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  1. It's purely from a staunch perspective. "If we win all our games, they don't matter" etc etc. Doesn't really take into consideration the nuances of what influences winning games.
  2. He was dominant from start to finish. Thought Jones was motm, but still an excellent performance.
  3. Yeah, neither am I. Regardless with a decent chunk of money to spend and English squads being finalised tomorrow it puts them in a decent position. Hopefully they make a cunt of it.
  4. The mental gymnastics people were doing to suggest it was all a fantasy was embarrassing. Was hoping this wouldn't go through, because he's replaceable and their squad will be in better shape for that kind of fee being received - even if it's "only" 10/15m up front.
  5. It's panning out like when you decide to participate in deadline day in FM. Got 40m left to spend and absolutely choking to spend it.
  6. Second time in his career he’s left us crawling out the back door. Disgrace of a player.
  7. Wish the guy all the best. Something that works in his favour is we were treated to some serious wasters for the previous 4 years. The guy generally worked hard, contributed a decent amount of goals and assists over 2 seasons (14 goals, 25 assists) and hopefully bridged the gap to us now getting in better players in his position. I’d rather we didn’t lose what he brought to the squad as a whole, but can’t be too disappointed due to his age and if we got a decent fee.
  8. Nothing on our or Pompey’s website about an option to buy. Reckon this will be a make or break loan for him, but I think we’ll see him kick on with the amount of games he’ll play.
  9. Will be surprised if this is the last time it happens over the summer now. Disgraceful behaviour and it only encourages this type of incident. Hope Dorrans is alright.
  10. Enjoyed the way he spoke about the reaction to our last defeat. One thing that signals progress to me (there's been several indicators over the course of this season) is how the players reacted during that game, and then afterwards too. At a similar stage last year we crumbled against ten men and went on to capitulate in the following games to give up second place. Second place means nothing, but it's easy to measure a bit of progress as this time around we got stronger with ten men against the scum and should have taken something from that game. Then we've gone on to play fairly well and put together a winning run, instead of chucking it away like last year because of one defeat.
  11. Arghhh I'm so angry about us signing a guy who's nominated for YPOTY award. We'll never learn, he's never going to make it. Also, well done Ryan Kent for being nominated for the YPOTY award. Sign him up.
  12. Most people were happy when this was Sadiq getting it tight. See if he’s said it all in private and they’ve not taken it on, he might as well have a small pop at them in public and see if that changes things.
  13. Bad defending from Tav. Lost a bit of intensity here.
  14. If we really want it there’s another 2 or 3 goals here for us.
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