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  1. Where is it saying this
  2. I will wait till he accepts before putting my mortgage Omnia winning the treble next season.
  3. I haven't really followed all this in detail, but why would American lawyers get involved? I also don't get how they get to together, did they just walk upto other coaches and just ask if they fancy abusing boys, and if the person said no, that's fine and move o to asking the next coach?
  4. j1mgg

    Worst Fake top

    People will be duped into buying it thinking it is official, or off the back of a lorry or some shite. Mainly aiming at grandparents, parents, that may not know a lot about what the current team have for release. As the other advert says, could be a training top or some shite. It has Rangers badge on it, and Hummel
  5. j1mgg

    Worst Fake top

    And it is fucking minging
  6. j1mgg

    Worst Fake top

    They photos taken on your bed?
  7. j1mgg

    Worst Fake top

    I sure you will, as long as you are willing to leave Ibiza town.
  8. j1mgg

    Worst Fake top

    At least I have seen zero tim tops, fake or real. Seen loads of kids wearing our home and third strips.
  9. j1mgg

    Worst Fake top

    Lara beach, Turkey. Guessing all major holiday destinations will have them. Guy starting price was a tenner with shorts.
  10. Worse than most of the mockups we see on here. There was another, but couldn't get a photo.
  11. That was absolutely rotten. We need alot more players.
  12. Mr Leigh Griffith's doesn't have a gambling or drug habit, he just carries a bag of talc for his balls while enjoying his favourite past time of racecourse spotting.
  13. j1mgg

    Ryan Kent

    I would love him to comeback, but it should show other youngsters what coming to Rangers on loan for a season can do. There is plenty of young guys out on loan that we should be attractive to now. I would also say we have added alot of value to kents selling price, which clubs will also like.
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