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  1. *Manticore*

    Jon Daly Loyal

    According to wiki, he's with CD Lugo, in the Spanish Second Division.
  2. *Manticore*

    The Arsenal - Top Of The Table At New Year

    Not to worry, they will probably get a champs league place.
  3. *Manticore*

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Brilliant. As the Thai tims put it: Po mcbwide wan oot o luck Jus like shellick in ra cup But Po's spirit wives o an o No wike Neely's tweble -gone
  4. And Napoli out on 12. Is that right?
  5. *Manticore*

    Minutes applause for Mandela

    Look I knew you were talking pish, you don't need to prove it brains.
  6. *Manticore*

    Minutes applause for Mandela

    How did you reach that conclusion?
  7. *Manticore*

    Minutes applause for Mandela

    So in your opinion a large section of the Rangers support are left wing and pussies? Have I understood you correctly?
  8. *Manticore*

    Minutes applause for Mandela

    You edited it, well done. So you don't have an answer to my question? I was only asking.
  9. *Manticore*

    Minutes applause for Mandela

    Sorry about hurting you.
  10. *Manticore*

    Minutes applause for Mandela

    He didn't die last time, mate.
  11. *Manticore*

    Minutes applause for Mandela

    Ooh, nasty.