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  1. Looks like he has agreed to join Partick from Ayr, going from Joint top to bottom, thats what is wrong with scottish footie.
  2. Think of tennant sixes where you can use the walls and stuff, although think the size is smaller
  3. j1mgg

    2nd minute

    can send you a lInk to the full game f you want EDIT: FULL GAME - https://footballfullmatch.com/uefa-europa-league/Rangers-vs-feyenoord-19-09-2019/
  4. With a large pay-off. Surely we never bought this guy on the recommendation from barisic.
  5. j1mgg

    2nd minute

    In the match thread someone posted a link to the full game, so will be in that, not sure how much they showed, or if they just focused on the guy doing the throw in.
  6. j1mgg

    2nd minute

    This was a great show of respect, must of went on for over 10seconds, but nevee saw it on the highlights last night which was very disappointing.
  7. Thanks, was at the game, but just like watching highlights when i get home.
  8. j1mgg


    He has a hell of a knack of getting past players while keeping the ball, doesnt matter if it is a goal kick to him, a wild pass, or him running at them, he always seems to trap it, and get away from the defender.
  9. We have a smoking area for halftime. That is good if we are being allowed to fill the 3k empty seats with kids from surrounding schools. I am guessing boabs complaint about not having large banner displays will be on the next supporters information release.
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