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  1. David Bates

    No way is he worth £9k a week, he would need to be going solid for a full year to get anywhere near that. I would hope very few of our team are in more than £9k a week.
  2. New deal for Wes

    Then we won't be in business for very long, who is going to keep on providing us with loans. It is a double edge sword, we need to get the the champions league to make money, but we need to keep our players to get there, but we need money to pay our players.
  3. New deal for Wes

    Not obsessed, just being realistic. We don't generate enough money, so have to get it from buying players, building them up, and selling them on.
  4. New deal for Wes

    Tie them down, give them a wee boost, sell them on for more.
  5. School photo

    How do we describe them?
  6. The beeb

    Doubt any of the Scottish reporters will be paid enough to make use of these schemes.
  7. They also have a Chinese sponsor.
  8. Retail Deal

    Remember all the lettering falling off, and the badge. It was like bubble lettering.
  9. Windass

    He has had his arse kicked
  10. I'm already a cunt, hopefully I will become a lottery winner
  11. A could do with winning the lottery.
  12. Windass

    All I am seeing is Makes look like messi
  13. David Bates

    Who does, Tav
  14. Windass

    Has he not been punted yet