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  1. saintbob1969

    Would you have taken this start to the season?

    Hearts will collapse. But we are not picking up enough points around the country for any Bear to be satisfied. Loving the European run. Should batter Aberdeen. But no, losses to Livi, and away form, not enough for me.
  2. saintbob1969

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    f*kin incredible
  3. saintbob1969

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Most Bears I think would be happier seeing Katic in there, myself included. Still quietly confident despite the result last week. Its about time hearts got a do-ing from someone.
  4. saintbob1969

    Their left back the day

    Err.. Flanagan!?
  5. saintbob1969

    Nowhere Near Good Enough

    Anyway, talk of winning this league in this season is probably a little premature. Ragin
  6. saintbob1969

    BBC Article on Morelos

    Not very interesting writer writes about something patently obvious in the hope it will draw him a tiny morsel of attention. Meanwhile the big story is why are the SPFL so utterly useless.
  7. All it takes is 2-3 little injuries or red cards and any of our squad will be asked to step up. Also fully expect SG to rotate the squad as we progress through European games and Cup games, as well as when it is required in the main event, the league. We have seen Halliday rehabilitation, a rare glimpse of Rossiter, improvement in Tav, why would LW not want to impress the new manager and show what he can do if he gets the chance. Of course if someone want to make an offer...
  8. saintbob1969

    What chance we got???

    Just deliberately being argumentative, nobody ever said any manager went out and said that. Most people on here know exactly the idea and expression of lying down or rolling over. Only somebody autistic or difficult would take it literally. Rangers could go out under Pedro and metaphorically "lie down". Many teams appear to have higher levels of motivation and expectation against Rangers. Many teams give celtic too much respect. celtic have been given an easy ride for 7 plus years now. I'm not saying other teams handed the league titles to them but they certainly didn't get any kind of proper challenge.
  9. saintbob1969

    What chance we got???

    Maybe not lie down but maybe not exactly burst a gut trying. Don't tell me there aren't teams who almost give up at least psychologically in certain instances. (Ibrox was once a fortress where teams had given up in their minds before they even rolled up outside)
  10. saintbob1969

    What chance we got???

    I would think of Killie and maybe teams like Dunfermline or Hamilton or Dundee not lying down to celic when it came to the end of the season but history clearly shows that there are other teams in the SPFL who would do anything to do us harm (harming themselves in the process).
  11. saintbob1969

    What chance we got???

    Lets face it, for the rest of the pack the idea of beating Rangers is the pinnacle they can achieve in most any season.
  12. saintbob1969

    At First

    Need to be skelping Hibs and Hearts as well as taking out celtic before I get carried away. A very good week for us and I'm delighted.
  13. saintbob1969

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    Massive day for us. Have to keep it up. Ruthless. Relentless. Lets go!
  14. saintbob1969

    Strange people within our support

    Feel free to put money into my club. Feel free to vote any way you want. Don’t expect me to respect you if you are an enabler for a group of spuds.
  15. saintbob1969

    Strange people within our support

    I’m all for debating, discussing, being respectful but when you are talking to people who spit at you, call you a traitor to Scotland, and people who refuse to accept basic economic figures it’s kind of understandable to begin to feel your talking to a thick brick tartan wall made out of wet cardboard covered in dog urine. At the tennis on Sunday and a wee boy dropped his GB flag. A lad bent to pick it up but his dad stopped him and said in his broad Ayrshire “ eugh don’t touch that some you’ll catch something” seriously he spent the next 20 minutes supporting Uzbekistan. These are bottom feeders.