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  1. Gazza - not doing so great.

    Manager is a taxi driver who got to know Gaza whilst delivering his fags to him after = on interview on Talksport flight the guy sounded really concerned for Gaza but aso said his signing on fee was £8 which was the cost of the delivery. Brings tears to the eyes when you heard this, see the pictures and think ofthe great moments he gave us
  2. Neil Warnock at the game again tonight.

    He has spoken on tallksport a few times now about his hopiday home and family in Dunoon. His big mate is trying to huy birmingham and he is part of that deal but birmingham owners trial for money laundering has just started in hong kong - seemingly asked why he had £400M in his private acoount and he said he was a celebrity hairdresser!!!
  3. how do i activate my own seat for fri?

    I phoned last weekend, after the closing date, got through in 2mins and bought my own seat no bother. They seemed to have blanked out some areas to stop the seats being bought by anyone on line but if your seats still available you should still get it ok. They also give you the ticket at the season price reduced price which I was pleasantly surprised at.
  4. Daily Mail Story

    They have been used - story is now nowhere to be seen but the publicity this morning has yet again harmed and damaged our great club. How was this 'revealed' to the journo's - have a look at five names site tonight and you can see this has been one almighty set up which I am sure even the scum didn't think they would get so much publicity with. They really do hate and detest us and the lengths they will go to achieve their warped agenda is really quite frightening.
  5. Your promise Craig Mather......

    Read today's interview in the herald - Deloites presently working on them to sign off and working to 3rd week in September at latest
  6. Black, Betting, Sponsorship

    Well he could ask his Chairman for a list of players with accounts with William Hill - after all he is a director of William Hill
  7. Ticket Hotline Update

  8. Old firm riot 1980

    Very true, a certain ginger haired Mr Henderson who was one of the few that supported and dared to win the means top at KP Secondary.
  9. Our defence for next season

    Not getting into slagging match - passed on very good sourced info, lets just wait and see who is correct.
  10. Our defence for next season

    Seemingly highly respected young centre who is expected to have excellent sell on value if he develops as expected.
  11. Our defence for next season

    New east European under 21 centre half coming in - believe deal is already done
  12. Dunfermline are dying... Who's next?

    All reports available (not in Scottish mhedia however) is that all Romanovs companies and associated companies are in administration but not a whimper from our investigative press or the SPhell or SFA. If true then there is an even greater issue in the governance of Scottish football but yet no one is interested in investigating - WHY?
  13. BBC now Ross County

    Gilmour making excellent points and confirming that the majority of SPL teams only got the final details 3 weeks ago and the content would never be accepted particularly the lock down of the 11-1 voting structure which would stand for at least another 3 years - someone must be getting really nervous about loosing their power!!! Given what is being said tonight there is no way any bullying will change the result and the SPL changes are dead together with Doncaster and the other members of the rotten cabal.
  14. Sandaza Sacked

    Taxi driver - wonder if his tax affairs are kosher and up to date....oh how sweet this could get