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  1. McKissock

    Scotland v England U21s

    That's a quality England U21 side - being able to leave guys like Lewis Cook and Ademola Lookman on the bench.
  2. McKissock


    His crossing can be so frustrating but some of his flicks and skills are unreal. He uses them at the right moments. He's predominantly a hard working, solid player with what seems like a tireless energy but there's some flair in there too.
  3. McKissock


    Was thinking the same about Goldson. He's obviously been in and around the Premiership/Championship for a while now but he'll have come up here and been blown away. Can only bode well for trying to recruit a similar type of player. Kent was excellent, some of his touches in and around the box were a joy to watch.
  4. McKissock

    Jon Flanagan

    Before the match the manager highlighted Flanagan was in to do a job on their best player. Ivan was subbed on the hour mark after, barring one shocking offside decision, contributing absolutely nothing. The whole team was excellent tonight, but I thought Flanagan did a great job down that side. He linked up well with Kent all night, especially second half. Good decision from Gerrard to play him and a great performance from him.
  5. McKissock

    Joe Worrall.

    I do too, but sometimes forget Katic is only 21 because of how accomplished he's looked so far. As long as he and Worral maintain a high level of performance I'm happy enough with them being interchangeable.
  6. McKissock


    I'm expecting something to end up in one of the papers in the next couple of days to deflect from that 10 european match unbeaten run and performance.
  7. McKissock


    Fair play to Gerrard for not making a change when it was tight. Can go for or against you and disrupt your momentum when the game is in the balance like that - worked out for the best this time. (Although to be fair Middleton was about ready to come on when we scored haha.)
  8. McKissock

    Joe Worrall.

    Exceptional tonight. That moment where we were 2v2 at the half way line, they were breaking and he just screened the one-two was great defending.
  9. McKissock


    Just wished someone would tell him Alfredo's name.
  10. McKissock

    Us vs the sheep shaggers

    That would be good. Wouldn't be surprised to see it drawn out a hat though. All that matters is that both games are the Sunday, cracking day of football and not being punished for representing in Europe by being forced to play Saturday.
  11. McKissock

    Us vs the sheep shaggers

    Wonder where the game will be held - both games are being played on the Sunday.
  12. Great finish from Middleton. The boy is flying right now!
  13. Part of the problem with the amount of focus on Morelos' supposed "temper" now is that refs are just going to book him for even a hint of dissent now.
  14. Cracking ball in from Kent.
  15. Great save from Wes there.