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  1. McKissock

    So who do we go with..

    Forrest absolutely killed Halliday in the last game against them last season so I'd be worried about playing him again tbh.
  2. McKissock

    Ryan Hardie?

    Fucksake Hearts 😂😂
  3. McKissock

    Goldson and Katic

    I honestly think we have four good centre backs. If Worrall was pish we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in in the Europa league group. If Katic was pish we wouldn’t have got there. McAuley’s in the twilight of his career but he’s still better than pretty much every defender outside of our team, the scum and Scott McKenna. Goldson is the best of the lot. I really think the management have dropped the ball on this one, probably my main criticism of them is disrupting our back four and doing it so often. Few teams can get away with so much rotation in that area. Obviously injuries have played their part in disrupting form too but I really would have liked someone to ask Gerrard before now why he has chopped and changed so much there. I don’t understand why nobody has asked the question.
  4. McKissock

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Reckon the team will be: McGregor Tav, Goldson, Worrall, Flanagan, Jack, Arfield, Coulibaly Grezda, Morelos, Kent Flanagan did a job on their best player in the first game so I'd expect Gerrard will start him, despite the fact he's been pretty rotten since then. Win here and hopefully we might reignite our season.
  5. McKissock

    Has Scott Arfield finished his ban yet,?

    His absence from the team should help open some folks eyes as to how important he is for us. Obviously we should have had enough to beat Dundee and Aberdeen anyway, but often see Arfield criticised for not doing enough or impacting the game - I think his movement and link play is crucial to us being a successful attacking unit.
  6. McKissock

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    I tend to agree. I think, especially in January if there’s a point or two in the title race between us and them, adding a guy like Davis who knows the league and the run in will be pretty valuable. I’m not even that covinced I want him back, tbh but I reckon that’ll be the logic and I can see it working. I’d be surprised if they don’t strengthen and the reality is it’ll probably be a higher calibre of player so we have to hope that they end up with another Musonda/Comper type flop who doesn’t settle immediately. Whereas I think Davis would. Edit: Just to add - I think the gaffer’s post match comments are spot on. Calm and measured, a fairly honest assessment of the game and where we’re at right now.
  7. McKissock

    Ross McCrorie

    It’s a good thing having players pushing those infront of them for positions in the team - like McCrorie and Rossiter. I reckon he’ll have a role to play before the season is done. If not, he’ll be off on loan in January.
  8. Flanagan really making a cunt of it but collectively shocking defensive performance.
  9. Would be delighted with a positive result, this is going to be a massive test. Must admit I'm almost more concerned about the knock on effect it might have on Sunday's game which is a must win.
  10. Rookie managers, regardless of playing pedigree, make mistakes. Gerrard has made a fair few. Progressing in Europe is fantastic, especially as most would have considered this beyond our squad. The knock-on effect is that we have to play Thursday/Sunday and our squad struggles with that - be it the weekend after a European game or just the general impact upon training and recovery time etc (something Hearts, another side who overhauled their squad haven’t had to live with when gelling a new team together) Being in Europe has long term positive effects, but short term is disruptive. We’re improving, but sacking the manager now would be ridiculous and we’d be back to overhauling a squad and building a new one. This has to be the start of a push back against celtics dominance, not just another manager bombed out after 5 months.
  11. McKissock

    ***The Official Rangers V Spartak Moscow Match Thread***

    Will be a missed opportunity if we don't get a grip of this game. It's there for the taking!
  12. McKissock

    ***The Official Rangers V Spartak Moscow Match Thread***

    Tav and Candeias not linking as effectively as usual today. Not as fluid as their play tends to be.
  13. McKissock

    Scotland v England U21s

    That's a quality England U21 side - being able to leave guys like Lewis Cook and Ademola Lookman on the bench.
  14. McKissock


    His crossing can be so frustrating but some of his flicks and skills are unreal. He uses them at the right moments. He's predominantly a hard working, solid player with what seems like a tireless energy but there's some flair in there too.
  15. McKissock


    Was thinking the same about Goldson. He's obviously been in and around the Premiership/Championship for a while now but he'll have come up here and been blown away. Can only bode well for trying to recruit a similar type of player. Kent was excellent, some of his touches in and around the box were a joy to watch.