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  1. Fat Mike puts Newcastle up for sale: thoughts?

    Does he or does he not own a sizeable portion of shares and incoming monies connected with Rangers. If he does then this has at least something to do with Rangers.
  2. Fat Mike puts Newcastle up for sale: thoughts?

    As he still owns a sizeable piece of the Rangers pie this is connected with our club.
  3. Seems our lovely partner at zero hours towers Sports Direct's Mike Ashley is bailing out after taking Newcastle down twice. any thoughts fellow Bears.
  4. McInnes- is it now or never?

    McInnes has not provided that much of a challenge to celtic, and in how many years. He's doing well with a low budget. I'm liking how Pedro is starting to look with his team and his approach. McInnes would make a great national team manager though.
  5. The Goals

    Its also totally lazy stuff, any time Rangers do something good, its down to a defensive mistake, cause Butcher is the great defender. Lazy. The comment that its a surprise that Pena has scored a goal, somebody should take Butcher out and slap him for that predictable haltwitted reaction too. A commentator should have a wee bit more about them, maybe a vocabulary, and an opinion that is less predictable, less lazy, less bitter.
  6. Slovenia v Scotland

    Shall take a wee breath and say again. The Scottish Footballing authorities who are ultimately responsible here are a shambles. Have been a shambles for near on 40 yr. Will continue to be a shambles for some time to come. Add to this shambles the continued witch hunt against our club, Rangers, and it is no surprise we are in this position. I happily supported Danny McGrain and Dalglish, McQueen, Joe Jordan, all those players and would happily support future teams playing for Scotland however I cannot pretend I am surprised at where we are. I find I cannot actually even watch Scotland because STV were only showing England. It might be a help if the Scottish Football Authorities could find some way to sort out simple things like that to help turn the fortunes of our country around. Strachan not taking points from other key games meant this was always on the cards. The minute we scored a week ago I knew this was the outcome we would get today. I protect myself from the pain of disappointment by not getting my hopes up. I hate all the Nationalist flag waving losers. I hate all those who think we can just show up because we are Scotland and wha's like us. I support Rangers first and foremost but I would be a very happy man if Scotland could sort out it's baggage and learn to work.
  7. Slovenia v Scotland

    last 40 yrs then
  8. Slovenia v Scotland

    Damage was done when we didnt take points from the easier games. Tragedy is we will not have another chance for some time and no sign of Scottish Football Authorities putting their house in order. First step: put the ridiculous witch hunt against Rangers to bed. Next step: sort out the finances. We have a long time to sort this out. Lets invest the time in the kids who will be the team in the next years to come. I do not care if they are celtic kids or Aberdeen or Welsh with Scottish parents but things have needed to change for the last 20 yrs.
  9. Slovenia v Scotland

    If Scottish football authorities think removing one of the most important teams from top flight football for 3 yrs would somehow magically improve the Scottish game then it is only mildly amusing to me that they are left wondering why Scottish football is so gash. The answer or criticism does not lie with Rangers supporters or players. The answer lies with a game which has been mismanaged for a long long time. Dont tell any man on here whether they love their country or not. We don't all need to march and waves flags to prove what is in our hearts. In fact, it is the hollow vessels who cheer about their country so much who have run her down. Note. I have not criticised or named any celtic players. I have not even criticised managers directly. Our game and our country is sick. Where is the solution.
  10. Slovenia v Scotland

    Oh aye and which Scottish Rangers players would improve that sh*te. Predictable. Love Scotland my country but that team and the Scottish Football Authority has not represented me in a long long time. Could not care less.
  11. Slovenia v Scotland

    nobody to blame but themselves, could've tied qualification up long ago but typical Scotland, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, garbage.
  12. Are celtic really that good?

    They are not really that good. No.
  13. Pedro: Time to go?

    It would not be pretty but Walter could be relied upon to assemble a team to grind out results with or without a war chest of cash.
  14. Soooooounness

    Managers have their ups and downs, players have too. injuries across a season means depth of squad can help decide a season. We do not have money for a good enough squad. You can buy quality and sometimes, we need youth to come through. But youth and quality and depth all cost money and we do not have that money. We need more than just King to dig deep. We need revenue from anywhere and everywhere we can get it. Rangers supporters will need to dig deep too but only if they hear guarantees that their money is going to the squad.
  15. Pedro: Time to go?

    Jury should still be out on Pedro until we have played Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs and celtic again, but only just. Maybe if we had a fully fit squad maybe we would be looking at a different scenario but its not looking good for PC for me. His passion is great. Morelos has been a good move. Not much else we can tick off on the positive to his credit though.