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  1. There was a thread made the night before the game about Walter's final team and this team. I was thinking during the game - especially at 1-0 down - this is a game where Walter's sides found a way. Some of my favourite results we've had there are 2-1 victories which we've performed poorly in but ground out the result, Boyd's last minute penalty, Naismith's last minute goal the following season, even the Ricksen penalty win in 04/05. This team aren't there yet, but they're not far off. 7 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss. On paper it's pretty good. One draw which falls on the player's shoulders, one loss which falls on the manager's shoulders - both of which actually came from individual errors, rather than being outplayed or cut open. Did we fail the test on Sunday? Probably, we certainly didn't pass it. But we've got this far without Kent and without Jones, our biggest signing and someone who's looked promising and offers an alternate option to someone like Ojo who's maybe still adjusting - despite being decent. As disappointing as it was yesterday, we've pretty much done as much as we could have so far.
  2. I'd want the club to be investigating this urgently. I won't hold my breath, though. I'm pretty sure this is the same guy we told to chase the OldCo for funds when this claim first arose - which was classless. The headline is pretty laughable, considering the rather large and obvious problems across the city.
  3. Patterson was suspended. Apparently he pushed someone after the last game because he was allegedly spat on/at, SFA decided not to appeal as if it failed he would miss games in the Elite round of fixtures that they've just qualified for.
  4. Mebude's had an excellent second half. First half he had absolutely no service.
  5. That reads like he's happy to be proven correct that his team is shite. Weird guy.
  6. Our games after the European matches aren't too tough either, IMO. Felt like last year we had a few tricky away ties. Livi away in November might be the worst of them.
  7. I'd rather he didn't step into the Lafferty role of being a fucking idiot.
  8. Bad error in judgement from him today. The players were poor but the setup was disjointed and it showed in their performance.
  9. Ran out of positives to say about him. Has improved dramatically since Gerrard’s arrival.
  10. McKissock


    That was colossal. Usually you’d be worried when the opposition punts it into the box in those dying minutes but he takes all the worry out of it. Wins everything.
  11. Looking to the team to lift the cloud hanging over us. Win this, win Sunday and the mood completely changes. Massive few days coming up - don't care how we do it, just win Rangers!
  12. This is a complete and utter shit show. On the one hand the songs absolutely must stop. Give it up, stop damaging the club by singing them at Ibrox or away from home. On the other hand, I'm sure we can all guess at which songs can't be sung but people shouldn't be left guessing what they can and can't sing. This is absolutely going to have an adverse effect on the atmosphere tonight, and let's be clear - the board must have known about the St. Joseph's charge before last week. There should be absolute clarity communicated to supporters in order to carry out what they want us to do and they seem to have completely fucked it. Fans are right to be raging with the board with how they've handled this.
  13. I agree - I’d like better, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Very little indication we’re in the market for a left back. I’m not that worried with him being our starting left back in big games. If the other two manage to actually find some form they should be capable of starting and causing the smaller teams problems when we’re taking the game to them. When we need a bit of stability Flanagan generally provides it.
  14. The guy has come on leaps and bounds under Gerrard. It’s great to see. Really has forced himself into being one of the first names on the team sheet.
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