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  1. So.... we always win, even when we don't win, so we.... whoosh! Great in training. Vomit. Blah. Stronger than ever. Gash. Trained even harder. Trumpet-heid. We should ALWAYS train to our best. If there is room to do more then why haven't we done that before losing 2-3 to Hibs? Oh but we shall go and work even harder because obviously we didn't work them hard enough before. Maybe he could say "Hodson will not play for Rangers again." or "I think we need to give Millar a long break" or "Sorry guys I need to go and rethink my understanding of tactics." or "If I can't beat Hearts I'll go and pack my backs."
  2. Because it's 2017. I must be missing context or something.
  3. Err... do you have a calendar on your computer mate?
  4. No excuses. Our manager is tactically deficient. He can do some things perhaps. It may be that he can get performances from some players but time and again we are not seeing the level and quality we deserve. Our keeper isn't good enough either. This was a marker that needed to be laid down after the cup game. Not good enough.
  5. Even the scorer didn't think that was going in, Fod is not good enough.
  6. Sorry, Ibrox and Celtic Park are both used. You are imagining bias in this instance.
  7. Again. The size of this club and its history and stature are exactly the point, Rangers should have been run on a more professional and economically viable footing. A small number of frees is a viable way to move staff and allow others to be brought in, a wholesale giveaway panic bloodletting is unprofessional, not sustainable, and makes Rangers into a bit of a joke. No sizeable club with such history and stature should be a joke. The status of Rangers has everything to do with it. Looking at another financial aspect of the club the Sports Direct deal: again, no club with the fan base and marketing potential of Rangers should be giving away their name for such a tiny percentage. In reality Rangers have invested money in training, development, medical care, and more in a large number of players. Poor business for any club of any size.
  8. wrong post
  9. He will be given his chance provided he shows something in training and the situation requires it. An injury or a sub when we are coasting.
  10. It's not the point. Letting one or two players go for free is one thing, letting all except Matt Gilks go for free is shambolic.
  11. The argument still stands: Rangers cannot be the kind of club that can release so many players for nothing. This season we have moved on Garner, Keirnan, and Waghorn for 'something'. None of those Warburton players is worth 'nothing' and somebody is always in the market for players like Law, Clarke, MacGregor, Aird, Shiels, Crawford, Bell and the rest.
  12. We seriously failed in more than just the football dept last few seasons, without a doubt. Templeton, Bell, Aird, Dean Shiels, Gasparotto, Nicky Clarke, Nicky Law, Andy Murdoch, Robbie Crawford all for free. I mean, even if we don't really rate them, I have to stop and say that again, for FREE! Ok Gilks was an undisclosed amount so I got that one wrong.
  13. In praise of Pedro and the current system: last season we let go so many players for nothing, GIlks, Barton, Nicky Law and several others all went on a free. Think about that. Free. Now even if you were glad to get rid of these players that is madness. A team the size of Rangers letting players go for free in this day and age (and Warburton is supposed to be from a business background) it's almost laughable. Compare that with the movement of Garner, Waghorn, and the rest. It's still too early to get carried away with PC's management but something seems to be going right doesn't it?
  14. I'm not the only one who said we need to judge PC on the next few games and nothing changes there. The team last season was not PCs team and he can be forgiven the Aberdeen Celtic losses somewhat, Progress in Luxembourg is still a sorry result which he is accountable for: however we were without game time and his first choice of players (we can all agree that no Rangers team should be defeated by such a wee pub team and that's an unavoidable reality). I admire the way he has cleared his decks and moved players on. I admire the way he has brought in some players who are clearly decent (jury still out on Pena and Dalcio of course). If he defeats Hibs and if Rangers can maximise their points over the next 3-4 games then we will know we have a fine manager. It is looking good, especially Alves, Cardoso, Dorrans, Morelos, and Candeias but not getting carried away yet.
  15. Windass has had the softly softly approach from the previous manager/best buddy/pal. If our manager thinks its worth a little bit of humiliation, mixed with some praise for the first half effort, then I'm all for it. You don't make men with kindness and diplomacy. I agree you want to keep most stuff 'in house' but sometimes a young person needs a cold hard slap of reality.