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  1. Playing dominos with Robbie Fowler.
  2. This is the worrying thing. What happens if either one gets injured again, and one will definitely be off in the summer. We have got people off the age bill, although we may have had to pay out some compensation.
  3. That's good, sure the one that could walk turned out alright the last time.
  4. Have we brought anyone in, and if we haven't, have we went through a window before not bringing someone in? I do think we are at the stage where anyone we do bring in should be first team quality, and not to just fill the squad.
  5. Nope, but I do off of their pish
  6. Will buy him a mix the next time I see him in candy land
  7. j1mgg

    Just think...

    People moan about winning boring games one nil
  8. We all know there will be games like this, especially when teams are playing for the draw against us. Considering the people we had missing tonight, I am more than happy with the three points.
  9. My name is j1mgg, and I support the anyone, everyone campaign, apart from that thumbheed cunt
  10. Griffith's back to a £50m striker after that very difficult strike there.
  11. They still have that superstar shed
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