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  1. j1mgg

    Wallace, Rossiter and Grezda

    I just can't see Sadiq making it here, and think he should go back in January. If we don't get a replacement then, maybe try some of the youngsters that seem to co tinually score in the reserve/development games. The main priority must be signing coulibaly, hopefully we have already agreed a fee before we took him.
  2. j1mgg

    Wallace, Rossiter and Grezda

    Getting mentioned in nearly every tweet by the youth academy, apart from one that talked about "said" going close.
  3. j1mgg

    Where are all the taigs today?

    That's your big brother career over.
  4. j1mgg

    5 goals

    I would let him take a penalty, doubt there is many teams where everyone of their starting eleven has scored.
  5. j1mgg

    Mobile WiFi inside Ibrox

    It is a joke, all I want to do is watch a movie, or catch up on easties.
  6. j1mgg

    Mobile WiFi inside Ibrox

    Mobile data very rarely works inside venues where there is a large amount of people. When the WiFi was up and running, it was good.
  7. j1mgg

    Strange shirt last night

    Got to really blame UEFA here for changing it at 1pm yesterday, you would of thought we would of had some notice of this.
  8. j1mgg

    Gerrard with Villarreal players at the end

    It's the Gerrard way of tapping up our new signings.
  9. See Liepzig playing Salzburg, I suppose that clears up alot about people being able to have large shareholdings in two different teams that could face each other in Europe.
  10. j1mgg

    Bet 365

    Ask them if they will payout on my Rangers to win, and over 16 corners please
  11. Greta result, and some pennies in the bank. Not bad a for a new team
  12. How can we not fucking keep a lead, we score, then the other team score. FFS