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  1. j1mgg

    Domain issues

    Why do you all go to FF when this site is down, just read the papers online, that is where all the ITK guys are or, or try gersnet
  2. j1mgg

    Domain issues

    I should of bought it, going to get the cops in to investigate.
  3. j1mgg

    Fire at Training Ground

    Fucking tims
  4. j1mgg

    Could Docherty be converted to RB?

    NO, would rather release him than possibly ruin his career by shoehorning him into a team.
  5. j1mgg

    Matt Polster

    Do they shag 10 birds a night
  6. j1mgg

    Tenerife Training camp

    If it is the place I am thinking of, I wouldn't call it a top training ground. I watched some youth teams play there a few years ago on the way back from the pub, upside is there is a stall that sells beer.
  7. Definitely not. I would wish people would also not react to them during the silence, people shhhh just makes it worse, or the people shouting and calling them scum.
  8. Was that his first goal today, I would of put a lot of money on him having scored previously.
  9. j1mgg

    Highlights Tonight?

    Highlights, watch the whole game again.
  10. j1mgg

    Alfredo dropped an Old Firm bombshell

    We not off to Japan for an end of year tour?
  11. j1mgg

    Alfredo dropped an Old Firm bombshell

    Can't blame him, look at the shower of shit he has to play with week in week out.
  12. j1mgg

    Absolute fucking shambles

    We either thump teams, or it is a fucking nightmare.
  13. Win on Saturday and we are still fucking second. We need two new strikers, 4 Midfielders, and 3 in defense, let's just call it a fucking whole team.
  14. Fucking mince. Take Morelos out, and we are fighting to get into top 6.