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  1. Can we beat them? Of course. Is it likely? No. I'd take a draw right now. My feeling is they will dominate posession and wear us down. We lack a cutting edge and I can't see us scoring (m)any at the piggery. Hoping for a jammy win, happy with 0-0, but expecting worse. Whatever happens I want to see a Rangers team that's up for it, tries to play football and doesn't collapse if they score.
  2. We have no cutting edge up front (apart from a moment of class from Alfie) and look like we're made of glass at the back. We dominated posession (again), but you couldn't have complained if Kilmarnock had won it - they made at least as many chances as we did over the 90.
  3. Shouldn't be surprised we've struggled against them all fucking season
  4. Now there's space but we can't get the ball into it!
  5. Finally playing with some urgency - think Killie are getting tired
  6. forward pass, turn and shot.... made it look easy
  7. Ibrox is a fortress - but unfortunately we're playing like we're the ones locked outside.
  8. Grezda's chance to shine if he's fit. Not expecting anything from Barisic - hope he proves me wrong.
  9. Too many of our passes are across the front of their defence. We are not mixing it up. Is it because we're shit at through balls?
  10. Davis getting into decent positions. Morelos quiet so far.
  11. Lacking in every department. Clueless up front, pushed around in midfield and asleep at the back.
  12. Time for another rebuild - wake me up in August.
  13. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1lPKqdmYowlxb Not sure you really want it but
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