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  1. I still don't get this, does the majority of our money not come from ST sales, which we will have already collected for this season. That we leave us with the measley amount we get from selling away tickets, and whatever we make from hospitality.
  2. This should be a lot more serious that just a two week fine from his club.
  3. Not that only it is a shit article, it is about 5 days old, and someone still posts it here. We should maybe shut this place down until football starts again.
  4. They would already have paid the money, and it will probably save them money by not going
  5. Is this not only a problem if people want refunds on STs? I understand they will.miss out on hospitality, and away fan tickets.
  6. j1mgg


    Thanks for clearing that up, thought it was for a second.
  7. What does CPT stand for, as all I can see may be classed as racist.
  8. What are the consequences? I can't see how it should make any difference, considering we won't be playing anymore games however they decide to do it.
  9. j1mgg


    Don't blame the alcohol, if you are a cunt when drunk, you are a cunt when sober.
  10. A guy we could easily make money from, if played in the right position. He gets a lot of exposure because of his dad, and also will get exposure for the national team aswell.
  11. j1mgg

    COD Modern Warfare

    It is pretty good, teams of three.
  12. Increasing the capacity at Ibrox will always be a hot topic, and favoured by supporters, but how much would it cost, and how long to recoup that money back through sales?
  13. Where would this hole.in the fund gap come from, after season ticket money, which is already paid, what other money do we generate from home games? Can't see food being that great, and is that not already someone else's business, so I can only see a handful of individual tickets being sold, and probably hospitality, but then we surely save money that would of been outlayed for policing, security, and other stuff.
  14. If the tims get given the league, I want hearts relegated, and the same for all other leagues under the SFA, I don't care if there is 1pt in it, or 20pts.
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