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  1. Seen in BBC gossip that Sutton is banding about £60m figure for edourd
  2. Was the photo taken on a potato?
  3. Supposedly the Tim's would be compelled to sell Édouard if a £40m bid is tabled, say Harald Brattbakk, and here is our former.players saying we should take £8m or so for Morelos.
  4. First game, and a hat trick for their star striker. That will be the difference. I know there is a gulf between Hamilton and Aberdeen, but they will do the same thing against Aberdeen as well.
  5. I took -2.5 aswell, and also aribo to score a d use to win, that was money down the drain.
  6. Could see it coming a mile away, hope it is a wake up for the players.
  7. j1mgg

    PlayStation 5

    So 120hz, which barely any standard TV people have in there house, and who is buying a 8k TV.
  8. j1mgg

    PlayStation 5

    What are the new ps5 ready TVs, as I would expect them to have a higher refresh rate, if the ps5 is 120hz.
  9. I don't think it would be safe to have that many packed into a confined space, unless a vaccine has been developed, and you bring along your note saying you have taken it.
  10. j1mgg

    Tomket Tires

    Tomkyte tyres
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