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  1. Rename it for us, place to watch the game in New Dheli.
  2. You haven't been buying your pies and pints in bar72
  3. It also need to make the club money a long with producing a player every two seasons that goes into the first team. It seems to be a very every project to create footballers for everyone else.
  4. It will be appealed, and he will play in both games against us. I will try and run him down the next time on the way back from work(this is a joke if any sad cunts are looking in).
  5. I think we should start playing dodoo instead of McKay. I would sell him in the summer.
  6. @Dan Deacon will be able to advise, go is going to solely buy a car as it has FTP in the registration.
  7. This man has good contacts, the local delboy.
  8. Full price for a kid as well.
  9. Yeah, as long as they aren't running about.
  10. Fuck you are right, uptown £960 for seat 169, £995 for seat 100. Never knew there was a waiting list though.
  11. That will mean you get friendlies, cup home games, European home games all included. Use to sit in cd6 and moved after forking out additional £130 for the three champs league group games.
  12. Pay the extra £100 odd and get a bar72 seat, includes all home games, so you would easily make the extra cash back.
  13. That's how a lot of them make money nowadays, get 10k people to pay you £5 a month, lots of guys do it living in Spain. Then there are the serious bug boys who put on millions a week on the same basis for big clients.
  14. Remember, that's how Dave and Houston say we get change.
  15. Just now saying no as i have missed a lot of games this season due to having two infants, takes up a lot of time with travelling to and from games, plus the cost of a season ticket is extortionate since we haven't had European games(all home games are included in my ST).