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  1. The thumb

    That's not what we should be looking for, in the first half he was walking to the corner flag and picked up a blue bit of paper and blew his nose in it, but after that he also picked up something from the park and threw it in to the fans, not sure if it hit anyone or not, but it seemed malicious.
  2. Bunch of shitebags

    A few of our players were, letting the Tim's stroll about midfield as if they owned it, dorrans probably at the front of the queue.
  3. Them celebrating

    I don't think he would of been the answer, same with I don't think Dorrans is the answer.
  4. Them celebrating

    Who was this? You would think Dorrans would get it, but he does t, and he isn't good enough.
  5. Bunch of shitebags

    Can't really say much more than we have a bunch of shitebags. Hodson is hopeless. Refs a joke
  6. Them celebrating

    Our players are a bunch of shitebags
  7. D-day for Pedro

    Today should have no real bearing, we are expected to lose, and the difference in players will.suggest this as well.
  8. Work laptop safe link would be amazing
  9. Tynecastle's new stand😂

    That is seriously shit, as already said, looks like an office from the 60s
  10. Hamilton emails

    Not had a thing yet this season.
  11. 3 x U20s Pushing Close To First Team Action

    But he can't comment on something he wasn't at.
  12. Our current crop of Scottish players are not good enough to get into the current national team. We should be looking to have as many internationalists playing for us as we can, including playing for Scotland. Failure to get into Europe past Christmas will have us looking for San Marino and Maltese internationalists at best.
  13. A PED LOSS

    Hope he keeps s prong so some club will pay a good few for him.