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  1. Aside from his shocking injury record, high wages and so on, I generally don't trust strikers who are erratic with their finishing at times - even if they're a higher caliber of player from a higher standard. When he's instinctive, he can be pretty good but I always held the impression that Welbeck lacked composure when he has a bit of time to think about his finishing. That isn't helped by being injured and having to constantly rebuild your level of sharpness in front of goal. Anyway, never going to happen, regardless of how ITK someone is.
  2. Should be unchanged from the Motherwell game. Maybe Barisic or Halliday in at left back.
  3. You only need to look at how people write off Middleton to see we don't really learn any lessons in this sense. That isn't to say he should be above criticism, there should just be a level of understanding where if a youngster starts to struggle then they need some time out of the limelight (as Gerrard has done with Middleton). Having read that article, it's easy to forget too that last season was McCrorie's first. Also if Aidan Wilson wants to become Matthijs de Ligt that would be great.
  4. That trophy is brutal.
  5. I think one thing that's maybe been dispelled during the Pedro spell was that he deserved a bit of a free pass for having Warburton's players. When he signed his own players he couldn't get the team playing. If you look at the likes of Heckingbottom at Hibs - it's done him no harm not having his own players. Same goes for Steve Clarke when he first joined Killie IIRC. In fact, wasn't his first game Pedro's last? Anyway, I can't agree that there's much of a comparison between Gerrard and Pedro at all. Pedro should have been out the door by the start of his first full season and he should have been gone after Luxembourg.
  6. He's right, but it's not anything new is it? I think folk would be less dismissive of him if he was offering something different in his comments but it's just another ex-player piling in on Morelos. There's enough of that already - from people who would probably be quite happy if he didn't clean up his act.
  7. Sometimes it can be a measure of pedigree and quality but I think something that's overlooked most of the time by fans/pundits is how a player fits at a club and just how much of a "right time, right place" kind of thing it can be. It might be down to a system, a manager, a dressing room or a complete fluke. Look at how Teemu Pukki is getting on this season, the guy was a total joke up here. Norwich clearly identified him as someone who they could get the best out of and it's worked out. Maybe he's been helped because of his failure up here previously? Who knows, but I'd be shocked if Norwich fans weren't looking at that potential signing and writing it off completely based on his spell up here.
  8. Would be mad to let Arfield go IMO. Unless we had serious talent coming in to replace him. We were crying out for quality like him since we returned to the SPL - quality midfielder, at the right age who had held his own in the Premiership and wasn't coming here to call it in for a wage. When Arfield is out of the team we look so one dimensional from midfield. I would absolutely accept he's had dips in form, but his quality is unquestionable for me - especially having seen him operate as a kind of inside right/inside left forward the last couple of games too. I think he'll be even better next year and if we can improve the quality around him he'll thrive. I would note that 3-5m on a guy at 30 who we signed on a freebie and on decent wages wouldn't be bad business, but I don't think we'd ably replace his experience and ability for that price without some form of risk (ie would take time to settle - a guy who hasn't played in this league, for a club this size or is fairly inexperienced etc etc.)
  9. Wanted the guy gone at the end of last season - purely based on what I felt was a lack of quality, couldn't be happier for the way things have turned around for him.
  10. Probably the right decision keeping Flanagan in. Hastie will likely try to cut in onto his left, will be cutting onto Flanagan’s stronger right side.
  11. It's a minor gripe, but Jack's final ball/killer pass lets him down at times. I realise that's not why he's in the side but when he plays a more advanced role it often breaks down.
  12. Hopefully the boy comes back, stays injury free and has a good pre-season. Then we can see whether he’s worth keeping on or binning. The way Gerrard talks about who he can trust etc in the squad, you have to wonder how he’s going to treat the loan guys when they return - whether they’re going to get a shot or if they’ll be off regardless. Are any of the guys on loan much of an upgrade on what we have? I’m not sure.
  13. I’d have originally said no for the fact that his contract was pretty substantial for a guy in the twilight of his career. That post is a pretty strong case, though. I’d maybe throw McLeish in there for discussion. His trophy haul, and the two titles he gave us were incredible. Obviously had a couple of stinkers too, though.
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