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  1. Regardless of whether we draw or steal a win it doesn't matter one iota. The only game which mattered this season was in the cup game. Same goes for them, they would not be too *rsed if they lost this one as it means absolutely nothing to them. Same goes for signing Millar for another season, totally meaningless horse shingus. We can all sit up and take notice when Rangers sign a promising able young player of the highest calibre, lets not hold our breath too long.
  2. We complain about the players we have so why complain about the players Pedro wants to bring in. No passing judgement on the manager until they've had a fair pop!
  3. This goofy giraffe should be nowhere near Rangers. A headless halfwitted goon. No thanks. F*k off!
  4. It's quality we want, young and hungry players with muscle and quality. Not mercenary rats.
  5. Signs were looking not too bad with Pedro, and this was a major test. Sure! Celtic have the wealthier team and are clearly ahead of us in many respects. Most 'experts' would have predicted the outcome but many of us were getting optimistic and expected PC to put a bit of fight into this team, he took risks playing some younger players and maybe on another day it would have come off. We learn not much more than we already know and that is that our team isn't there yet and we need to replace Championship or 1st Division players with Premiership players. We also learned that our new manager is "prepared" to take risks but he is not the motivational man-manager we've been waiting for. Waghorn needs to go. Joe Garner should not be anywhere near Ibrox. Halliday and Tavernier reached their levels last season and they can go no further. Even our top players Fod and Miller are not consistently good enough to be kept around. More than half this team need to go and we will be lucky to have a war-chest that could buy us even 2 high quality Premiership stars. We should be clear and vocal about this. Next year will be more of the same unless we buy players at the height of their powers, no more gambling. Gambling is for losers. If you want quality you need to bring in quality.
  6. P*sh
  7. I may have heard of them. Are they not some feeder club or something.
  8. Who?
  9. At present we may well be as good as any team but its a waste of time because on paper, in the league, third is nowhere. Being so far behind Aberdeen on points tells us we are NOT better. Add to this that Hearts have replaced an ok manager with a nut-job and our position could have been even less certain. Waghorn making a song and dance that he is enjoying the hard work under Pedro... horseshit... if he likes hard work there was nobody stopping him all season putting in a decent shift. The new regime may give us a cup win but we will have to earn it with hard work and sacrifice. If Pedro can get these men to act like men and play like men then we will be some way to redeeming our season, but we are nothing at present.
  10. I have no problem taking players from whatever background and making them into a team of hard-working battlers with skill. Teams we will be facing, Hibs, Thistle, and Aberdeen, should be getting ploughed into the dust next season. Our manager should be given all our support same as any other manager until they have made their mark. Judge every Ranger on what they do, not what they say or where they've been. Warburton found his level, lots of talk, it wasn't good enough. We move on. Pedro will not be judged on what is left of this season that's for certain.
  11. Only one definitive reason if you apply logic, he isn't sending a message to our opposition, he wanted the players to know. It seems like a clear message. If you *rseholes on the top dollar cannot do the job I will replace you with kids and the whole world will see that the kids can do no worse than what you serve up weekly. If you want to play or even be in the shop window you will need to work. If you do not work, you won't be getting much game time.
  12. Our new manager probably trying out a few things, and becoming well aware of how average many of our players currently are. Maybe also resting up some injured/tired players. I hope he is making his shopping list. It's all down to what King and the board decide to back him with now. New strikers and a proper defence. Cheerio Waghorn and thanks Kenny for all your work.
  13. Ian Black? Joey Barton? maybees!
  14. He's supposed to have worked the players solid over the break. Aye. He's supposed to have lit a fire under these 'so-called' professionals. Aye. He is entitled to some time. Perhaps. It's feking Motherwell.
  15. We should all know the press are happy to take anything said and turn it into a headline, just this week a few bears were, quite rightly, ranting against the press and their lies, so nothing changes just because it is King being 'reported' here. Context is everything. Not defending King. But not allowing myself to fall for any media agendas either.