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  1. Mate got me a Rangers mug with Laudrup on it a few years back. Absolute belter of a gift!
  2. On his interpretation of them. If they were to deem the games are "postponed indefinitely" or "abandoned", as per that highlighted rule above, then that could see the SPFL season is finished as is. I'm not saying I agree with that, I don't, but I can certainly see things unfolding that way.
  3. People might not like what @thedude is saying, but it's very much within the realms of possibility that he's correct.
  4. He shouldn't start on Sunday. Not good enough.
  5. Leon King should be getting game time now to see if he's capable. If he doesn't get any between now and the end of the season then you can pretty much guarantee we won't see him next season - not a chance he gets thrown in, untested in such an important season.
  6. McKissock


    The Hamilton game was the last chance and they blew it. The next 10-12 days will probably be the last meaningful period of our season, sadly.
  7. Thirteen minutes from the end of a ninety minute match is pretty late, I'd agree.
  8. McGregor, Tav, Goldson, Edmundson, Barisic, Jack, Kamara, Aribo, Hagi, Kent, Morelos.
  9. Much better spell of pressure and finally capitalising on it.
  10. It's basically what we did to Braga. Allow them to have it up to a certain point, stifle the middle and force them to send in crosses. We should be doing better than falling into that trap.
  11. What bothers me is that we used to slip passes into the inside channels. Whenever it looks like it might be on, our midfielders tend to slip it out to the full back instead. Always the safe option - or maybe that's what the manager wants.
  12. I felt that he was decent in Europe, particularly in the early stages of the season. Definitely think we were better without him in the league, though. He was pretty much like this back in his first spell as well. As captain he got absolutely battered for all the things Tav does.
  13. Feels like now is the time to give these players some game time. We have three months of meaningless games. Eck did it back in the day with Hutton, Burke, McCormack, Namouchi etc. With some of them it worked, with others maybe not so much. Give them minutes - especially if the Gaffer knows who he wants rid of in the summer.
  14. Whilst I agree with all of that, I think you can't put a tangible value on winning that trophy. I tend to look to 10/11 season when we very much looked like we were going to lose the league in Walter's final season, especially after the Scottish Cup/Replay double header against them. If we'd lost the League Cup final to them I think we would have lost the league, but winning it gave the players the belief to go on and seal it. I think Europe has been crucial for so many reasons, but winning our first trophy with this group of players is vital.
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