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  1. To be fair to Cuellar too, he carved out a good career there - even if it was largely at full back. That 3-0 is one of my favourite OF performances. The passing moves at the end were excellent and there were plenty of heavy tackles.
  2. Whatever happens, I'm not looking forward to Tav being rushed back in against Hearts, being rusty and getting pelters for it. ­čśé
  3. I reckon this is how Gerrard will view it and Flanagan will play on Wednesday.
  4. Giovanni Reyna coming on for a league debut for Dortmund. Claudio's son and named after Van Bronckhorst!
  5. Did wonder about that. Basically fucked then cause obviously we're making the Europa League final.
  6. Would it not be sensible to extend the league season by a week now? I don't know all the logistical issues this might come up against but as a poster has suggested above it could impact upon the scum too. Extend the season now, create a little more space and avoid any potential problems instead of doing nothing and allowing all sorts of drama and fixture pile ups. Even if things happen to go to plan this weekend and Ross County/St Johnstone win their games, it's not exactly unheard of for games to be postponed in February or March. Problems could still unfold further down the line.
  7. Patterson is probably only a little more of a gamble than Polster. He's largely played games where we're not under much pressure. If Patterson isn't given the chance, then Flanagan for me.
  8. Be surprised if he left Sheffield United but, tbh, signing another striker means very little to me. They've got players who score goals on a consistent basis as it is. I'd be more concerned if they started plugging problem areas in their defence or midfield.
  9. I thought at the time he'd booked Katic and Julien and given them the penalty - which I couldn't understand. As bad as he was, it seems like he's actually just shown the card to Katic twice because he's missed it being shown.
  10. Yeah, I said after the first ten minutes he'd book him for something soft - he was desperate to do it. Second one is a yellow, no complaints there but we can have complaints about the incidents in the build up to that moment.
  11. He had a good game, he's had a really good month or so now. Honestly the only player who fell below good was Ryan Jack, surprisingly.
  12. He's a wee bitch. Whinging faced cunt always crying at the ref and flapping his arms about.
  13. They deserve plenty praise. We faced an experienced European opponent who were throwing everything at us trying to qualify, it took an own goal to spoil our clean sheet. We have a very good defense. It can make mistakes, it's not perfect, but for this level it's very good.
  14. Can't really express how good he's been this season - especially in Europe.
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