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  1. He is still an asset down south that could get tens of thousands per week.
  2. Jobs for the boys Just cause an ex player wants to get into coaching does not mean we give them a job.
  3. I don't understand, who are the Lisbon lions?
  4. We have that many coming that Robertson has pulled out of NASRA
  5. I thought he was homesick.
  6. Hear rossiter is 10 days away
  7. Would he be moved more central under PC plans, cause that would possibly sort him out.
  8. Guess it all depends on how much he or his agent is asking for.
  9. I will get Houston, Graham, and Dingwall onto it, it is all about Rangers after all, and not about their pal King.
  10. I have to disagree, not making it back to the top division at first attempt was. Some bears may also refer older stuff.
  11. Maybe it is the only way people who can't make the game can see it.
  12. Should I even ask what we deserved
  13. How would you fell if we had a Chinese sponsor, full Chinese writing on our top and boards. They are fucking minted, and did the top honchos of the SPFl not recently sell our games to them for peanuts.
  14. Someone has been pulling his plonker, I know Wayne Gretzky, he is a handsome chap.
  15. Is he a relation to the Canadian ice hockey player