understand why people aren't content with our defence, some of the lapses last season came in big moments. We should always be looking to better what we've got but in a season where our budget may be reduced somewhat, I think improving upon factors which saw us score almost 30 goals less than the team that won the league should be our priority.
  8. Brutal news. Gutted for the big man.
  9. Probably jinx him but Martinez has always looked decent whenever I've watched him play. Remember him playing against Dortmund in the champions league and playing well. Obviously not on Leno's level, though.
  10. It's fair to be sceptical about Patterson but, I don't think the management have been too shy about having experienced back ups instead of youth players so far. So you've got to think he's shown enough towards the end of last season and at the start of this one for them to think it's worth doing. If it means freeing up a wage for elsewhere I'm happy enough with one of our top youngsters getting that back-up spot.
  11. Some talent. Surprised he ended up signing a new deal.
  12. I was going to say that earlier, both of them made mistakes but Greenwood scored so you've got to say how amazing it was that he kicked the ball hard. Yeah, another one that comes down to who he played for more than anything else. 1 goal in over 40 odd games is brutal.
  13. To be fair, Norwich vs Brighton has had similar issues. More Norwich than Brighton, though. They'll be right at home in the Championship next year.
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