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  1. saintbob1969

    We’re absolutely rotten at times

    Next SPFL team to play Hamilton will annihilate them. Meanwhile if we come up against a hungry form team we are going to continue struggling, or worse. Hibs will fly at us. We'd better be ready.
  2. saintbob1969

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    Utter garbage that Lafferty.
  3. saintbob1969

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    Utter waste of time the first time around, be lucky if he scores more than one of our defenders this season.
  4. saintbob1969

    We will learn more about Gerrard now..

    I’m delighted that when I said this a few hours ago I had no idea Hibs would have banged in 2 goals already.
  5. saintbob1969

    Honest interview from the manager

    Dorrans and Murphy would have helped give us depth, Pena and Herrera are a deadweight holding us back financially. Morelos isn't a big problem because he is worth 20 plus goals a season. Europe was an adventure that would have pushed the players to new levels. Grezda has done squat. Lafferty might was well be Herrera. Candeias plays hot and cold. Jack, Kent, and Middleton might just do great things. The big puzzle for me is what happened to this superb defence we started the season with. Goldson Katic and McGregor looked like they'd be the foundation for great things. Theres a lot of excuses we could make for Gerrard but just as many questions. If we take celtic he can go a long way to answering these questions but its a big big if.
  6. saintbob1969

    We will learn more about Gerrard now..

    One thing is an unavoidable fact, celtic are not that good. Hibs are quite capable of taking points from them, Killie are well capable of taking points from them, even Livi can do us a turn, and the so called favourites are not going to win every game they play. However it is critically important that Rangers players start to believe in themselves and show us they want it by defeating celtic sooner than later.
  7. saintbob1969


    Gave him plenty of chances, gangly clumsy looking awkward player, there's no point to having some skills if those skills don't help to win a game. Cheerio.
  8. saintbob1969

    Smoking at games

    I know you don't smoke, was making a bit of light relief in a serious subject. I've lost a few to cancer and there isn't a price to put on it, but the idea of around a few hundred quid per unfortunate person multiplied across the wider NHS isn't even a drop in the ocean. It's wages of staff and research and cancer wards and centres and relief for the carers and, months of treatment, and, not to put too fine a point on it, the co-op funeral directors aint exactly cheap. Secondary smoke probably took my sister who wasn't a smoker. The price of looking after her kids she left behind weren't covered by tax neither. Not trying to cause a fight. Just saying.
  9. saintbob1969

    Smoking at games

    If you think any of that tax goes direct to our NHS, or that lung cancer only costs us around £200 a month across the UK you're maybe smoking something a bit more powerful than tobacco.
  10. saintbob1969

    Smoking at games

    As an ex smoker I don't mind standing around other smokers when they're having a wee puff. But the statistics are pretty hard to avoid. We have less smokers in general now and the figures clearly showing improvement in health and a lower cost to all of us as a result. Less strain on our NHS and less pain for those who need to care for the sick and the dying. I still believe that outside in the open air its less of an issue, besides, there's more damage to all of us from cars, vans, and buses.
  11. saintbob1969

    Steven Davis

    I have nothing against Davis but he isn't a long term prospect, he isn't an investment. Rangers need to be clever with how they spend and I'd rather we put any money we have into a player who will be around and making a difference for more than one season.
  12. saintbob1969


    I'm hoping Grezda and Barasic get the match fit excuses out of the way and start playing the way we've been led to believe they can. Send Ejaria home and send Flanagan anywhere. Now that Hearts have done their predicted collapse and Aberdeen just have us as their 'cup final' we need to take on and defeat the mighty Livingston and Killie. I haven't given up on us taking this league as it's been handed to us on a plate several times over already but we need to beat celtic and there have been no signs whatsoever that any of these players are up for it mentally. Hammering Hamilton would be a good place to start.
  13. saintbob1969

    We will learn more about Gerrard now..

    We went for a proven dead loss waste of money in Lafferty, he will score about 5 goals this season if we're lucky. No doubt we will go for Steven Davis in January even though he is not fast enough for what we need right now. We need a young hungry mental fast striker who will pick up the slack when Morelos is suspended. We need a play maker of high quality something more than just Scott Arfield. The defenders we have should be good enough. Barasic, Goldson, Katic, Waldo, and any of the others, anybody except Flanagan.
  14. saintbob1969

    We will learn more about Gerrard now..

    I have seen his team, his choices, failing to destroy 10 man Dundee and a 10 man Aberdeen, I've seen them handed chance after chance to bury this league and these players run away from the chances. His team. His choices.
  15. saintbob1969

    Anyone not quite seeing it with barasic

    We've seen players show quality in Goldson and Katic, we know what Morelos can do and Arfield and even saw Coulibaly play better. Evidence suggests players not able to perform because of positional or management failures. One or two players going off the boil I think I could believe but our team has gone backwards.