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  1. Ellis deal done?

    Also just on BBC Reporting Scotland, fingers crossed indeed.
  2. Ellis deal done?

  3. Ellis deal done?

    Very true.
  4. Falkirk 3 vs. 3 Celtic (***Minute's silnce ruined***)

    I agree 100%, that was a hellish way to remember our war dead. I will be e-mailing tomorrow when I have calmed down a little.
  5. Jerome Rothen signs for Rangers

    Danny what wanker changed the name on this thread was it you ? No.....he's a different wanker. So there is more than 1 ?
  6. Boyd to Birmingham Transfer Discussion

    No doubt a lot of fans on here will be happy with that news, but it was not what I wanted to hear. Was doing cartwheels at the news Must admit you were in my mind as I wrote it.
  7. Boyd to Birmingham Transfer Discussion

    No doubt a lot of fans on here will be happy with that news, but it was not what I wanted to hear.
  8. ***The Official Hibs v Rangers Thread***

    I would not have thought Darcheville would have been in the team at the expense of Boyd, but you never know, maybe Walter has got it right ??????????????????????
  9. ***The Official Hibs v Rangers Thread***

    Swap Lafferty with Beasley and Boyd in with Miller will be the team 2-0 Boyd and Miller I would like to see the same swap as you RFC, we know Lafferty is a centre forward but Beasley is so bad at the moment I hope he is not in the team and I think the big man can do a turn out on the left side.
  10. The Pedro Mendes Thread

    At last some good news, I think he will be a good player for us.
  11. Kenny Miller Total Discussion Thread

    I do not think Miller scores enough goals, but will support him once he signs. I think you have got it right 'Ryan' old chap. I also accept we are very much in the minority on this forum with this opinion, but we do have the right to have it.
  12. ***The Official Barcelona v Rangers Thread***

    You are right, a lot might happen, and it's what they may do that is the problem. Real pity Papac was sleeping at the first goal, it is hellish losing such an early goal.
  13. ***The Official Lyon v Rangers Thread***

    I think you have got the team Walter will put out spot on. Just hope Whittaker plays better than yesterday.
  14. Naismith Saga

    I'm assuming the midfielder is Whittaker... I will be gutted if we spend 1.8mill on him. We can easily sign better than him. I would have thought so aswell. I would have thought Naismith was worth more than Whittaker, but maybe not in the eyes of Bain & Co.
  15. Naismith Saga

    Some on the board think Naismith is worth £2M and I am one of them and will be very dissapointed to see him go to the other lot, probably just as many do not think he is worth that amount of money, we are all entitled to our opinion. What I do wonder is this, who will we sign in his place, because Walter obviously wants another forward and the way we have been conducting our business lately I have just about lost faith in Bain & Co closing any deal. I hope I have to come on in a couple of weeks time and say I was wrong but I am not holding my breath. :rant: