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  1. Were we really as bad as people are making out today

    At 1-1 I still fully expected us to go on and win the game. The Referee however was brutal and it's hard enough winning a game 11 v 11 let alone 10 v 12.
  2. ***Official Rangers V Marseille thread***

    Amazing how the sudden addition of a few quality players makes us look a different team. Alves has strolled through the first half and looks utter class.
  3. The service is an absolute sham. They barely have the infrastructure to support showing the game as a 32 x 32 pixel GIF let alone HD.
  4. ***** The Official Taigs v Rangers Match Thread *****

    Can't see him tinkering too much with the formation below. Can quickly become a 5 in midfield or 6 at the back or 4 up front depending on whether or not we are the pumper or the pumpee plus Tav is rank in midfield. Foderingham Tav Wilson Hill Beerman Holt Toral Hyndman Waghorn Dodoo Miller
  5. Joe Garner

    Garner is not a no 9. We continue to play him as a no 9 and wonder why he doesn't perform. As such Warburton has left us with a team full of wingers, attacking midfielders and no 10's It's no wonder we struggle to score goals. We also have no defensive midfielders or centre backs who can defend for 90 minutes (in Senderos and Kiernan's case 90 seconds). It wasn't as much of an issue in the Championship due to the level of opposition but the lack of balance in our team would be a challenge for any Manager stuck with the same squad.
  6. Wilson

    Wilson played well and usually does when he doesn't have to worry about covering for Kiernan for 90 minutes. Hill may be getting on and struggling for pace but he's good in the air and has enough experience to take up good positions in order to compensate. A bit like Weir himself. Playing with an experienced Centre Half may also benefit Wilson in that it will take the responsibility of covering for his normal car crash defensive partner.
  7. Highlights (v Hibs)

    Tired performance. Disappointing result but not totally unexpected given the physical and mental exertion on Sunday. Barrie McKay's goal though was worth the price of admission and the fact that a fresh Hibs team with something to play for scraped a victory against us despite everything else bodes well for the final.
  8. Andy Halliday Wikipedia Page

    Bravo. Hats off to the editor! Even took time to put Scotland in quotes.
  9. Where would we finish in the top division

    Playing regularly at the higher level I would expect us to be challenging for the top spot. Would think that second top would not be outwith the realms of possibility and with a few players who knows? Celtic are not anything great at the moment and who knows how they would cope with the pressure of a realistic threat to their position.
  10. Get Them All To Fuck

    It's not their lack of ability that's the main problem. It's their absolute lack of fighting spirit. To a man spineless. Feel sorry for the young players having to play with them.
  11. My Stand Out Player Of The Night

    It's astounding just how well players play when they are played in the correct position. Shiels problem under McCoist was that they kept throwing him up front as a striker. It's almost as if they had never seen him or several others they signed play before.
  12. Nicky Clark

    Seen a few say he is worse than Foster who was excellent last night. To be fair to Clark, he was never given much of a chance under the previous management, much like other young players and some not so young players. It had to have a major impact on the lad's confidence, which I assume with him being a striker, would fuck, in a rather major way, with his mojo. McCall shows faith in Shiels, Murdoch, Zaliukus, McGregor, Clark amongst other youngsters being introduced and we suddenly start playing well. Whilst McCall's tactics and experience have had some impact you cannot help but wonder what on earth the previous muppets running the team were thinking.
  13. So Will They All Return?

    From a footballing perspective I'd take Davis and Naismith back in a heartbeat. Won't happen though for so many reasons, main one being we couldn't afford them.
  14. Players Who Turned It On In The Big Games

    Amoruso, Lovenkrands, Novo, Gascoigne All indifferent against the lesser teams, but when the games really mattered they usually would turn it on.
  15. Simonsen And Our Defence

    Simonsen cannot dive right. Once you realise this you will never unsee it. He is a horrendous Goalkeeper. May as well throw Jig in goal. Cannot be any worse than he is as a centre back.