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  1. Derek McInnes

  2. Mcleish

    Nah, he is Kenny millers neighbour
  3. Who the fuck is his nemane, back of to city i think.
  4. What's wrong with the 31 on Hardie's back.
  5. Berwick last night

    Thought the OP was going to say he got a ride.
  6. Rangers Fans Fighting Fund

    Who cares about the wording, what is being done with the money?
  7. Paul Dumbert

    With Neil Lennon as his assistant.
  8. Stuart McCall

    Feck off, I want to be making up stuff now so I can get pissed off when it doesn't happen, or claim the high ground and being a "ITK" guy when it comes off.
  9. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Any new manager unaware of him would bring him back in a heart beat with his scoring record
  10. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Mcliesh till the end of the season, would he get more out of some of the duds we have, would Pena improve, windass, or will we write these folk off as just duds?
  11. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    If mcliesh did get it to the end of the season, I would tell him straight up to get us second, and you will get another 12/24mths.
  12. Why is the BearsDen not private?

    Got to let the DR journos in so they can get their exclusives, and @gogzy gets a new kitchen.
  13. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    This team are a fucking joke.