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  1. McKissock

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    It’s interesting to note how we’re treating bids for Morelos and Tav, compared to someone like Windass. Folk cry out for us to not just accept the first offer and demand proper value for our players. Outright rejecting bids for Tav and Morelos shows how important they are to us and that we are quite capable of rejecting bids for integral players - only selling for big bids. Someone like Windass, who I feel was somewhat underrated, is probably still replaceable for the money we got for him. Morelos and Tav, not so much - particularly at the quoted prices offered for them. It’s pleasing to see us back to the stage where we are prepared to reject offers for key players and chase off the bidder.
  2. McKissock

    Kyle Lafferty

    Would rather he stayed there and helped Hearts take more points off them, whilst we go and sign someone better.
  3. McKissock

    Tavs role in the team

    Think the attacking positions he takes up are impressive. Always seems to find space and if he’s under pressure, usually finds away out of it through linking up with Candeias. Sometimes his passing can be a little sloppy but that’s a minor gripe for me.
  4. McKissock


    Thought he was excellent tonight. Glad that the daft red card decision on Sunday didn’t derail his form as well. His all round game is steadily improving - hope he keeps up the goal scoring too.
  5. McKissock

    Listening to offers for Fod

    Fair chance he’ll end up on loan down south somewhere before that window closes (August 31st I think?)
  6. McKissock

    Out?: Josh Windass

    Can never make up my mind on Windass, I think there’s a player in there and last season was a definite improvement on his last. Trust Gerrard on this, though and the fee/clauses/sell-on is probably good business but I think for what he contributed last season we should have tried to get more.
  7. McKissock

    John off To The Swans

    I rated him, but I think we’ve probably done good business with Barisic and Flannagan in that area and getting a fee for a player who we signed on a free and who seemed to suffer from niggling injuries. Wish him all the best.
  8. McKissock

    Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    Woodburn certainly has potential. Wilson's a little more proven after that successful spell with Hull but Woodburn has obviously made an impact with the Wales senior squad. Kent I know nothing about.
  9. McKissock

    Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    Fairly sure he does but I could be wrong. I only saw him once or twice playing for Hull but was usually cutting inside onto his left. Traditional wingers are pretty rare these days but it's possible he could play both roles.
  10. McKissock

    Lucas Leiva (Lazio)

    Good read, that. Another interesting element is the fact McAllister joined Rodgers for a bit - something I'd forgotten. I did wonder if part of the appeal of appointing Gerrard was how well he would know Rodgers' approach to the game/tactics/training methods and how that might help Gerrard get the better of him. So McAllister is likely to have some insight there as well which you would think should be beneficial.
  11. McKissock

    Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    I hope we wrap this one up. Having him and Candeias as options on our right side would be pleasing.
  12. McKissock

    BBC Article

    Yeah, look there is no comparison between this and what happened across the city. Just going off the back of psb's post though, the incident occurred at our club, so ultimately it has to carry some culpability. I'm not saying we didn't do anything/everything by the book once the situation was brought to light. I doubt money etc would be discussed in public anyway, personally I think that telling the guy to chase the liquidators because it's a different company that's liable is a pretty crass thing to do.
  13. McKissock

    BBC Article

    I think we should. To play the 'different company' card in a situation where a former youngster and season ticket holder has had his life tainted by some scumbag feels a bit grim to me. As you say, it may well be the correct legal position but I think it would be the better option to try and make some kind of negotiation.
  14. McKissock


    Yeah, I tend to agree with this. Whilst he's not the perfect CB (if he was he wouldn't be here...) he's shown improvement as he's played more games. We look a far more solid side when he's involved. I think he usually performs in big games too. Never let us down away to them, away to Hibs, away to Aberdeen - he's usually done the business. That's usually a good marker of 'Rangers quality' for me. As Amac mentioned earlier in the thread, regardless of whether you think they're good enough to do the business for us as a title winning side, it is criminal that we've managed to let Bates and Wilson leave for buttons whilst Martin (who is worse than AIDS) was signed up.
  15. McKissock

    Murty Sacked - Confirmed

    This is what should have happened to Caixinha last season - might not have ended up in this pathetic mess if it had been done.