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  1. Its delusional to think you can use this flawed argument to place yourself beyond or outside of criticism, like Donald J Trump or some totalitarian loser. Supporters and fans money is all the same colour. Rangers fans and supporters pay their money and are entitled to call things as they see them. To argue otherwise would have us left with Warburton and his 'players' for yet another season.
  2. Rangers strengthening, lesser teams possibly weakening.
  3. Players of all kinds of abilities fail or succeed at some clubs and Joey just didn't click, not always played in a system which suited him but often just not good enough. Thanks for your efforts but, more importantly, hope we got more than a few quid for him. A few more to follow out the door and I'll feel a whole lot better about how Rangers are operating.
  4. Hope he does well, buys a few Rangers players, takes points off Celtic, Heart, Aberdeen.
  5. I know many folk have no issues with our keeper, he is capable, a professional, but to be honest I do not think he is the 'world class' keeper we should build a defence around. Our best Rangers teams have always had the finest keepers at their core. Halliday, Garner, Windarse, Fod, Kiernan, Hodson, Senderos, Waghorn, Crooks, McKay are all wonderful professionals who would do a might fine job for, say, someone like Nottingham Forest or maybe Norwich City, something like that.
  6. They are all Rangers players and Rangers employees, so I'll not be giving them any abuse (especially if we intend selling any of them). Maybe not knowing what their future actually is might be an incentive for a few characters.
  7. Rangers Charity have a contact and I sent them my register number details. I'll get the link up here.
  8. Ok, thats me registered with the organisers, now going over to Rangers Charity. I've elected to go with the first wave at 7.30. Happy to meet any other Bears at Glasgow Green on the day, or even for a wee, low-key training session, maybe. A team of us representing Rangers would be even better. Regards.
  9. I'll decide which one to sign up for this week and then the idea is to link to Rangers Charity and then go from there. Good to know there's connection to link with here. All the best lads and lassies.
  10. Right then, maybe if more Bears are doing the 45 miler then I'd be much better off signing up for that one instead.
  11. There's a slightly easier 45 mile ride and transport organised, medals, buses back from Edinburgh or Buses to Glasgow if you are an East Coast Bear.
  12. Here you go
  13. Any Bears doing the Big 93 mile cycle in September? I'm thinking about it and looking for "haunners". I'll be doing it for the Rangers Charity Foundation. (if this is in the wrong Forum please let me know)
  14. Warburton would be doing good business buying a few of these Rangers players, they are Championship level, that is beyond a doubt.
  15. None of these 'pundits' seem to register that this is Warburton's team and has been for most of the season. I'm not sold on Pedro C just yet but it's only an ignorant donkey that paints all of Rangers shortcomings onto a man who has just walked in the door. Pedro will be proved right about Aberdeen, bottle merchants for most of their footballing history, failed to challenge Celtic yet again. And lets see Celtic bomb out of Europe as they do most every other season.