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  1. Dont want them up or down: want them obliterated from existence for giggles n sh*t
  2. After the obvious feelings towards that obsessed Irish team in the east end I think I despise DU next, maybe hivs, then maybe aberdeen, but I have a healthy hatred towards Thistle as well.
  3. Thats a shame, was hoping to see Aberdeen crash out of Europe once again, its like Halloween and all those other traditions, you know, autumn leaves turning, the first robin in the garden, nights are fair drawing in, Aberdeen will have been dumped out of Europe again. Nevermind.
  4. Under the SNP we have seen only one of these two clubs seriously punished while the other has become the wealthiest most protected football team in Scotland: despite playing under an Irish flag, not unlike the majority of SNP supporters who called me a traitor to my country only a few years back.
  5. Apart from bragging rights today's game means not very much at all. They are still on for a treble and we have nothing to show for another season. They were handing the league to us on a plate a number of times and we didn't show up. I can enjoy beating them and still see we need to keep up the hard work and bring in some more players.
  6. What gets me is suggesting that indiscipline has cost us the season. It may be a part of it but losing goals and not beating sh*te teams is what cost us. Not scoring goals and not keeping clean sheets is what cost us. Do that and the discipline takes care of itself.
  7. Morelos didn't cost us this. The points we gave up along the way to so many teams, time after time after time, is what caused the damage.
  8. Hearts and/or Killie could steal points, Aberdeen I'm surprised to see still around the top end of the table to be honest. A few injuries to celtic but they are not going to fold at this point. Just shows us all that if Rangers had taken points more ruthlessly the story would be very different.
  9. I would seriously entertain the idea that Killie could take points off them. That's it. Aberdeen are garbage and have no chance. Rangers might take points but, nah, not going to happen. Best we can hope for is reducing the points gap to 5 or less.
  10. Still not good enough. Struggling some weeks to beat teams at the bottom end of the table: losses to Aberdeen, who are pretty average, and put out of every competition, including the league, before April. Need one or two players who would be the 'difference' in these games, the kind of players who grind out the results ugly as well as with skill and style. Beating celtic once isn't progress.
  11. Not one single competition won. Losing games and drawing to teams we should never have lost or drawn against. Dropping points needlessly when the league was there for the taking. And 10 points behind the leaders going into an Old Firm game. That is not any kind of acceptable "progress" in any one's understanding of Rangers. Maybe good enough for some teams like hearts or hibs or aberdeen. Not good enough for us and what we should demand. Aye but we had a run in Europe and beat them... !
  12. These "men" don't want to have to face celtic in the next round. They've had chance after chance to show themselves this season and every time, every time, they let us and their manager down. Sickening.
  13. I would be saving my best players and best performances for Aberdeen and celtic in the cup games. They have very little ahead of them to cause trouble except when they meet us. We are 3 massive performances away from a trophy. Thats the focus ahead. The league is not happening unless celtic have some totally catastrophic failure.
  14. Thing is celtic have handed us our chance more than 4 different occasions this season and, every time, our players just don't look like they want it.
  15. I was saying if Aberdeen take points from celtic today every Rangers player from last night should get a good hard kick in the stones for not killing hibs. That would have closed it down. It’s not over but Christ we don’t look like we even want it.
  16. just about losing the plot here, going to start smashing up the house!
  17. We've done Aberdeen before, we will need to be better next time. Need more fight and class. We will do it.
  18. His job is to keep banging in the goals this season. Maybe if he wins some trophies then he might decide he enjoys that and, with Rangers, could want more. I accept it's likely he will go to England. If he goes we will make money on him without a doubt and we should thank him and wish him well.Would prefer he stays for one more season and breaks some records but any young player would want the challenge of playing against Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal, Man City every week instead of here.
  19. You just want to argue. I lump Rodgers in with celtic as all one and the same, mostly a financial chasm, not one of talent. Sure we should have given them a bigger challenge and it's taken too long to get close enough but in the meantime other teams in the SPFL who tried to kill us off did very little to amount to very much while we were fighting our way back. We are facing 'them' claiming one more league title more than they deserve and they didn't get them all while we were around to stop them. I never blamed Aberdeen and them and the remaining SPFL teams couldn't prevent what has happened but they are part of it. However every SPFL side that added to putting Rangers down the leagues, are to blame to some extent.
  20. I mention Aberdeen because I hate them and because, for the longest period of time, they were the only "competition" they had. To spell it out, putting Rangers down to the bottom of the Scottish game, trying to destroy us, allowed them to build up such a financial superiority that it's a damn cheek imagining they have earned anything they've won since. The money is the main difference and we are up against a massive chasm between what they can afford and all the rest. Aberdeen should have given them a bigger challenge. Aberdeen always try harder against us. Aberdeen are a joke.
  21. And under Warburton we were a joke as well.
  22. Lennon's idea of a team is different to Brendas. Also, while Brenda has won 7 competitions it was without any serious competition. Aberdeen are a joke. Brenda had to jump at his chance because he won't get another, he isn't that good. If he didn't have all the money in the country it's arguable whether he'd have won anything. Lennon will be barking and snarling at these pampered players the minute they hit a difficult run and that will mean they either man up or they crumble. We need to be ready to put the foot on the neck and kill off this last chance. Slaughter them next time we play, rack up the goal difference, guarantee they won't win by more than 82-86 points this season and if we keep doing what we need to do then it's going to be very very interesting.
  23. Even under Brenda they weren't that special, almost handed the league to us for the taking at least 4 different times and each time our players blinked. If SG and the Rangers players are given one more chance by them dropping points then we need to be ruthless and determined. No more silly draws and dropping points. It doesn't matter that much who is managing them: it's whether we are up for it. If we keep banging in 5-0 victories then they will crumble under the pressure.
  24. Why would you stop a car inside the Clyde Tunnel, thats just mental?!
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