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  1. j1mgg


    May be so, but he still isnt good enough for our first team
  2. j1mgg


    All Halliday will be doing against the tims is shouting from the sidelines.
  3. Think he has lost a bit of confidence after failing his medical at crystal palace/west ham/london
  4. This just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Not because who has mentioned it, or where it is, but it just sounds like it will be poorly planned, and not look very good. In my head i have a couple of wall pasting tables with stuff on top, and loads of cardboards boxes, stuff just waiting to be stolen.
  5. The ball was nearly hitting the back of the net when the keeper scoops ot back out.
  6. Last laugh was in them. Now we have Aribo
  7. Youssouf Mulumbu has been released by celtic on a free after the club activated a clause in the midfielder's two-year deal. Did this bugger not sign for the tims, then get sent on a year long loan, and now been released?
  8. j1mgg

    Ibrox upgrades?

    They are just going with the upgrade to a 80k seater stadium after they seen it mentioned on here.
  9. Has Morelos got a mohican, and who has the bowl cut at the end?
  10. Its a great idea, and it woukdnt have to be one or the other.
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