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  1. OBFA to be scrapped

    Lets not blame the Catholics for this one, this is pure and totally down to the SNP trying something new with no thought of the consequences. We have always had laws to deal with bad behaviour and violence. The Labour man behind killing this bill is named Kelly and plenty of supporters from all sides (except maybe them muppets that support Thistle) have been against this from the very start.
  2. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Missing McCrorie, then Bates. Games not over yet.
  3. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    We can score 2.
  4. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Cafflick neighbours seem to have gone quiet again...
  5. Mohsni

    Player who plays football for a living signs for a football team so he can make a living... shocker. It's not like he's signed for celtic FFS!
  6. Morelos signs contract extension until 2021

    This is just great news. Onward and upward bears. Wee win for Hearts would be a bonus thanks.
  7. scumdee hivees thompson bails out early!

    More people loyal to the old Irn Bru than loyal to Dumpdee United.
  8. Alves ahead of Martin

    Could just see Alves proving us all wrong and coming in against celtic with the winning header. Then again, he's done sweet FA since he arrived.
  9. Ian Holloway "slams" Graeme Murty re Sean Goss

    "Methinks the lady doth protest too much" I read that as a lot of wind and hot air and i'd imagine that the QPR board as well as Goss and his agent will decide what happens.
  10. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    I could have included Millar, Niko, and remember Morelos was injured briefly too. I'm sure we've had more.
  11. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    We've had some really bad luck with injuries, Dorrans, Jack, Rossiter, Wallace, Alves, Murphy, John and McCrorie. Not so bothered about most of those but Murphy, McCrorie, Jack, John and Dorrans easily among our best choices for the long term. Hopefully Rangers still manage the performances but if we lose any more decent players we are in trouble. I want the wins against Falkirk and the league leaders as well.
  12. Summer Transfer Dealings

    QPR might 'want' to keep Goss but if Rangers decide they want a player how much would we go to? QPR are not the kind of massive club that can say no if the price is right.
  13. UPDATE: the remotest chance of winning the league this season.

    Any team can drop points and anything is possible. The current league leaders are not a particularly great team. They have dropped points and will drop points in future. I am not getting carried away as it is unlikely that their money and squad could collapse that much but it's entirely possible. Whether we could capitalise on that is another matter entirely.
  14. Jamie Murphy

    Murty will be happy to allow any player the chance to play their way into the first team and we won't see the same team every week. Wallace might be needed if he is fit but there will be no complacency with Alves or Millar walking in just because of their wages. Murphy is total class. Dorrans is still to come back. One of the best things today was the play and a clean sheet. Some change from what we had seen under previous mismanagement.
  15. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Excellent. Pressure on the league leaders. Either Aberdeen show they are still bottle merchants, and we go clear in second spot, or celtic drop points and we get just a little bit closer.