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  1. I can see the gaffer keeping him away from the games against hammer throwers. Same as Jones. We have players for those games where we need to break down a defensive side and we have players for open attacking football.
  2. This is great but lets take a moment to spare a thought for poor wee Aberdeen, not.
  3. I said at the time, no way, useless having a girafferty. Halfwitted. Not enough effort. He's certainly showed what a lazy imbecile he is. If anyone in life ever gives you another chance you really need to bust a gut. Gerrard totally right with this one. Cheerio Kyle.
  4. If you choose to misquote someone you're already a loser.
  5. Oh I know full well, doesn't answer the point though does it. Labour is the unions and the workers. The leaders change but the party is basically the same. If you want equality you don't wait for the people who are screwing you over to be considerate, workers work together. Any working man/woman/black/gay/whatever will only ever have benefitted from Labour. No other party. NHS, affordable homes, race relations, education, on and on and on. There is nothing the SNP or the conservatives can offer that comes close.
  6. Thats rubbish, are we saying any one who fought for Churchill in WW II agreed with Gallipolli or that everyone who eats spaghetti is Italian. Anyone who supports Labour is, in effect, supporting workers and equality, full stop.
  7. The club has to do these things, and should do these things, nobody is asking bears to vote or even tolerate the SNP. Its quite appropriate for Rangers, like any business, to deal with all authorities, parties, religions, and sides.
  8. I laugh at the Nats and Republicans when they get all bent about media bias and conspiracy. Realistically every writer and reporter has some bias, but most things come out in the wash. Stories get hits and get passed around because they are controversial or stimulate a response. You need balance, reason, a little bit of sense, and the ability to look around, to put things in context. Remember when all the Bravehearts marched on BBC Scotland to protest and when BBC sent someone out to talk the idiots didn't have a spokesman and didn't want to talk to them (rejects). If you go looking for conspiracy and bias... you're a bit mental.
  9. Killie can vanish off to the next lower division once again. Bye!
  10. Don't want anyone to think I want McInnes' Aberdeen side to get pumped out of Europe so soon but............
  11. The kid came on and made a difference in one or two games and he was committed. I'd rather have that option on the bench than running around in Doncaster but I guess its the best thing for him right now.
  12. Dont want them up or down: want them obliterated from existence for giggles n sh*t
  13. After the obvious feelings towards that obsessed Irish team in the east end I think I despise DU next, maybe hivs, then maybe aberdeen, but I have a healthy hatred towards Thistle as well.
  14. Thats a shame, was hoping to see Aberdeen crash out of Europe once again, its like Halloween and all those other traditions, you know, autumn leaves turning, the first robin in the garden, nights are fair drawing in, Aberdeen will have been dumped out of Europe again. Nevermind.
  15. Apart from bragging rights today's game means not very much at all. They are still on for a treble and we have nothing to show for another season. They were handing the league to us on a plate a number of times and we didn't show up. I can enjoy beating them and still see we need to keep up the hard work and bring in some more players.
  16. What gets me is suggesting that indiscipline has cost us the season. It may be a part of it but losing goals and not beating sh*te teams is what cost us. Not scoring goals and not keeping clean sheets is what cost us. Do that and the discipline takes care of itself.
  17. Morelos didn't cost us this. The points we gave up along the way to so many teams, time after time after time, is what caused the damage.
  18. Hearts and/or Killie could steal points, Aberdeen I'm surprised to see still around the top end of the table to be honest. A few injuries to celtic but they are not going to fold at this point. Just shows us all that if Rangers had taken points more ruthlessly the story would be very different.
  19. I would seriously entertain the idea that Killie could take points off them. That's it. Aberdeen are garbage and have no chance. Rangers might take points but, nah, not going to happen. Best we can hope for is reducing the points gap to 5 or less.
  20. Still not good enough. Struggling some weeks to beat teams at the bottom end of the table: losses to Aberdeen, who are pretty average, and put out of every competition, including the league, before April. Need one or two players who would be the 'difference' in these games, the kind of players who grind out the results ugly as well as with skill and style. Beating celtic once isn't progress.
  21. Not one single competition won. Losing games and drawing to teams we should never have lost or drawn against. Dropping points needlessly when the league was there for the taking. And 10 points behind the leaders going into an Old Firm game. That is not any kind of acceptable "progress" in any one's understanding of Rangers. Maybe good enough for some teams like hearts or hibs or aberdeen. Not good enough for us and what we should demand. Aye but we had a run in Europe and beat them... !
  22. These "men" don't want to have to face celtic in the next round. They've had chance after chance to show themselves this season and every time, every time, they let us and their manager down. Sickening.
  23. I would be saving my best players and best performances for Aberdeen and celtic in the cup games. They have very little ahead of them to cause trouble except when they meet us. We are 3 massive performances away from a trophy. Thats the focus ahead. The league is not happening unless celtic have some totally catastrophic failure.
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