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  1. saintbob1969

    Petulant morelos

    I'd be more concerned if Morelos was happy. Being petulant shows how much he wants to score. Believe behind all his moods and attitude the lad is very much a team player.
  2. saintbob1969

    ***The Official Rangers v St Mirren Thread***

    Should be just playing most of our best team in this league. Dropping points here there and everywhere in games we should be winning will cost us. St Mirren today is just the kind of game we will play some loser like Flanagan to "give him a chance". Our defence should be settled. Play around with Defoe, Lafferty, Morelos but sick of dropping points.
  3. saintbob1969

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Thread***

    Gate should be unlocked now, time to build some goal difference.
  4. saintbob1969

    No more errors or we are done

    Killie will take points from celtic and so will other teams. I'm not giving up yet. It's just so disappointing that we give them an example of what Rangers can do then follow up any progress with another step back. New players are too old but their experience will help the younger players. Got to be playing strong and consistent teams against the likes of Killie and that. Defoe and Morelos between them will start scoring more and more I'm confident about that. Theres a lot left in this league.
  5. saintbob1969

    Ryan Jack pursued in Aberdeen Saturday night

    Utter delusional sectarian bullshit. If you only allowed one group of people to play for and support Rangers the club would have died a long long time ago.
  6. saintbob1969


    A 36 yr old striker, god give us strength! Ok maybe he has a few goals still in him but... I guess we will see. Morelos would learn a lot more from him than he ever could learn from Kenny M.
  7. saintbob1969

    Caixinha kudos

    Nobody but SG could have foreseen the rehabilitation of Halliday, JJ sourced Morelos, Tav was here before Caixinha surely, Jack, Murphy, + Dorrans were through our agent and scout system and because as Bears they always wanted to play for us. Candeias was a good call but cancelled out by the Herrera, Dalcio, Pena disasters. Every manager can make mistakes, SG has got Ejaria and Flanagan for starters but Caixinha was an embarrassing mess in so many ways.
  8. saintbob1969

    How Do You Judge SG So Far?

    I'd say SG really needed this win. He's been unlucky with injuries: Murphy and Dorrans and whatever has happened to Katic and the off-on stop-start with various players but he has got us about half the way there. All the dropped points were really stacking up. Now we have Europe off the fixture demands we could see some overall consistencies coming in and they will drop points I'm certain. A young striker is needed, maybe even just bringing back loan players but also another player like Arfield that can open up teams that park the bus. Just going to enjoy the moment.
  9. saintbob1969

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    Dont get me wrong, very very happy, but there's a wee part of me asking where has that performance been recently when playing Dundee or Aberdeen, or hibs, or any of those games which would have us sitting free and clear before they spend their January millions? If those men can produce those performances again and again we will smash this league.
  10. saintbob1969

    "Someone to put Scott Brown in his place"

    So we have men who can do the job after all. Come January if SG adds some cover for Arfield, more quality in midfield and someone beside Alfredo then who knows. I fully expect celtic to go out and break the bank now but that's never a guarantee of anything.
  11. saintbob1969

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    If Morelos wants that eventual move to the EPL this is where he needs to score. Don't blow this one Rangers.
  12. saintbob1969

    "Almost the perfect season " so far

    You and I are not being paid quite the same money as these players.
  13. saintbob1969

    "Almost the perfect season " so far

    What angers me is the comment today about bringing our A game to the Old Firm match. These players should be delivering their bloody A game in every match. They'd be more than 9 points clear if they had.
  14. saintbob1969

    "Almost the perfect season " so far

    Its not based on a few pictures, its based on our form in a league where we struggle with most every team we play. The pics just bring home what we've all seen in game after game.
  15. saintbob1969

    "Almost the perfect season " so far

    Aye, hilarious, dropping points to Dundee, Aberdeen, Hibs, Livi, not showing up against celtic, pure sign of mental strength. We've got Alfredo and McGregor. The rest have been all over the place.