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  1. Thirty fucking four, no thanks
  2. j1mgg


    Was Jack not their captain before shinnie, just can't see him coming, we are overloaded in midfield, although we could easily get rid of people.
  3. Retractions/redactions, or whatever they are called are pointless. The damage has already been done, need to take these buggers to court for damages.
  4. Considering the season isn't over, I am not overly sure. Europe, got a lot further than expected, but had one of the easiest group we could of looked for, and failed Scottish cups, disappointed not to be in the final of at least one of them. League ain't over, but the tim's have been pish, and we are still miles behind. Overall, probably a 6
  5. j1mgg

    Ryan Kent

    Barrie McKay is a poor man's Harry Forrester
  6. Being more than 5 pts off top spot next Christmas.
  7. j1mgg

    Ryan Kent

    It is very hard to do anything when they have 11 players all crammed into the last third of the pitch. Just doesn't get the space he needs, and he can create space, but then there is usually no wanting the ball.
  8. Don't think anyone will be looking forward to the footie the next time we play them, two absolute shit teams playing against each other.
  9. 95th fucking minute. Was 6 minutes really needed.
  10. I know some people don't like goalies as captains, but would he be a good captain if Tav leaves in the summer?
  11. Why do our players not like taking shots from the edge of the box, even when in the centre. They would rather prefer to play it side to side to then just lose the ball, or play it deep into the corner where we get in poor crosses.
  12. First home game I have been to in a wee while, probably don't notice it as much on TV.
  13. Looks like Warburton has taken over at the helm.
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