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  1. Should use a bulk mail provider.
  2. Need to get digby brown on the case
  3. I would expect any shareholder that lost out in it to be able to sue for the full value of their shares before this tax bill came in.
  4. j1mgg

    PC Gaming Build

    Current price Phanteks eclipse p600s - £120 Inc shipping (under £110 mid August) SeaSonic FOCUS Plus Gold 750 W 80+ Gold - £112 Inc shipping (was £85 mid August) Looks like mid August is a good time for deals.
  5. It just looks like this year the msm are actually running with it, unlike previous years where it was swept under the carpet.
  6. Have the Tim's board came out and said anything about them disrespecting the silence, and singing what they were throughout the game?
  7. j1mgg

    PC Gaming Build

    Any advice on new case and psu? Was looking to spend £150, hoping to get maybe a few deals in the coming weeks. Don't need see through panels, or anything like that. Was looking at pure base 500 and Corsair rm650
  8. I am sure I saw that guy (champagne weird looking one) when I came out of the north stand after the game tonight.
  9. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4938654/celtic-green-brigade-boycott-silence-remembrance-poppy/ Also another group called the Bhoys disrupted the silence inside the stadium.
  10. The college looked pretty empty 30mins ago
  11. We should just shut it down and use the money saved to buy other clubs 16yr olds
  12. I think Gerrard may not be motivated by money
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