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  1. We should all know the press are happy to take anything said and turn it into a headline, just this week a few bears were, quite rightly, ranting against the press and their lies, so nothing changes just because it is King being 'reported' here. Context is everything. Not defending King. But not allowing myself to fall for any media agendas either.
  2. Not a terrible player but something is lacking, just like the manager who brought him here. Money in, new player in. Thank you. Cheery bye!
  3. Toral would be smart to look for a deal with a club which can give him some stability and possible success. Hyndman might be convinced to stay because he will be guaranteed first team experience and maybe even Europe. Nico will be back until his next inevitable injury.
  4. Apart from hoping Hibs fail in every step they take I am now also, secretly, but not really in secret, looking for Forrest to crash into the relegation zone which they are merely one loss away from. Go on Warbs, show us what a totally one-dimensional loser you so utterly are.
  5. Seeing as Pedro's agent is Mendes and Mendes is mates with Barry, Barry handing in his notice, I'd be putting money on Ferguson. Maybe not.
  6. When Alan Stubbs is in your corner you have to ask yourself if Pedro should get the job.
  7. Big Rob Keirnan would need to put in quite a few performances to atone for the damage he's done, before him you always could count on Moshni to have us a goal down every other game. Keirnan may be a level above Bilel but not enough to be a regular Rangers player in the top tier.
  8. Jesus that was a handsome win. Will do a lot for their confidence and well done Mr Murty under the circumstances. Is it possible Garner will end the season with more goals than King Kenny? Just one game obviously. But we all needed that one.
  9. Warburton and Weir also failed to compete with Aberdeen, Hearts, and various other teams on less than half the budget they had available. Warburton and Weir also failed to look at their opponents weaknesses or strengths or have anything other than a Plan A. They may have achieved promotion at a canter however most peoples recollection is that even that was gruesome, grinding, sluggish, and much harder than it needed to be in some parts of the season. The signs have always been there. Alarm bells should have been ringing long before they went on to signing Rossiter, Senderos, Barton, and Nico. Anyone who knows anything about football could have seen those were just desperate gambles. Seriously, we all wanted Warburton to succeed: so much we tried to ignore just how average he really was for far too long.
  10. Cannot really find it in me to aim anything at a guy who was managing kids just yesterday, plenty of anger to aim at the actual players. An utter shower of also-ran nobodies.
  11. feck the feck right off you absolute aggregate of egregious shitting shitey shite-shitehawks.
  12. Celtic may be way ahead of everyone else on points but don't tell us they are that much of a quality team. They met a few teams in Europe who put them in their place and those teams didn't all have masses of funds. Rangers will need some quality players with a lot of fight in them but a manager with genuine talent and cunning should be able to give them a run for that money.
  13. The under 20s coach will do his best and could even steer us to 2nd place but with cup competition we need an experienced man like Eck, just till the end of the season mind (unless he starts up another helicopter...)
  14. Exactly how I remember it, came in as Souness was leaving. Big powerful lad with a bit of speed and skill. Enjoyed watching him in a team with some quality players but, as he says, there were no prima donna stars in that team.
  15. Funny I was just thinking about this player and some good memories I had of him, and up pops this article. Just putting up the link in case anyone else has fond memories of Davie galloping along with the ball at his feet.