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  1. j1mgg

    Scottish Cup on Premier Sports

    If you get a friends and family deal you could get the whole package for £40, mine was £45 for sky q, but yeah, if you don't have enough bt broadband, it is a rip off.
  2. j1mgg

    Rangers charged by uefa

    He needs to pump out a few more if that is the case .
  3. As title says, we have a great chance to close the gap at the top.
  4. j1mgg

    Lack of winners?

    We don't have a bottomless pit of money to go out and buy proven players at European level, so we will have to buy at a lower rate, some will work, some won't. Considering we are still in contention to progress from a European group stage after 4 games is very good. The league isn't done and dusted either.
  5. Have Hibs even been in Europe?
  6. Just finished watching the game, we have royaly fucked it.
  7. j1mgg

    Place to watch game v Spartak in Venice

    Probably best just jumping on a flight to Russia.
  8. If he is with the squad, they can just give him to Roma out in Russia, they are possibly staying in the same hotel as us just now.
  9. Just before I went to collect my son I saw on my phone that his loan was to be terminated, but I can't find where I saw the headline. Did I make it up, or was it just some hitc pish?
  10. j1mgg

    Hearts emails out

    First of the season, apart from livi.
  11. j1mgg

    site not secure

    Aye, got some tims lurking about on it, just your proddie browser looking out for you.
  12. j1mgg

    Kent injured

    Also in his contract.
  13. j1mgg

    Worral get rid !

    He is a loan player, what do you expect TBH, I don't want him a Rangers next year either.
  14. j1mgg

    Candeias Red Card

    Sounds like Samson should of got a card for grabbing him, and if we are getting cards for that, then I expect Lennon to be getting sent to the stand everygame for his reactions.